The Purpose Of Buying An Apartment In A New Building: For Yourself, For Rent, For Sale

Before buying a property, the most important and necessary question is established – the purpose of its acquisition. Of course, most people buy an apartment for their own housing, but about 20% of new apartments are fully exploited for investments.

According to real estate agents in Delhi, investing in real estate during the unstable economic situation in the world is the most profitable preservation of finances since savings in foreign currency can vary in quite different, unstable terms. So, let’s consider the options for acquiring new housing in the primary market in 2019, depending on the goals and plans for using the apartment.

Buying an apartment in a new building for future residence

Of course, investing in the comfort and family improvement will always be a priority. Moving to a new building involves a new layout of the apartment, and the availability of affordable infrastructure, and a modern lifestyle. You can use the apartment for your pleasure and for an infinite period, replenish the family and, of course, receive guests.

Convenient transport interchange, a playground, which is visible from the window, as well as a guarded territory – will complement the picture with additional amenities and opportunities for maximum comfort of your family.

Benefit. Buying an apartment will never be an excess or untimely acquisition. Real estate is a stable unit of investment and will keep your budget in its most profitable equivalent. Remember that even if you need to sell the object, it will always be relevant and in demand.

Should I buy an apartment for rent?

The goal of buying an apartment for rent is one of the most effective business ideas for today. You can rent a room both for a living room and for an office, a store or any other space.

Benefit. The main advantage of buying an apartment for rent is the ability to stop using housing for business at any time and start using it for personal purposes or simply sell it on the real estate market.

Important. Do not miss the moment about the rental period, which will be prescribed in the contract. If the term of operation of the housing is not exhausted, you have no right to evict tenants from there under any conditions, except by mutual consent of both parties.

Benefits of acquiring a new building for sale

To understand the economic feasibility of buying an apartment for sale, you need to analyze what will be the benefit and how to raise its indicator as high as possible. Apartments in new buildings are already equipped with modern layouts, high-quality communications, and basic cosmetic repairs. In order to resell housing more expensive, you need to increase its value at a minimal cost. This can be done in the following ways:

  • To equip the apartment with furniture;
  • Equip the space with household appliances;
  • Set a new interior design decision;

The key characteristics of the apartment will still remain its location, infrastructure, transportation, and ecology. If, after acquiring housing, these indicators improve significantly, then the cost of the apartment will increase along with them.

Benefit. In order for the purchase price and the sale price of apartments for sale in Gurgaon to be very far from each other, it is necessary that the housing parameters improve significantly and justify the task. Invest a minimum amount in improving the apartment, but the advantage should be at least 10% of the whole process.