What Premises is Suitable? When buying Office Space in Connaught Place

The real estate market offers tenants a huge number of proposals. In order to navigate freely in them, you need to know which premises are office premises and how they differ. We will tell you about the purpose and classification of offices.An office is a room in which employees of a public organization, a manufacturing enterprise, or a firm are accommodated. The office space in DLF cyber city-Gurgaoncreates comfortable conditions for working with clients, storing and processing documents, conducting commercial activities. Offices include the office of the head, the employee of the structural unit of the organization.

Purpose of classification

To determine which category of premises is most suitable for organizing a particular business, a letter classification of office premises has been developed. Classes A, B, C are assigned to an office taking into account their characteristics:

  • Location,
  • Type of building,
  • Infrastructure,
  • Year of construction,
  • Engineering systems;
  • Layout, etc.

The classification was modelled on Western offices. It implies the division of office facilities into elite, business and economy class premises. However, we will only talk about the Class A and B in this article.

Class A: prestigious area and open plan

Premises of category “A” are located in new business centres. They are distinguished by a well-thought-out layout, high quality finishes according to European standards, and convenient access to the property. The building provides an area for communication with clients, a reception, a conference room. These buildings are located in prestigious areas with developed infrastructure, underground or surface parking.

Features of the “A” class office:

  • Workplaces are equipped with communication facilities, office equipment, the latest equipment;
  • Security systems provide a multilevel security system for a business organization;
  • Proximity to a traffic intersection with high traffic;
  • Automated control system;
  • Availability of a modern air conditioning and ventilation system, an automated life support system;
  • A sufficient number of elevators;
  • Automatic control of access to the territory and inside the building is organized;
  • Absence of objects that can negatively affect the company’s image;
  • High cost of the rental rate.

This category can include companies in a business centre, mansion, office building. The property has been completed taking into account all engineering requirements. It is rented by representatives of Western corporations and large domestic companies, you can also check office spaces in Connaught Place if you are in search of a good office premises.

Category B: business class properties and professional management

Class B offices are not inferior to the previous category in many respects. Office buildings have a convenient location, transport accessibility, and secure parking. High quality materials are used to decorate the facade of the building. The facilities are located near busy transport routes and metro stations.

Distinctive characteristics:

  • The building has an entrance lobby, a hall, a separate parking lot;
  • Unified management of the facility is carried out by the management company,
  • Own service or outsourced company;
  • Office/open-plan premises;
  • Provision of round-the-clock security with a video surveillance system;
  • Minimization of fire hazard;
  • Availability of telecommunication services;
  • Average rental price.

Offices are in demand for the work of bank employees, employees of publishing companies, and for commercial activities. Despite the high rental rates, there is an increase in demand for rental properties in this segment, like office spaces in Connaught Place.

New Interior Trends of Office Spaces in DLF cyber city-Gurgaon & Delhi

Creating a comfortable, functional and harmonious work environment is one of the top priorities for business.Over the past few years, there have been significant changes in the design of office space in Delhi and outside.

Companies have finally come to understand that the office is not just a place where employees sit for 8 hours, 5 days a week. Modern workspaces have come to be seen as an important factor in shaping corporate culture, increasing employee loyalty and developing the company as a whole. Therefore, creating a comfortable, functional and harmonious work environment is one of the top priorities of business.

Fortunately, the design industry offers more and more ideas for the design of commercial spaces every year, to which we can turn to find fresh stylistic solutions. But everything is not so simple here.

Unlike residential design, where you can completely rely on your own taste, in commercial interiors every decision must be reasonable and thoughtful. Without proper experience, training and knowledge, even the most successful trend can easily be turned into an anti-trend. In addition, do not forget that any new-fangled “trick” will sooner or later become irrelevant.

There are not so many “symptoms” of an outdated and tasteless interior of office spaces, but there are a few things that definitely don’t belong in a modern office.

Perhaps one of them is a single wall colour for all rooms. Such a solution is unsuccessful not only because it makes the space boring, but also completely does not take into account the needs and specifics of the work of individual specialists or entire divisions of the company. For example, financial analysts need to create a calm atmosphere that encourages concentration, while marketers or designers need a more creative and “free” environment that enhances creativity.

Artificial flowers and plants can also be referred to the list of signs of an outdated interior. If a company wants to plant greenery in a space, then it must be done with living plants, not plastic ones, which are also the main “dust collectors”.

Ill-conceived furniture solutions can also spoil the look of the office. Too many cabinets, shelves, “steal” free space and turn the office into a furniture showroom.

Instead of bulky furniture, it is better to rely on modern functional products that can be easily adapted to the specific needs of the office.

And, of course, do not forget that a modern commercial space should not only be beautiful and functional, but also safe for the health of employees. The coronavirus pandemic forced us to reconsider our views on the organization of office space and make a number of significant changes in their design.

An ill-conceived seating plan for employees, problems with the ventilation system, the lack of air purification systems and sanitary areas in the office are the main anti-trend in the interior of modern office spaces in DLF cyber city-Gurgaon.

At the time of choosing an office space for establishing or growing your already set up business, it is of utmost importance that the buyer should contact the experts who will not only help in finding the right office space or warehouse for rent in Gurgaon , but also in forming an appropriate lease agreement.

New Generation Fully Furnished Office Space in Gurgaon & Delhi

Minimal designs, which are frequently used in home decorations, have started to be reflected in office decoration designs. Minimal office designs, which are the return of modern life, have now become a part of our lives. Office spaces in Delhi having minimal office designs, preferred by those who want to get away from the confusion and focus on a simpler life, add simplicity to the offices.

Workspace decorations have a direct impact on focus and productivity. Therefore, office designs should be created with designs that maximize employee productivity.

Fully furnished office space in Gurgaon will be the right choice for you to create an efficient workspace. Do not forget to review them at jainoncor.com.

What is Minimal Office Design?

Minimal office designs, as the name suggests, are a design approach based on simplicity. It will offer you an office design that is free from unnecessary crowds with its minimal nature.

For minimal office designs or modern office designs, first of all, the working areas should be spacious. Large desk models that you will use in an office will narrow your working environment. Unobtrusive and appropriately sized furniture that you will choose in accordance with your interior plans will allow you to create minimal designs.

Minimal office designs should be simple and away from colour confusion. The decoration pieces used in the office should be compatible with each other. Preferring a single colour especially in decorations is important in terms of creating modern and minimal office designs.

The use of appropriate decors together with appropriate colours are indispensable for minimal office designs. With the appropriate colourful accessories, you can create minimal offices with plain office designs that do not strain the eyes. Thus, you will notice a positive effect on your productivity.

Minimal office designs maximize working efficiency while offering comfort and aesthetics together. For this reason, comfort is one of the most important factors in minimal office designs as well as decorative appearance.

Creating Small Office Designs

In order to obtain stylish offices in small square meters, you should pay attention to some criteria.

The first condition for creating small office designs is spaciousness. A spacious and bright room should be plannedif you have a small office space. The most important detail to be considered while creating small office designs is the use of light colours on the walls and floors.

For implementing a minimal office design, choices should be made in light colour tones such as white and cream on the walls and floor, and colour integrity should be ensured.

The use of complex materials should definitely be avoided. Uniformly used accessory colours and tiny but effective details are indispensable for minimal designs.

It is very important to create the perception of height and show the room wider in small offices. The tables you will use on the walls should be vertical. Thus, you can create spacious office without the need for many items, and therefore, your employees will focus more on their work with the peace of mind.

Creating New Generation Office Designs

Since the improvement of working environments affects productivity, different styles have emerged in office spaces in DLF cyber city-Gurgaon. With minimal office designs, which are among the new generation office designs, simpler and effortless office designs are created as with modernity and design, they bring prestige for companies.

Looking for Fully Furnished Office Space in Gurgaon for Your Start-Up?

Are you a young start-up? Have you recently started your business and don’t have a big budget? Then you just have to know the services that expert real agents offer to companies like yours! You will discover that you can take advantage of various benefits both for your WORK and for your WALLET by choosing office spaces in DLF cyber city-Gurgaon.

A company is an aggregate of people who work around a common project, but to do so they need a space. Well, SPACE, here’s the magic word. What kind of space does a company need? There are several space solutions you may need.

The elements to consider when choosing the right office space:


Especially for the younger start-ups, the smaller ones, it is important to try not to be harnessed by excessively long leases. Or in any case by contracts that commit for a period of time that is considered longer than what is needed.

In fact, you may only have 10 employees now, but you could have 60 within a year. In general, you should never sign an office lease that is not functional to your long-term business plan. Be curious, ask yourself some questions and make sure you have carefully considered all the alternatives available to you.


If you are a start-up that has a technological nature, or a company that is based on creativity, it is likely that you want an open space, in which ideas are born from collaboration and are nourished by sharing.

On the other hand, if you are a small law firm, a space that incorporates the idea of ​​the classic closed office could be more suitable for you. In fact, customers must be able to discuss their business behind closed doors, away from prying ears.

Essentially, it is necessary to ensure that the layout of the office space chosen is suitable for the type of activity that will take place there. Also, consider sharing spaces like the meeting room or canteen, if there is one.


What must make us choose an office rather than another is the presence of certain services that are crucial to conducting our business. Services that must completely satisfy our needs, before we can say that we have found the ideal location.

Is there a space to dedicate to the conference room? Is there a canteen of sufficient size or places in the immediate vicinity where employees can go and eat during their lunch break? Do the bathrooms work? Are there enough sockets to connect PCs, printers, scanners and all the equipment we work with? Is the car park large enough to accommodate the cars of customers and employees?

Prepare two lists: one of the services that your company “absolutely must have” and the other of those that “it would be better if there were”. Use these two lists to guide you in choosing the offices. They will become extremely useful when deciding whether it is best for you to have a fully furnished office space in Gurgaon or non-furnished office space.

How to Organize Your Office Spaces in Delhi to be More Productive?

Finding an office that suits your professional activity also includes the goal of choosing an office that allows you to be well organized in your various tasks. Indeed, it remains very difficult to be productive in your professional activity without having a well-organized office space, like office spaces in Delhi.

Tens of minutes or even hours spent looking for an important document in the middle of a pile of other files scattered all over your workspace is a waste of time that could have been put to good use for other tasks.

How to organize your office? To easily find all your documents and equipment needed to perform a task, it is essential that you can sort and organize your equipment and files according to their purpose. Therefore, a desk large enough to put briefcases or even a desk organizer is often useful.

In addition, you can complete your office furniture with office cabinets or pedestalswhich allow you to efficiently sort your various files and documents which must be easily accessible. Do not hesitate to use all the space available in your workspace to install various storage units to save more space on your desk. So you can take full advantage of all the space on your desk without feeling overwhelmed by various documents that you do not need constantly during your working day.

If you have ever had the opportunity to rent a place in a large coworking space, you may have noticed that the manager of a coworking space makes a point of offering large offices. These allow each entrepreneur to settle down comfortably by having enough space to have a laptop and various documents.

Organizing your office well therefore meets the primary objective of being able to reserve a free workspace large enough to increase productivity by having all the equipment and documents you need on hand.

Cleverly set up your office

So howshould you set up your office in different conditions? If you are an entrepreneur and want to create a workspace at your home, choose a room or an available place away from the main sources of distraction such as television, the noise of passers-by in front of a window or in front of the door.

In the professional premises of a company, open spaces like coworking are on the rise with the objective of creating a user-friendly space allowing however to reserve a more intimate workspace for each employee.

Questions to ask yourself before choosing an office

To answer this question, it is necessary to ask yourself several preliminary questions concerning the various tasks that will be carried out within this office spaces.

From then on, classic-sized offices will be perfectly suited to activities requiring little equipment to be carried out.

For a company in which several employees and collaborators work, choosing office spaces in DLF cyber city-Gurgaon will work if one needs to increase productivity and improve communication within the team.

How to Choose the Right Design for Office spaces in Connaught Place?

In the modern business life, where we spend most of our time in the office, the choice of interior design and furniture and correct selection of office space is of great importance. Office spaces in Connaught Place is the right choice to provide an efficient and pleasant working environment.

Many employees spend time in the empty office where furniture is randomly selected in a poorly designed office. It is a proven fact that the positive effect of office space and innovatively designed office furniture on employees will increase the harmony and efficiency of the workplace, especially the health of the employees.

Before creating a properly designed office environment, a detailed list should be made for your dream office. You can make a correct and conscious shopping with this list, which includes your office furniture needs and the decorative office accessories necessary for office design. Creating a detailed list of all the items that will be useful in the office environment, such as office desk, office chair, study chair, telephone, file storage cabinet, computer, will protect you from the extra expenses you will encounter financially.

The first decision you will make before creating your office furniture needs list is to decide on where you will establish your office and what sort of office design you have chosen.

the right office design:-

An interior design language is determined in line with the business line and corporate identity of the company. At this point, employees, business partners and customer profiles should be considered. The first point when creating the right office design is to choose a design parallel to the working order and to choose office furniture in accordance with this design.

Getting support from professional interior architects while developing your office design will increase your workplace productivity. For those who cannot choose the right office design, it is beneficial to examine the sample offices and to be inspired by the office space in DLF cyber city-Gurgaon.

How to Choose the Right Office Desk?

You should strive to gain significant advantages from the space you will use for the office. Office furniture to be used for small office designs, especially office desks, L desks and Workstation office desks, while large and functional office desks can be used for large office designs.

Office furniture has many options, especially the most important component, the desk. While it may seem like all you have is comfortable furniture, the right office furniture should combine your skills and increase productivity.

Office desks that offer comfort and functionality together will be the right office desk choice. Choosing your office desk in accordance with the area you will use will help you store the equipment and cables you will use.

As with all office furniture choices, your office desk should be strong and durable. It is preferred that office furniture is long-lasting. If you have a lot of documents related to your work area, using office desks with drawers that provide storage allows you to work more regularly during the day. Here, you can choose fully furnished office space in Gurgaon so that you won’t have to equip your office with necessary elements before starting your work.

Budget-Friendly New Home Decoration

real estate agent

Property dealers in India charge a huge amount and homebuyers spend all their savings to purchase a home. In the end, they aren’t able to buy things for their home. If you’re going through the same situation, don’t worry, as there’s plenty of things you could do even on a tight budget.

Customize Bedroom

For floor and bedroom, go with linen and mattresses that are not over your budget. Some local markets offer such things at a much lower price compared to shopping malls. Choose bright colours to make your new bedroom shine instantly.

Furniture Items

For the furniture items, spend only those articles that are of utmost importance. Things such as sofa sets, tables and beds are the most important home items that you should give preference. Because you have a limited budget, you could go to the furniture market to find articles of your choice at a much cheaper price.

Kitchen appliances

The kitchen is the heart of the home and the necessity of any household. Appliances such as gas stoves, hand or mixer blender and an oven are some important appliances of the kitchen. Instead of buying all the kitchen appliances, buy only important appliances.


Storage is another important thing to de-clutter your home. To manage the extra space buy cabinets that could store the extra crockery, cleaning products and other important products. Buying some resale products would again help you save money.

LED Lighting

LED lights play a crucial role to decorate the home and enhance its interior beauty. Buying quality LED lights may affect your pocket but it helps you a lot in the long run. Instead of buying heavy load light, buy a beautiful design LED to save electricity.

Design Bathroom

Just like other parts of the home, your bathroom also needs some make-over.  But to do so under a tight budget is quite challenging. Instead of buying expansive showers or bathtubs, add some colourful accessories that can change the feel of the bathroom on a low budget.


Decorating a new home under a tight budget is a complex task, however proper planning and eliminating unnecessary purchases could work for you. Try incorporating the tips provided above when you are thinking about re-decorating your house. This will save you loads of money and you will also be more satisfied with the work when it is done because your home will be unique and have its own style. Re-decorating your house on a budget can be done; you just need the will and some great ideas.

Buying An Apartment Or Independent House?

real estate

Having a home is a financial goal that exceeds nationality and religion. After completing the financial planning and necessary savings, now the questions come whether to buy an independent house or an apartment.

The increasing number of family members, chick lifestyle and inter-state movement of the population for jobs headed to the practical flourishing of apartment lifestyle in the big cities. If you’re looking for a property but confuse between an apartment or an independent house then you need to consider the following points.


The purchasing value of an independent house is much higher compared to a flat, as result the home loan requirement is increasing drastically. The cost of the plot increase more due to its value, the clearances certificate from MCD or other authorities, the stamp responsibility paid to the Government, raw materials, labour wages and the architecture cost in care of revamps.  But in the case of a flat, the builder deal with all the technical formalities and you just need to pay the exact amount that the builder asks. But as a future investment, an independent house can give you twice more than you can expect from a flat.


Buying a flat comes with various facilities including security, backup energy, 24X7 water supply, parking space whereas in an independent house you need more effort for setting up these services. If you want all these properties for an independent house, these all facilities can cost upt0 10-20% of the property cost. Also, setting up such properties can take a long time.


Compare to independents villas or residents, money appreciation hasn’t always been as excessive as an apartment. It is because of the initial capital involved and the limited demand compare to flat. It’s because of the excessive initial capital investment and the limited demand compare to flats. Due to the identical reason, it’s not easy to sell an independent house. On the other side, apartments are in high demand and easy to sell or rent.

Living in an independent flat encourages homeowners to live in harmony with social abode without discrimination of caste or faith on-premises. There is social members of all walks of lifestyle are welcomed which is missing in independent house living.  


In the market of real estate, there are two kinds of prospective buyers. Some buyers want property for personal use while others want to make the most of an investment opportunity. If you’re looking for a long-term investment then go for an independent house and a short-term go for an apartment. If you’re looking for a rented property in Noida then contact us now and get the best deal without any hassle!

Best Way To Set Budget For Home


With the increasing demand for household needs, it’s become hard to make a saving budget for a new home.  Rented property in Delhi is getting high, if you’re planning to set saving for a new house, the first thing you need to do is maintain your house budget.

To know how to establish a household budget may take some time so grab a cup of coffee and set aside a plan now!  If you’re not sure how to start or what to consider then take a deep breath and get through the following points.

Set Your Goal

To start your saving, the first thing that you should consider and focus on is your goal. Saving for a home is a long-range financial goal and if you have dept then it could be tougher. To make your saving more flexible and easier, eliminate the extra expenses like spending on the essential thing, subscriptions, dining out and monthly vacations. Making required payments is essential to financial solvency, but paying debt early, while not required, can make long-term sense.

Calculate The Income

If you’ve determined your financial goals, now it’s time to plan for reaching them. To execute the plan, you need to evaluate your income and expenses.

 Make a list including monthly salary, bonuses and part-time income. Once you add the number, subtract it with your monthly expenses. The next part of the equation is your expenses, which fall into three categories: fixed committed expenses, variable committed expenses and discretionary expenses.

Revisit The Budget

After monitoring all the income and expenses for a month or two, there are still many areas where you need to work. If your initial monthly income estimates were off, or perhaps you didn’t consider costs like car repairs, or veterinary bills.

Once you’ve done all the kinks in your budget, you need a commitment to following them. Remember, no budget can last long therefore the reviews are key to success.


Having a budget and saving is an excellent step to get your dream home. Dedication is the key and budget is your source that can make your dream home. So be realistic, assess it often and don’t be afraid to adjust because budgeting is all about stability.

Final Words

To have a home is a dream of most people, some even achieve it with their dedication and hard work. The best way for you to do that is by accomplishing by creating an annual plan that covers your fixed costs like rent and other payments. If you properly discipline yourself, you’ll see your savings grow and in the end, you achieve your goal.

How To Buy a House in India? All You Need to Know

How to buy a house in India All you need to know.

Owning a house is a dream of many people in India. However, buying an ideal home is not as simple as it looks. Buying a house is a one-time investment for some people, so it’s very important to search for a perfect home. To do so, there are a lot of factors to consider with a fair bit of due diligence need on the part of the buyer before buying a house.

Check Your Budget

The most basic and crucial thing that you should consider before buying a house is the budget. It’s important to look at your household budget while searching for a home.  Make sure that you have enough money to buy your ideal home.

Calculate Resale Value

Knowing the resale value of the home is remarkably important.  Its value depends on various factors such as location and facilities.  There are various online portals where you check resale value.  This is very important for those who want to move in a few years or buying for investment purposes.

Choose Experience Agent

It’s a personal choice to buy a house directly or through the agent.  If you don’t have any experience buying a home then it’s very risky to buy the home directly. Buying through an agent will cost you some more bugs but it’ll be risk-free and more convenient. Whether you are buying property dealers in Delhi or any other state of India, make sure the dealer is trustworthy and experience.

Select the Type Property

While buying a house, you should know the type of property e.g. a resale property or a newly build one. Buying from a new construction could be risky because of the permission attached to them. However, a new construction property comes with more amenities.

Calculate The Rental Value

If you want to want to buy property for rental purposes then you need to calculate the value from the similar property in the area. This will help you to know your monthly earning. For a better rental value, it’s better to buy the property in an area that is conveniently located since such places will always have a need for rentals.

Once you consider the following points, you can easily add up the total value of the house. How much money you need for the property in India majorly depends on the area and its surrounding.