Residential House For Sale In Delhi

Owning Residential House For Sale In Delhi; Current Challenges

A residential house in Delhi is the dream of many and the reasons are aplenty. For starters, the capital city offers excellent housing facilities coupled with opportunities galore to start off on a professional journey and even to elevate to the next level of one’s professional career. Add to that the city being the national capital in India enjoys an upper hand when it comes to development and other infrastructure projects which can uplift the overall standard and quality of life. With all that being said, the recent times have seen plenty of challenges in the process of owning a residential house for sale in Delhi. Let’s understand these challenges in this blog and look for better alternatives that can significantly impact your buying decision.

Current Challenges in Owning a Residential House in Delhi

  1. High Property Prices: This is the single biggest challenge while looking to buy a residential house for sale in Delhi; property prices going astronomically high. As the demand grows for residential houses on Delhi, the demand often outstrips supply. This leads to what has been termed as “obvious” high costs that can be prohibitive for many buyers. So even if one does manage to buy a residential house in country’s capital, they are not at par with their initial demands.
  2. Limited Space: Delhi is a densely populated city, and thus not all can get a spacious property. There are many available houses like flats for rent they come with limited space. This can be a big jolt to the buyers especially for larger families or those looking for extra rooms for offices or recreational areas.
  3. Maintenance costs: The houses which have become older or have an old build in general burdens the owner with a lot of maintenance costs. This cannot be a feasible alternative as a significant portion of one’s wealth can go after structural repairs, electrical work, plumbing issues, and more. Such hidden expenditures only add up over time.
  4. Lack of modern amenities: Many residential houses in Delhi and more specifically those from the older localities and settlements could lack modern amenities such as adequate parking space, lifts to navigate the floors and even proper security system in the area.
  5. Legal hurdles: The legal hurdles involved in the purchasing of residential house in Delhi can be complex. Some frequently faced issues while purchasing real estate in Delhi are vague property titles, disputes over land. People may also face the challenge of dealing with cumbersome regulatory requirements that can delay or even derail the buying process.

Jain Oncor: Offering better alternatives

Despite these challenges, Jain Oncor, one of India’s leading real estate consultants provide attractive alternatives which can help you realize your dream of buying a residential house for sale in Delhi. This is why you need to get in touch with the property consultant team of Jain Oncor.

  1. Diverse listings: Jain Oncor has a vast roster of residential houses for sale in Delhi which can cater to the similarly diverse preferences and financial plans. Not just residential houses but Jain Oncor also enlists compact city apartment or a spacious suburban home.
  2. Transparent legal processes: Jain Oncor has a top priority for a transparent legal process which is reflected in our listed properties as we have clear legal titles and properties that are free from disputes.
  3. Competitive pricing: While there is a constant and steep rise in the property value all over Delhi and in India alike, Jain Oncor continues to endeavor in bringing in properties that have competitive pricing. With our extensive knowledge and network in the real estate realm, we are capable of providing value-for-money options as well as those properties which appeal to the elite.


While owning a residential house in Delhi is a daunting task, Jain Oncor strives to bring the potential real estate buyers the most comprehensive listing that supports their requirements of an ideal residential property and has all the modern amenities that they look for. Get in touch with our property consultants today!