Is Investing In A Serviced Office Space in Nehru Place Is Worth It?

Nehru Place, also known as Asia’s largest IT market, has become a breeding ground for companies looking to gain a foothold. Because work has changed so much, organizations now want to conduct business activities in coworking spaces. When you choose a coworking space in Nehru Place, you’ll work alongside goal-oriented professionals under the same roof. This post will talk about the factors that make it special that you might not know about office space in Nehru Place, and I hope to enable you to make a good decision when you go out to find your ideal office space.

Is It Worth Investing In?

Selecting an office space in Nehru Place, New Delhi will let you gain multiple business benefits, ultimately leading to increased clientele and a talented workforce. Here are the top 3 factors that make it so perfect for so many business owners.

1. Nearby Amenities : The location is regarded as Asia’s biggest IT market, and will cater to all your needs for computer hardware, software, and other equipment. Choosing an office space in Nehru Place will let you access multiple amenities like restaurants, shopping complexes, food joints, banks, ATMs, and every piece of computer hardware and software you can name.

2.Connectivity: Be it a client on a small scale or a large scale; nobody wants to invest hours and hours traveling to meet you in a remotely located office. And the same goes for millennials, as well. When you choose an office space solutions provider or a business center in Nehru Place, New Delhi, for your office, you’ll get hassle-free connectivity via the metro and all modes of public transport. There’s a Nehru Place metro station in the vicinity on the violet line of the Delhi Metro, and the New Delhi Railway Station is just 60 minutes away, while only 30 minutes from Nizamuddin Railway Station. Furthermore, choosing an office space at Nehru Place allows you to take advantage of numerous in-house amenities such as staffed reception, on-demand meeting rooms, cafeterias, housekeeping services, internet access, telecom services, beverages, and more.

3.Reputed Business Address: Because the location is recognized as Asia’s largest IT market, choosing office space in this area will undoubtedly enhance your company’s credibility. No client would ever say no to meet you when you have a coworking space in Nehru Place, New Delhi. Many companies also operate in locations such as multinationals (Microsoft), IT companies, banks, etc. All of these amenities are easily accessible if you choose office space at Nehru Place.

Find Your Ideal Space

Whether you’re a small firm or a multinational corporation, a simple formula can help you grow your company dramatically. The experts of Jain Oncor have helped many individuals find their ideal office space in Nehru Place. If you are one of the businesses who is thinking about taking your business venture or exciting business to a new height, consult with the experts of Jain Oncor today, and effortlessly find what you are looking for.

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