Why investing in pre-leased property for sale in Delhi NCR is fruitful?

You can easily find many pre-leased properties for sale in Delhi NCR. What do you know about pre-leased property? A rented property that has tenants and to is sold along with tenants is known as pre-leased property. It can be a residential, commercial or mixed property. Since urbanization and industrialization demand for pre-leased property increases in cities like Delhi and NCR.

Investors seem to benefit in buying pre-leased property. You have seen many builders promote the sales of pre-leased properties in Delhi and NCR. They make a tie-up with hospitality firms that are ready to pay rentals from the very first day. Let’s understand the concept in details.

rented property in delhi

What are the benefits of purchasing pre-rented property?

For many years folks around the world earn a handsome amount by renting their properties. In the present time when most the places have been developed, demand for residence, shops and offices has grown up. The situation has caught the attention of investors to invest in pre-rented property for sale in Delhi NCR to earn a profit. Some benefits of investing in such properties are:

Provide an open house: An open house attracts more buyers than a closed property. A buyer can see the actual occupied space and free space available in your property. He/she can make an estimate for the cost of repair or benefits of earning regular income in the form of rental.

Get earnings from the very first day: Suppose you invest in a property. Now if you want to earn from it, you need a tenant and sometimes it takes time to occupy your space. But in case of buying a rented property, you start earning from the very first day. The rental agreement will be transferred in between tenants and new buyer of the property.

Tax saving: You have to pay 30% tax on the income earned from the pre-leased property for repairing and maintenance. Now you have purchased the property and it depends up to you how much you can save from this 30%.

Fixed Lock-in Period: One of the major benefits in buying rented properties for sale in Delhi NCR is the guarantee that you are going to receive fixed rental income for next 3 years and you need not require finding tenants again and again.

Loan Approved Easily: Banks easily provide loans on pre-rented properties. Banks can sensation up to 90% of the loan on such properties.

Justify your rental income: You can show the previous receipts for last few years to buyers that how much you have earned from the said property. Rental income continues to increase by the rate of 3% to 5% in every one or two years in residential property and up to 14% in commercial property.

You can discuss with some real estate experts to know the benefits of purchasing rented properties for sale in Delhi NCR. Most of the people invest in real estate to earn money and investing in such properties is really fruitful.

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