In Which Cases do You Need a Real Estate Agent?

In the article, we help to understand when it is better to resort to the help of a real estate agent, so as not to lose money and time.

Some real estate transactions cannot be carried out without a real estate agents in India because of their complexity. If you take this deal on your own, the probability of a catastrophe is great: loss of money, a nervous breakdown, a failed sale or all together and immediately. In the article, we talk in detail about such cases and explain what exactly the difficulties are.

When settling down

Resettlement is the process when the owners of all the rooms in the communal apartment sell them to the same buyer in order to acquire their separate housing. In fact, this is an extensive network of deals with counter purchase: the owners sell the rooms, and the proceeds are spent on the purchase of another real estate. You simultaneously sell your own and buy another.

When you sell your apartment and spend money to buy another, you make a deal with a counter purchase.

Sometimes it happens that the owners of the apartment you buy sell it to buy another one. And the owners of the one that is more, also sell their own, to buy another. This is a chain of oncoming purchases.

Such transactions are typical in the real estate market. They are complex because they involve several parties and apartments. And the more people and apartments, the more problems and contradictions.

When are you selling?

It’s difficult to sell, especially real estate. This is so because we are talking about big money: often buying an apartment is the most expensive transaction in a person’s life. Nobody wants to lose millions, so buyers are cautious and do not trust. They are sure that the seller will hide the shortcomings, stick out the dignity and try in every way to deceive. The property dealers in Delhi creates a sense of security: dispels fears, convinces and helps to coordinate the price.

The settlement is difficult legally and psychologically. The agent makes the resettlement possible: it coordinates the wishes of neighbors for relocation, helps to arrange mortgages and subsidies, and finds a buyer of a communal apartment.

When an elite property

The elite real estate is one of the most challenging segments of the market. The reason for this – low liquidity of elite objects. Their term of sale is on average equal to a year, but it happens that objects are sold for more than two years. Also, we are talking about big money and, accordingly, additional legal difficulties.

The power of the real estate agents in Noida is in his experience and impartiality

Often, sellers and buyers do not see the situation as it is – with all possible problems and risks. This is because they want to quickly close the deal: to get money or an apartment. On the wave of such a desire, mistakes are made. Sellers put an inflated price and do not sell the object for years, and buyers turn a blind eye to small things and as a result lose money.

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