What is Important to Know When Buying/Selling an Office?

If advertising is the face of your company, and employees are the soul, then the office is undoubtedly her home. After all, in the office, your employees spend their working day, in the same place they accept clients, and their clients make an opinion about your company. Therefore, it is very important to attend to the acquisition of the office for the company as early as possible and to approach the matter with all seriousness.

Advantages of buying before renting

One of the crucial points is the choice between purchasing an office space in Gurgaon and renting it. Of course, renting a room in a business center is incomparably cheaper, which is especially important for a beginner entrepreneur. But, undoubtedly, full ownership gives advantages: absolute independence from outside organizations, the possibility to avoid force in the future, etc. Also, investment in real estate is still one of the most profitable investments in the financial market.

Characteristics of buildings and premises

If you need to buy an office space, first of all, it is necessary to determine its location and size. The maximum number of offers for sale traditionally falls on the central premises.

Pay attention to the technical condition of the premises, architectural features of the building, the possibility of redevelopment, as well as the availability of telephone lines. It is necessary to comply with all the protocols for ventilation, electricity, and lighting.


The approach to choosing an office space in Noida should be clear and consistent, but, you see, it is difficult to find one suitable offer in such a large commercial real estate market. And sometimes it happens that on the contrary, several proposals are ideal for the necessary conditions, and the choice becomes very difficult.

Therefore, when deciding to buy an office, do not rely solely on your resources- consult with experienced professionals who will be able to professionally assess the condition and profitability of the facility and conduct a legal examination of the existing package of documents. The specialists work in the commercial real estate market in our city for many years and understand its subtleties. Entrust transactions with your property to us, and we guarantee that you will win.


If you decide to sell an office space in Delhi, the specialist will conduct all necessary operations to bring him to the market and organize advertising. Turning to a qualified company, you will be sure that the transaction will not be associated with insurmountable difficulties, and all necessary measures for promotion, demonstrations, collection and signing of papers, leasing or selling will be conducted professionally from A to Z.

When buying and selling non-residential facilities, as a rule, the parties to the contract are legal entities. And to the forefront in the preparation of the transaction are issues of taxation.

Also, there are different ways of transferring rights to a commercial real estate object: through the sale of the business, a share of shares, the sale of an object as such, the sale or assignment of lease rights.