How to find a godown for rent in Delhi NCR ?

How to find a godown for rent in Delhi NCR ?

Godown spaces are self-fulfilling and if you own a successful business then you must need the same for the benefits of your company. If you are looking for godown  for rent in Delhi NCR  you will certainly find plenty of it, but before that, you need to consider some important things first. In this blog we will list out some important factor which is need to be consider before renting a godown.

Things to Consider:

Maintaining Cost

You will find several godown  for rent in Delhi NCR but not all of them will provide you with a low maintenance price for the place. If you are looking for a good area where you need to put your employees and goods too, you will need that type of maintenance in that place. A good place will always cost more, thus; you have to be ready to pay the amount, which can be monthly or yearly.

Parking Area

You definitely need a parking area in front or at the backside of the godown, you intend on renting. A godown is incomplete without a parking lot because there will always be vehicles for goods transportation, and they can’t just park on the roads.

Easily access the site

Your godown needs to be near access routes that the largest trucks you employ can use. You’ll also need to check the turning circle on-site and whether you’ll be expected to share the dock or access roads with other companies. Their delays could become yours, so take this into consideration if you have to share.

Time period

Each godown will have a different rental period. It can range from a few hours to a few days and up to a month. The short-term rental industry is booming right now. It leaves a lasting impact on consumers, and many brands use it to promote themselves. When we talk about renting for a few hours, we’re talking about all the companies that could use kiosk spaces or a weekend classroom space. It can take up to a week to set up a popup company.

Usable Space

You must have checked the square foot but have you noted the usable space? It’s important to check the usable space and measure the space too. You just need a place where you will be putting products and the place where your employees will be, thus take note of the places in the warehouse you can actually use.

Keep these things in mind before renting a godown and you will easily be able to rent godown space for your business without any glitch.


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