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How to Choose & Get the Most Out of Your Apartments for Rent in Delhi?

When looking at the numerousness of existing Apartments for rent in Delhi, a few questions arise when looking for buying you is ‘first Apartments’ which apartment is best to choose? Which one is best suited to my lifestyle? Which Apartments would be the most comfortable for the growth of my home life? Here are some tips for choosing your future Apartment for rent in Delhi, which can be become your new home.

Utilization of the Space

No Two Apartment are the same, Each apartment offers something different to different individuals, So, It’s imperative to choose how the space will be dividing and utilize. Here is the type of apartments divided based on spaces: 

The Closed Solo Apartments: This is the most Standard model, preferred by the majority of bachelors for the advantage of Privacy and safe space, it can provide to an individual.   

An Apartment like this can generally accommodate 2 to 3 guests, or one significant other easily, Thus, It is a long-lasting solution for solo bachelors who wish for freedom and stability.  

Shared Office: Not the Typical but in today day & age of startup, it has become popular if not downright profitable to get an apartment for rent and turn it into an office, It can be Defines as a collaborative work environment in which entrepreneurs, consultants, start-ups, or freelancers can work independently, create their projects, and network with their colleagues. 

These rooms and access to a variety of devices: apartments, internet, printers, video projectors, etc., so they are more expensive than normal apartments.

The shared Apartments: not to be confused with room Sharing! It corresponds to an apartment shared between several Individuals. The purpose of the shared Apartments is to reduce the cost of the rent. It also allows a company to be a solo individual, simplifying the process of maintaining the place. This is the preferred apartment type of independent workers who choose to leave separate from their family often to work.

Activities Focused Apartment: Kind of similar to office space, buttoned-down to perform one single task, like an interview, Photography, Paperwork, Consulting, or some other niche activities, when choosing your apartment, you have very specific requirements: Are you self-employed? Do you work with employees? Depending on your company and your job, you may need a reception desk, a waiting room to receive your customers or partners, a meeting room of a certain size, etc.


Finding a good Apartment for rent in Delhi can be a little daunting at first, but if you narrow down what you need in this apartment for rent in Delhi then you will face fewer troubles as you go on. For Consultancy don’t forget to approach Jain Oncor, we stay ready to help to find the perfect apartment for you.