How To Choose And Rent a Good Office?

Many companies that are actively working both online (a powerful staffed staff for generating ideas and promoting goods and services) and offline (receiving customers directly on the territory of the company) need the right commercial premises.

It should not only be convenient for work, but tune in to it, attract the attention of customers and new employees to promote the business.

Selecting the type of room

When choosing an office, you need to understand how it will be operated. With the right location of the premises, such as office space in DLF cyber city-Gurgaon, you can achieve a flow of customers, a harmonious and well-coordinated work of the company staff, as well as an increase in profits.

The main thing to pay attention to.

1. Floor. Many premises are intuitively associated with the type of service. For example, choosing a basement floor, the company becomes “mundane”, that is, lawyers, tax officials, cadastral departments, detective services and similar organizations, whose work involves “secrecy”, can be located there.

On the ground floor there are office spaces in Saket, which are often visited by visitors, these can be furniture salons, design studios, boutiques. Above are companies with creative or project work.

2. Size. Small or large rooms are equally bad for productivity and quality of work. It is worth renting a room in which employees will feel at ease. Everyone should have their own designated place with a table, chair and other necessary furniture, and a personal space of several m2.

If the space is too narrow, the workers experience stress and tensions; in the conditions of too much space, the team does not get along well with each other and cannot concentrate on work.

3. Windows. Rental of premises should always be accompanied by special attention to natural light. It is he who sets employees up for productive work and allows them to be energized. The lighter the space, the more suitable it is for creativity, negotiation and dealings.

4 Rooms. An office space can be divided into offices or rooms, for example, a dining room, recreation room, meeting room, etc. It is the presence of such offices that adds solidity to the company, this is especially important when working directly with clients, investors and partners.

5. Location. Real estate located in the center of city will be the best place for a “walk-through” office. The flow of people passing the streets of the center will notice signs, advertisements and this will remain in their memory, which will help them find your company if its services become relevant. Convenient location to metro stations or stops will also be a plus.

Conclusion of a contract

It is in the interests of both the owner and the client to rent out commercial premises for a long time. This reduces the tariff and prevents the risk of “unplanned transfers”.

A few tips on how to rent an office correctly.

  1. Ask questions about the availability of similar premises, traffic and the prospect of expanding the office.
  2. Choose well-lit rooms.
  3. Negotiate for a long time.
  4. View a copy of the agreement and familiarize yourself with all of its clauses.
  5. Sign a contract and move to a new office, starting promotion.

In negotiations, you should find out if the owner has similar offices that can be more passable or, conversely, calm, which can be used to work online.

The real estate, which is located in the center, is higher in terms of price than in other districts, but the company’s income can increase significantly with the right advertising and market position. Therefore, you should choose an office based on both the expectations from the sale of services and the convenience of its location.

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