Fashion Trends in the Delhi Office Market

Choosing office -Important component of the functioning of the company, office – as a business showcase. Interior stimulate creative employees, courage solutions, dynamics and power of the spirit, it creates an image of the customer.

The most popular searches on the lease of office space in Delhi today – is to rent an office – lofts. As before, the priority for companies is renting offices offer as close to the center areas or office rent near metro stations. The lack of an enviable location can compensate for a large parking lot, an infrastructure facility, and its ergonomics.

What do we mean by value loft office?
Style Loft (Loft) as a type of interior, has its origins in the mid-twentieth century. Initially loft – is abandoned, industrial buildings, converted into the inexpensive commercial area. Today, more and more office design in the loft can be found in modern business centers.

The main distinguishing feature of the loft space – the feeling of industrial space: a large spacious room, high ceilings, panoramic windows, rough finish walls, ceiling and floor, the preservation of visible dimensional elements and communications, such as ventilation ducts, pipes, beams.

Some owners of office buildings collaborate with different design studios and are willing to work with tenants to create a creative office space. Skillful zoning premises, appropriately selected pieces of furniture and decorative elements, high-quality lighting space- confirms the versatility of style loft, which can make even the most unexpected solutions.

Modern offices in a loft – it offices in style, but without pathos.We analyzed several office buildings in the style of a loft and objects in which this technique can be implemented. Let us analyze a few suggestions.

Loft office space in Bhikaji Cama Place with high ceilings, 4 meters or more:Business center in Noida consists of several buildings, arranged in a single complex with a developed infrastructure, including conference services, parking, barbecue area and a cafe.

Most of the office space is implemented in a loft style: brick walls, visible beams, pipes, space lighting implementation complements the overall atmosphere.

Significant advantages of the Business center in Noida are good transport accessibility, proximity to the subway station, a large parking lot, as well as unique for such objects concert hall, which can be used for conferences, events, presentations and corporate meetings organization.

The complex of buildings of the administrative and industrial use, where you can rent a classic office look, or rent a room with high ceilings, and organize a contemporary loft office space with minimal investment.

Small Business Center in Gurgaon, which in addition to standard office premises at the request of tenants carried offices in a loft style. Walls with apparent brickwork, visually open technology objects that pass through the ceiling, original lighting solution – create a unique image of the office.

The lessee has the ability to share with the management company office to realize their dreams, often the office in a loft style.The undeniable advantage of the office lease in the business center in Noida is walking distance to several metro stations, different species characteristics, which provide large panoramic windows.

Renting a business center, for many, is associated with high status. Facade, Interior, business center infrastructure – from the first minute stay in the IQ business center you will find yourself in a unique business environment.