Efficacy of Real Estate Consulting As a Promising Business Model

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Before we start an in-depth discussion about the efficacy of the practice of real estate consulating as a potential business model, let us at first mention that along with a wide range of specialized service, these real estate consultants offer:

  • A-la-carte services to the purchasers and sells on the basis of hourly service
  • Packaged services with pre-priced bundles that are solely based on the requirements of the consumers
  • A wide range of ancillary services like help in solving disputes over property tax, marketing valuations for insurance and a wised range of related services

Efficacy of a Consumer

Now let us come to the issue of evaluating the efficacy of a consumer, which is also an extremely important factor to consider before we discuss the worth of a real estate consultant. Ideally, a consumer gains a fair amount of flexibility when it comes to choosing the services they need from the consultants.

Sometimes, the seller or buyer of an office space in DLF cyber city-Gurgaon is confident about taking up the challenge of completing some of the tasks that are associated with the business deal. This may include negotiating the contract and even deciding upon the final price. In these cases, these consumers have the leverage of paying the consultants only for those services that they are taking from them, instead of a package as a whole.

This helps the seller or buyer of say, a godown for sale in India in a considerable amount of savings. Besides, this also means that the sellers can get a lower listing commission expenses, while the buyers can enjoy credits or rebates if they have made payments for the services that are rendered up for closing.

This is one way reduces the responsibility of the consultant and shrinks the efficacy channel to a considerable extent. Hence, you see the efficacy of a consultant is also dependent on the efficacy of the consumer and vice versa.

Efficacy of a Real Estate Consultant

Quality real estate consultants never market themselves offering services like CMA or comparative market analysis, driving the buyers around in various parts of Delhi or NCR for viewing and deciding upon properties, and the likes. Instead, they provide specialized real estate consultations, which open up newer revenue streams like helping the property owners’ dispute over the valuation of property tax, evaluate the properties for sale as FSBO or ‘For Sale by owner’, or assisting in closing an FSBO, once a buyer has been finalized.

Other Areas Where Real Estate Consultants Make a Difference

These consultants also come in handy while working with the investors. Investors are actually buyers or sellers, who would look to opt for any method that will help them, save on transactions and increase their ROI in short as well as long-term. These consults provide them the easiest routes to savings and make sure that they invest on something that is going to fetch them profit either in the short run or in the long run and that also in a more or less hassle free way.