Do You Know the Strengths of Commercial Domiciliation?

Have you not thought about the importance of the commercial domiciliation of your business centre in Delhi? If you are creating a personal business, it will be domiciled at home, or at the address of the offices in which you are going to practice? However, choosing an address is an important parameter, which can affect the overall image of your business.

Address for my company

The business address corresponds to the official address (registered office) of the enterprise. Address is mandatory to create a business and thus follow all the steps with the center of formalities of the companies. Without an address, it is impossible to register with the RCS or the trades’ directory. There are different types of location for the head office of your company. You can choose from three major solutions:

Domiciliation within the offices you rent/buy

Your first reflex, probably the most logical, is to domicile your company in the rented properties in Delhi. A good solution … which has its limits. When you move, you will need to change your address, which will incur costs. If you rent or buy offices in a municipality that does not bring prestige to your business.

Maybe this point is entirely equal to you because you do not need this image. On the other hand, if you want to offer state-of-the-art services and target ultra-connected urban consumers, then an address in the depths of the campaign may disrupt some.

It is possible to entrust the address of your company to a company of domiciliation. You can thus enjoy a prestigious address and display on all your documents a business address that is not the address to which you actually work. The courier company is responsible for retrieving mail, but can also offer a telephone reception, secretarial tasks. Some locations also allow offices to be rented.

The advantage of commercial domiciliation through a specialized company is all a matter of prestige. You will be able to have your office space in Connaught place or another big city and have an address that reassures your customers and your partners without having to endure a 3/6/9 lease. It is also a true protection for your privacy!

For individual entrepreneurs or independent creators, choosing office space in Connaught place within one’s personal home often appears as the easy solution. Beware, however, of the problems of confidentiality and protection of your activity. Indeed, if you carry out an activity that requires, for instance, large stocks and valuables, communicating your home address may attract some ill-intentioned people.

If you sell expensive jewelry, for example, with an online store, you can tell your thieves where the products are located, that the domiciliation through a specialized company is often indispensable, unless you take action to secure you and ensure you.

The material and financial advantages of business centers and office space in south Delhi are obviously important. Beyond the competitiveness of “costs” and “services” they provide to customers, these places of life are undeniable alternatives to companies who want to devote most of their energy to the development of their business.

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