Demand for Rented Property for Sale in South Delhi

South Delhi is one of the poshest and crowded places in Delhi. It contains many important locations and has historic significance. The four among eleven major historical places of Delhi exists in South Delhi only. South campus is popular for its undergraduate studies. Students from all the corners of India love to study here. Many colleges under Delhi University also located in south Delhi. South Delhi is one of the richest locations of Delhi and has very high living standards. People love to live and work here. It has many major markets of Delhi such as Nehru Place, Sarojini Nagar, and South Extension etc. Major government hospitals also fall in South Delhi such as AIIMS and Safdarjung Hospital. Because of such reasons property rates and demand for rented property for sale in South Delhi is always high.

As the living cost and property rate are high in South Delhi that’s why people want to invest here. There are lots of benefits of investing in rented property for sale in South Delhi.

rented property

Instant Return: One of the great benefits of investing in pre-leased property is that you will start getting instant money on your investment. Most of it happens that you buy a property and you will not get tenants for that. Hence your return on investment goes zero which is not in the case of buying pre-leased property.

Zero Construction Headaches: Constructing a building over an empty plot requires lots of efforts and money. Most of the time it becomes a headache if you are not familiar with construction practices. In case of purchasing a pre-leased property means you are buying ready to move in property.

Attract Buyers: An empty house property may put buyers in superstition. Lots of questions start jiggling in their mind like why the property is empty? Or since how long it is not maintained? And many more such questions make them hard to take a decision. But a pre-rented property for sale in South Delhi attract more buyers as the place is already occupied and it seems and feels good to see a well organized or occupied property.

Easy to Sale and Purchase: A pre-leased property in South Delhi is easy to sell and easy to buy. The buyers get loan easily on a constructed property. Bank knows that buyer can pay loan installments easily with rental income. A buyer can get up to 90% of the loan on a pre-leased property.

Longer Returns: If you buying a pre-leased commercial property, you should know that the rent agreement remains for at least three years. Hence it is clear that for the next remaining years, you get rentals for sure.

Attractive for Tenants: A pre-rented property is a choice for many tenants because it is ready to move in property and they do not require investing in furniture and all.

Your investment in Pre rented property in South Delhi will be fruitful. You need to check the vicinity and background of tenants before investing.

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