Common Renovation Mistakes that Decrease Your Property Value

At a time when the ambition to own property runs high in the young and restless urban youth population, a tremendous rise in numbers purchase of apartments for sale in India. The aspirational shift has also made sure that the property dealers in India rake in as much moolah as possible.

Much as the buying numbers have increased, the market for reselling old houses is on the higher side as well. But there are some pitfalls for the sellers due to some of the renovation mistakes that they have been committing inadvertently. The result; drastic fall in the value of your otherwise valued property. So, what are the common renovation mistakes, let’s find more

  1. Personalization of your property- It’s not a bad idea to have a house that defines your preferences but the same personalization can backfire if you go over the top. Some of the common indoor personalization a person gets tempted to do are color, carpeting, flooring etc. The result; depreciation in the value of your house that is located at a location that is strategically booming.
  2. Wallpaper covers- As good as they are for being a makeshift method of decorating walls, it could also turn away a lot of potential buyers for being cumbersome to remove. Metal covers, wood veneers, and wallpapers may not have many takers who want to have the apartment for sale in Gurgaon in a pristine state. Besides, there is an additional cost involved to get rid of these wall decorations. Hence, you might as well like to keep the décor of your house simplistic to attract more potential buyers.
  3. Built-in electronics- It’s never a bad idea to have a property in your possession that is equipped with electronics for home entertainment. But here’s the flip side to it, it could make your property look cluttered and less spacious than what it is. Again, there is a lot of installation and dismantling task that the potential buyer may find to be a waste of both time and money. Therefore, try and stay away from high-end electronics for your apartment for sale in Noida.
  4. Combining two bedrooms to one- A common phenomenon among many young owners of the apartment for sale in delhi, if you end up combining two bedrooms into one in the quest for “some extra space”, you may be losing out on buyers who plan to move in with their families. It is given that the families would like to have separate rooms for children. Therefore, there is no point in reducing the value of your property for a poor decision that could be avoided in the first place.
  5. DIY renovations- A flavor of quite a lot of recent seasons, the majority of the DIY renovations come from the owners of the house and not the professionals adept in this art. What you get is a rather clumsy designing that would discourage your buyers even to have a look at it. It’s highly advised you use minimal of the DIY ideas to keep the value of your property at a break even if not higher.