Godown For Rent In Delhi-NCR

Choosing The Right Godown For Rent In Delhi-NCR

Any business could face the tricky task of getting an apt godown for rent in Delhi-NCR. The reason being the unfamiliarity of the area, not getting the right deals or it could also be a lot of operational challenges that can be posed to those looking for godowns on rent. However, being a little more specific and categorized in the search can help you get the right godown for sale in Delhi which serves your purpose. Take a look at some of the ways with which you can be get the best godowns:

  1. Determine the type of godown for rent you need- Yes, there are categorizations even for godowns. For the unversed, there are primarily three types of godowns namely refrigerated godowns, warehouse godowns, and industrial godowns. All of them have their uniqueness in terms of structure, storage capabilities, cost to rent and functionalities. 
  2. Volume and size- The size and volume of the godown for rent in Delhi are major considerations. Based on the article/product you wish to store, the godowns should be accordingly chosen. For instance, if you are to store automobiles, it is obvious you shall be needing a bigger space. On  the contrary if you want to store retail goods, it is your monthly stocks which determine how spacious your godown should be. 
  3. Resources and facilities- A godown should not be all about a storage room for commercial purpose. It has to have other supporting resources and facilities. By and large, it means, they need to be well-lit, spacious, have optimal temperature to store temperature-sensitive goods, and ventilation to avoid storage hygiene issues. 
  4. Security- This is of paramount importance as godown stores goods that have high commercial values. When looking for Godown For Sale In Noida, ensure that the storage facility is well-equipped with all the security and surveillance facilities like security cams, security personnel etc. In case the godown has to be used to store industrial chemicals or hazardous chemicals, the facility must have tools and equipment that can help in avoiding mishap. 

What are the other factors that come into play when you choose a Godown for rent in Delhi?

Apart from the fundamental factors, some other considerations to look at are:

  1. Look for a patio or unloading ramps at the godown for rent spots as they would be needed to unload a particular type of goods and also to speed up the process of arranging the godown space with proper utilization of the space. 
  2. Location of the godown for rent in Delhi cannot be overlooked as it is the crucial factor to make a business thrive. The businesses cannot afford to have a godown in the far-flung area as they won’t be able to meet an instant demand for the bulk goods they produce/sell. Moreover, the distance of the godown to the central area of the business is directly proportional to the cost of transportation. 
  3. A godown should have a shipping section, a dedicated area where the goods and products can be segregated before delivery. The blank space can house a lot of goods and make the shipment process much smoother. 


The need for Godown for rent in Delhi is not a very unfamiliar site given the sheer number of businesses that are involved in the city’s ecosystem. Thus, to accommodate their demands, Jain Oncor extends its service in finding the best godowns and warehouses for sale which can aid the process of business transaction and smooth functioning of its supply chain. Get in touch with our consultants to get the right godown for your business.