Change of Office : General Rules and Nuances

A competently chosen and organized office is one of the defining conditions for successful business development.

The successful location of the office and its format are especially relevant for developing companies and enterprises mastering new areas of activity.

Changing the location of the office, such companies pursue the following objectives:

• Increase of the areas for accommodation of employees and improvement of conditions of their work;

• Increase in the level of representation functions;

• Placement of points of sale in places with the highest intensity of client traffic;

• Use of advantageous arrangement of a leased premises for advertising promotion of production or services.


Systematically organized selection of premises for the organization of the company office reduces the search time and significantly reduces the number of costs associated with the organization of work in a new location.

Algorithm search for office space:

Determination of the directions of use of the premises: a representative office for important meetings and serious business negotiations; customer service point; a room to house the company’s infrastructure;

Select location of the rented properties in Delhi. For representative purposes, it is better to rent space in prestigious business centers located in the central part of the city. The most successful variant of location of the customer service point is the premises on the first floors of the buildings located near administrative buildings, shopping centers, and transport interchanges. Support services can be placed in the office center on the city outskirts;

Preparation of the plan for placement of employees in the premises. At this stage, based on the number of employees and the need for cabinets, meeting rooms and ancillary rooms, the area of the room and its configuration are determined;

Examination of the condition of the structure of the building and its engineering systems necessary for an objective assessment of the costs of office equipment;

Analysis of the documents confirming the status of the owner of the leased space, a study of the terms of the lease agreement and the possible risks associated with its conclusion.


Some owners of office premises at their leasing resort to various tricks, which turn into additional costs for the tenant.

Such tricks include:

• Lease price indication without VAT;

• Inclusion in the lease agreement of fees for additional services, which include the protection of the office center, cleaning and maintenance of common areas and the adjacent territory, etc.;

• Paid parking places;

• The schedule of access to the office center, which may not correspond to the tenant’s schedule.

Help of real estate agency when choosing commercial real estate

Renting commercial premises passes best with the help of a real estate agents in Noida. Only an expert can competently approach the choice of premises. The rental of the commercial real estate will bring income if the choice of the room is approached with professionalism. The agent will help pick up the office space, taking into account all the requirements of the customer.

In addition to the office premises, the real estate agency will help to rent retail space, warehouses, and production buildings. Rental of premises for any purpose will pass without problems with the help of a specialist in real estate. It is also possible to rent premises in St. Petersburg at a bargain price, as all rooms to the client are directly from the owner, and this has a beneficial effect on the cost. No overpayments and troubles.

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