Selling A Home: These Are The Biggest Mistakes

A private home sale is a complex and usually lengthy process in which you as a seller can quickly make mistakes. In this guide we will introduce you to the process of selling a house. We explain the most common mistakes when selling a home and give you important tips to avoid these mistakes.

How does a private house sale work?

A private house sale consists of four process phases, preparation, marketing, processing and handover.

Phase 1- Preparation

The first phase is the preparation phase. In this phase you should determine the value of your property and set the offer price. In addition, you should compile or apply for all important documents for the house sale.

If necessary, you should also prepare your house for sale, i.e. make cosmetic repairs and remove personal items so that they do not interfere with the photos for the exposé and during the viewing appointments.

Phase 2- Marketing

After preparation comes the marketing phase. In this phase, you should define your marketing strategy based on your target buyer group, create an exposé and advertisements, as well as make viewing appointments.

Phase 3- Processing

Once you have found a buyer, the processing phase begins with sales negotiations. Here you should check the creditworthiness of the buyer before drawing up the purchase contract with the notary.

Phase 4- Handover

In the final phase there is an appointment with the notary and the contract is signed. After the buyer has paid the purchase price for your house, the notary will make the entry in the land register. The sale of the house is complete when the keys are handed over.

1st mistake: The wrong time

Preparing for a house sale is just as important as the house sale itself. And that includes carefully considering when you want to sell your house. The time of sale can be decisive in determining what sales price you can achieve for your property.

In order to get the optimal price for your property, it is essential that you observe the property prices in your area in advance when you sell your home in order to identify possible trends in price developments.

You should also keep an eye on the development of interest rates. This is the only way to ensure that you can find a buyer for your home and sell the property at the best price.

2nd mistake: The real estate market value is unknown

When you sell your property, it is relevant to know the current market value of your house or apartment. As an owner, you may still remember the price you once paid for your home.

You are also likely to have the costs for any repairs, renovations and improvements. But if you have owned a property for a long time, it is not unlikely that the current market value will deviate significantly from the purchase price originally paid.

Generally speaking, property prices are determined by supply and demand. The value of a property also depends on other factors such as the location, equipment and condition. In the property valuation, it is important the correct valuation method to use for your type of property.

To ensure that the valuation is carried out correctly, you should hire an expert to assess your home. Thanks to the valuation, the real estate expert can determine an appropriate sales price for your property.

What Is More Convenient To Rent Or Buy A House As Usual Housing?

Is it the right time?

Buying your usual home may be the most important investment of your life.For many years, this operation will have a very important impact on your domestic economy and will represent the majority of your net worth. The type of housing, its location and environment will also influence your lifestyle. It is a purchase that cannot be made without due analysis.

And the first decision you should make is if you are at the right time to buy your home.

Buy or rent?

It is true that buying a home has many advantages. The first, which is a good long-term investment. The monthly payments of the mortgage force you to save every month and, after 20 or 30 years, you will have a good that is worth a lot of money. From then on, you will not pay any fees or rents and, if necessary, you can use the home to finance your retirement or other important expenses.

Of course, a home on property ties its owners a lot. You won’t feel the same freedom if you have to change residence for family or work reasons.real estate agents in Gurgaon

As for what to rent is to throw money, remember that rent also has advantages. Owning, in addition to the mortgage payments, implies a series of expenses that neither recover nor provide any tax advantage. Home insurance, taxes, maintenance and community expenses represent significant disbursements to which the owner is obliged. When living on rent, these expenses are usually covered by landlords.

To the sale price of the house must be added a series of expenses associated with the sale and formalization of the mortgage loan, which are normally borne by the buyer.

How long do you plan to live in housing? – The determining factor

The costs of buying and selling the mortgage loan amount to about 10% of the amount financed, and the buyer has to pay it regardless of whether he stays in the house for a year or thirty.

Keep in mind that these mortgage expenses are paid at the time of formalizing the loan, regardless of whether you are staying in the house for a year or thirty. In addition, during the first years of the mortgage you will be paying mainly interest (they are also expenses), with hardly any amortization of the capital.

Can you afford it now?

Although it seems obvious, first of all you should know if you have enough savings to buy a home. Many limit themselves to calculating the mortgage fee and forget that a good amount of liquid money is necessary.

The entrance: Count on the entrance representing around 20% of the total price of the house. Financial institutions usually lend 80% of the appraised value of the house (legal maximum). Note that we have said the appraised value and not the price of the house. That is, if you buy at a good price, it may be that 80% of the appraised value is more than 80% of the price. If you buy at a price greater than the appraisal value, you may have to contribute more than 20% of the sale price.

For many people, the entrance fee, and not the monthly fee, is the biggest obstacle to buying a home.

If it is not the first time you buy a regular home, but you already have another house to sell, the income from this sale probably covers the necessary initial capital, provided you manage to sell it before buying the new one.

Real Estate Agent: Is The Luxury Real Estate Market For You?

The luxury real estate is a real market that has little to do with the traditional real estate market. Often mythologized and full of clichés luxury, even in real estate, does not know the crises of conventional markets.

What approach should the real estate agent take that decides to take this opportunity?

It’s a question of values

Logical or affective constancy in thought and actions, in other words, COHERENCE. Yes, coherence is the first value that is required of the real estate agent working in the luxury sector: consistency in communication, the positioning of the brand, and presentation of the property.

Correspondence to the truth, not falsified, or AUTHENTICITY. You are a luxury professional, not someone who would like to be one. In the relationship with the customer, therefore, you will take care of every single detail that expresses quality at the highest levels and detailed knowledge of the situation. The luxury customer realizes if you are up to the task or if you are playing a role that is not yours.

Put yourself in an immediate state of mind or the situation of another person. The client wants the consulted real estate agent in Delhi to understand his luxurious and uncommon lifestyle by showing a sincere interest in helping him realize his dream, very often linked to the concept of reward for the hard work done and the critical goal achieved.

The consideration of others conventionally felt as a right measure of morality. We are talking about REPUTATION. Rest assured that when a “high level” customer decides to rely on you it will be because, just like in the business that follows, he will have subjected you to “due diligence.” If you are a respected professional in the community or some professional organization or club, you will have excellent opportunities to work in luxury real estate.

Full ability to orientate in a particular field. COMPETENCE comes into play. Whatever the purpose of your professional commitment (the purchase, sale and even the lease), know that the luxury customer is looking for someone to make the path of selection and closing the business, in other words, the experience, less stressful as possible. You will need to be efficient, informed and foresighted, a professional who knows how to handle the unexpected without panicking, bringing solutions to problems that may arise.

In the high-end real estate services market, people respond to value, not price. If the goal is worth it, the customer will be willing to pay for it.

Relations, savoir-faire and collaboration!

To position itself in the luxury market, cultivating the right relationships with real estate agents in Gurgaon is crucial to creating a profitable ecosystem. People need to know that you are mediating luxury properties. It’s not enough to shout it on social media; you have to develop your influence off the web. The watchwords are: get out and meet!

If you decide to interact with a certain group of people, you must attend the same environments. Your marketing, for example, could include sponsoring an art show, or a cocktail in a literary club.

A second aspect concerns the attention you give to people. Stay in touch with them all year through a personalized greeting on the occasion of your birthday, a sincere compliment for a career advancement or another professional success, a surprise communication where you learn how things are progressing.

Business Centers: The Five Advantages of These Offices

Equipped offices, accessible meeting rooms, complimentary services (secretarial services, postal service, access to high-tech equipment), this is what to expect when talking about business centers. Why do they attract more and more businesses? What are the solutions that make them successful? Answer with five advantages of these offices for rent.

Offices, but also services

Business centre in Noida are different from the offers of leasing of traditional offices by the provision of services, which come in addition to the simple rental of space. For example, in a business center, you do not just hire a 10, 15 or 20 m² office, but you can access shared areas and little extras that make it easier for business or a young entrepreneur. Need a meeting room for next week? OK. Need to isolate and conduct a video conference with a client on the other side of the world? OK. The services offered by the business centers can be very numerous, and vary according to each place.

Space for sharing

The key word is modularity. There are therefore finely selected furnishings, high-speed accesses, but also a coffee machine and workspaces to meet people. Yes, whether the center is explicitly proposed as a co-working space in Delhi or another city, or that it is addressed to companies of several employees, who want to pool their resources, the meeting aspect is always central. We exchange, we find synergies, and we help each other.

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In the competitive real estate industry, property rates are touching sky height day by day. Many people are looking for their villas, but regular increasing in prices of 1, 2, 3 and 4 BHK flats are creating obstacles in fulfilling the dream of an own house for a common salary person. But still, there are options available to buy fully furnished properties for commercial, corporate and land spaces for the desired purpose across India. For more aid, you should get in touch with an authorized real estate consulting firm in the market. Such firms are ideal sources to get full-fledged details of the best available homes, office space, lands, industrial property, etc., from different parts of India. No matter, you are looking for a fully furnished office space in India; you can get complete details of official lands across the country by availing services of a trusted real estate consulting firm.

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Why Making Investment in the Real Estate Market of Delhi in 2017 is a Good Option?

Purchasing real estate is generally viewed as an easy win by Indian investors, despite the fact that the market may demonstrate something else. Like each other market, real estate too has its highs and lows. For example, the real estate market blasted somewhere around 1988 and 1994, and most property costs went up by more than 10 times amid this period. In any case, the bear market that took after was extremely testing. By 2002, numerous properties were being put on the market at a large portion of the pinnacle value they accomplished in 1994. On the off chance that one considers the high rate of expansion amid the 1994 to 2002 period, the genuine redress amid the bear market was more than 75 for each penny. A comparative pattern is by all accounts playing out at this point. Investors printed cash in residential real estate amid the blast that happened somewhere around 2002 and 2013, with costs going up by 6-10 times in a few pockets.

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