Why Choose A Real Estate Agent?

There are many reasons to consult a real estate agent when dealing with real estate. After learning these reasons, you will be persuaded to seek counselling.

Transactions related to real estate should be carried out by real estate consultants. Those who want not to give commissions or to do business with acquaintances can make a title deed transfer or lease agreement without consulting the real estate agents.

However, it should not be forgotten that consulting a real estate agent is the main way to protect the rights of both parties in the best way, both legally and financially. It is known that the most basic reason for choosing not to consult a real estate agent is the commission payment.

This payment is actually made to ensure the safety of the parties. Having an intermediary that will provide reconciliation between the buyer and the seller ensures that the process proceeds cleaner. An intermediary to advance the process without any legal loophole or loss of rights, thanks to the actions that must be taken in accordance with the procedures,

A Single Point of Contact

When you get advice from a reliable and experienced real estate agent, you know who to contact. If you advertise yourself or choose to work with more than one real estate agent for any reason, it is quite normal to be confused at the end of the day. Since you do not regularly sell or rent real estate in your daily life, you are more likely to make mistakes in the process at the end of the confusion. This can put you in a situation where you can be a legal victim.

Compromising Person

When you consult a real estate agents in India, you get support from a person who will act as a buffer between the buyer and the seller. It is always good to have an intermediary to protect the rights of the two parties and to reach reconciliation between the parties. In addition to being an intermediary, real estate agents also prevent the parties from wasting time unnecessarily.

Someone who knows the conditions of the property owner will continue the transactions after examining whether the people who want the property in question meet the conditions.

A home owner who doesn’t want a pet in his house, shows his house to pet owners during the day and learns about this situation at the last minute, causing a significant loss of time for both parties. In order to avoid such situations, it is necessary to consult a real estate agent and get service from him.

Domination of the Process

Real estate agents in Noida are well-versed in real estate-related processes such as real estate rental, real estate sales, title deed transfer, share title deed transfer, getting a home loan or insurance that needs to be done in order to continue the transactions.

In this way, it is possible to proceed quickly and completely. Knowing whether a house is suitable for a loan is an important piece of information that will be very useful for both parties in the sales process.

Such information is collected for you by the real estate agent when you decide to work with the real estate agent. This allows you to gain both financial and time gains in the process.

If you want to have an expert by your side, we suggest you to consult the experienced team of Jain Oncor.

What Does a Real Estate Agency Do?

Many buyers or sellers choose to use agents. This allows you to significantly save time, nerves, and ensure the security of the transaction.

Provided, of course, if the real estate agent is verified. An expert’s salary directly depends on the amount and number of those transactions that have been concluded. There is no fixed rate in this profession.

The question arises: what should a real estate agent do? What are his duties, what should he know? Let’s figure this out.

Who is a real estate agent, what is his main occupation?

He provides intermediary services when a sale and purchase transaction is made or a lease agreement is drawn up for various real estate objects. To earn money, the intermediary must find the one who sells the real estate, as well as the buyer for it.

After these measures, real estate agents in Noida help the parties to conclude an agreement profitably, which is the main task of the realtor.

Consider the areas of activity covered by the work of a realtor, for a more accurate understanding of what he does.

  1. Agents accompanying commercial real estate transactions;
  2. Specialists dealing with private real estate;
  3. Realtors, making out transactions on land plots.
  4. Personal qualities of a professional

In order to study the work of a realtor, it is worth considering what personal qualities he should have. This is working with people, and it is never easy with them.

Therefore, a realtor who wants to achieve success must have the ability to convince the client, since the buyer must be sure of choosing exactly the object that you offer. Based on this, a representative of such a profession should be distinguished by such qualities as:

  1. The ability to convince the client, that is, to have communication skills;
  2. Resistance to stress, the desire to learn something new and useful;
  3. Serious attitude, high level of self-organization;
  4. Patience, leadership, intelligence and a strong spirit;
  5. Thoroughness in the performance of work, attention to detail.

In order for the work to be successful and as efficient as possible, the realtor must be distinguished by knowledge in the field of economics, jurisprudence, and psychology.

He is obliged to know the market “perfectly”. Especially considering its frequent interchangeable nature.

What a real estate agent does: basic responsibilities

The real estate agent in Delhi is obliged to perform the following functions:

  1. Search for clients, as well as real estate for them;
  2. Demonstrate real estate to potential buyers or tenants;
  3. Help draw up transactions (prepare the necessary documentation, register property under an agreement from buyers in government agencies);
  4. Provide consultations in the execution of contracts to its participants within the boundaries of their own activities;
  5. Advertise property that is going to be sold or rented out.

In order to be able to work as a real estate agent, you do not need to receive specialized education. In fact, there are no educational institutions that would teach this profession.

Anyone who wishes can do this type of employment. However, this requires a certain list of knowledge, qualities, skills. After all, in order to receive a salary, you need to sell. In order to sell, you need to inspire confidence, win over.

How To Rent An Office Space: Nuances And Rules

The office is the face of the company. The first impression that the organization will make on clients, partners, and job seekers depends on how it looks. The vast majority of organizations lease office space. How to rent an office space?

  1. Correctly plan the development of the company and assess what kind of office you need.
  2. Find a suitable room.
  3. Legally competent to conclude a lease agreement.

How to rent an office space: a step-by-step algorithm

Step 1. Preparation and planning

Before beginning the search for an office it is important to understand what the area needs of your company and for how long. More specifically, you need to plan the development of the company today in order to understand which office you will need in a year or two.

A correct assessment of the prospects allows, firstly, to exclude the possibility that the company will unexpectedly face a shortage of space, and secondly, to save money.

If you already know today that from January 1 you will need an office of a certain class and a certain area, you can leisurely consider various options and choose a room at the best price.

When determining the size of the future office, it is important to take into account not only workers, but also general areas: meeting rooms, server rooms, utility rooms, warehouses, etc.

Selection and rental of the type of office space.

When contacting a real estate agency, you will surely come across the question: what class office are you interested in – A, B or C? Therefore, it is important to have an understanding of the principles of classifying office space.

Class A offices – premises in new office centres with a good location, optimal layout, high quality finishes and engineering systems. Sometimes class A is divided into classes A1, A2 and A3.

Class B offices are premises (usually in business centre in Delhi) with rental rates in a lower price range. They are inferior to Class A offices in terms of quality of premises or convenience of location.

Class C offices – offices in reconstructed buildings, usually of the Soviet period (former research institutes, factory management, etc.).

Class A offices are typically used by large corporations. A class B office is quite suitable for medium-sized companies. Typically, these are premises after major renovation with high-quality inexpensive finishes and a moderate range of services.

The buildings where they are located are equipped with fire and burglar alarms, double-glazed windows, high-quality elevators, a forced ventilation and air conditioning system.

Most of the client-oriented companies tend to rent an office in the central areas of the city. But here are the highest rental rates.

In fact, there are only two ways to find premises for rent – through professional realtors (real estate agencies) or directly, bypassing intermediaries.

Large companies usually focus on well-known real estate agents in Noida. However, real estate firms, whose names are on hearing, charge a considerable commission (usually in the amount of one month’s rent).

Selling A Home: These Are The Biggest Mistakes

A private home sale is a complex and usually lengthy process in which you as a seller can quickly make mistakes. In this guide we will introduce you to the process of selling a house. We explain the most common mistakes when selling a home and give you important tips to avoid these mistakes.

How does a private house sale work?

A private house sale consists of four process phases, preparation, marketing, processing and handover.

Phase 1- Preparation

The first phase is the preparation phase. In this phase you should determine the value of your property and set the offer price. In addition, you should compile or apply for all important documents for the house sale.

If necessary, you should also prepare your house for sale, i.e. make cosmetic repairs and remove personal items so that they do not interfere with the photos for the exposé and during the viewing appointments.

Phase 2- Marketing

After preparation comes the marketing phase. In this phase, you should define your marketing strategy based on your target buyer group, create an exposé and advertisements, as well as make viewing appointments.

Phase 3- Processing

Once you have found a buyer, the processing phase begins with sales negotiations. Here you should check the creditworthiness of the buyer before drawing up the purchase contract with the notary.

Phase 4- Handover

In the final phase there is an appointment with the notary and the contract is signed. After the buyer has paid the purchase price for your house, the notary will make the entry in the land register. The sale of the house is complete when the keys are handed over.

1st mistake: The wrong time

Preparing for a house sale is just as important as the house sale itself. And that includes carefully considering when you want to sell your house. The time of sale can be decisive in determining what sales price you can achieve for your property.

In order to get the optimal price for your property, it is essential that you observe the property prices in your area in advance when you sell your home in order to identify possible trends in price developments.

You should also keep an eye on the development of interest rates. This is the only way to ensure that you can find a buyer for your home and sell the property at the best price.

2nd mistake: The real estate market value is unknown

When you sell your property, it is relevant to know the current market value of your house or apartment. As an owner, you may still remember the price you once paid for your home.

You are also likely to have the costs for any repairs, renovations and improvements. But if you have owned a property for a long time, it is not unlikely that the current market value will deviate significantly from the purchase price originally paid.

Generally speaking, property prices are determined by supply and demand. The value of a property also depends on other factors such as the location, equipment and condition. In the property valuation, it is important the correct valuation method to use for your type of property.

To ensure that the valuation is carried out correctly, you should hire an expert to assess your home. Thanks to the valuation, the real estate expert can determine an appropriate sales price for your property.

Costs Involved in the Property Rental Process

Renting implies a lower economic effort than buying a home, but it also requires a certain amount of savings to cover the initial expenses, which can be several thousand bucks. In this new delivery of our guide on the rent, we tell you what the payment is that a new tenant has to assume after signing the lease. It includes the amount of the deposit and the first monthly payment until the move, through the tax payment.

Living for rent brings more flexibility than buying and requires less initial effort, but an individual sacrifice. The expenses that will have to be faced to rent a floor will depend on each specific case based on if the owner requires us to guarantee, extra guarantees or the payment of some insurance. The most common are:

1. The first monthly payment: The initial payment to be incurred after signing the contract is the payment of the first monthly payment, being the first expense to have.

2. The guarantee: Its objective is to cover the damages that the rented property in Noida can suffer as a result of the tenant or possible non-payments. It is obligatory by law and is equivalent to another month of rent. The owner must deposit it in the body that its autonomous community indicates for this purpose. Although at the end of the contract will recover this money, will mean having to overtake it at the time of entering the house.

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Noida- Emerging as the Favourite City for its Brilliant Office Spaces

Over the past few years we are observing a huge shift of people towards Noida. With continuously growing business and IT sector this well-planned city is witnessing a boom in real estate market. Because of its world-class infrastructure, there is a massive demand for IT office space in Noida. This is the reason why builders are looking to invest the best of their capability for developing residential and commercial buildings here.

Investors should collect required information before finalising any kind of property. A personal visit to these properties can be very helpful. Although this is also not enough as one need to be in touch with professionals for perfect information. So, consulting real estate agents in Noida is the smart alternative that investors should take. On several occasions, investors do not get sufficient time to visit the site and this is where real estate professional plays a crucial part. But, you need to be very vigilant about hiring any agent.

Office Space in Noida

You are recommended to collect information from different sources and arrive at a well thought out decision. Inspection of the prominent projects around your selected property can give you commercial advantage, so give a good thought to this idea. Due to their proximity to better transportation facilities, the value of workplaces is increasing manifolds. This awesome city has vast availability of land for construction which makes it a good competitor among other metropolitans.

The governing authority in Noida does not permit the setting up of various pollution causing industries. This action is admirable and because of this Noida is gaining inclination over many other regions. Many new commercial projects that are coming up in key areas of Noida offer facilities like dining, shopping, and amusement at the same time. By making the most of various services given by real estate agents in Noida, investors can obtain many benefits.

This city offers mix variety of properties including apartments, commercial space and residential properties. You can get shopping centers and office complexes for lease through the local property dealers. Thus, you just need to contact a truthful dealer to buy or rent the perfect property. Normally residential plots are situated away from commercial areas.

It is always suggested to think many times before purchasing a space. Investors need to take proper care that they are getting an apposite deal. For this, list of various popular areas in Noida should be made first. This will give a huge assistance in figuring out a suitable office space in Noida.

There are various factors such as Noida’s rich and affluent residents and high-rise buildings which are giving a colossal look to the whole city. These reasons are making it to overtake Delhi in terms of favourite option for living and job opportunities.

What are the Positive Points of Employing a Real Estate Agent in Noida?

There is no doubt that India has developed a lot in the gone past and the future ahead is even brighter. There can be no question on the fact that this all has been possible only because of the immense infrastructural progression of the homeland. The metro cities of the country are progressing at a very rapid speed and have evolved in the tints of modernisation. Noida also stands its name in the most well developed cities of the continent and the planet. The metropolitan has crossed all the leaps and bounds in terms of growth and has emerged out as a perfect model of well built infrastructure.

In the recent times, there has been an emergent call for Real Estate Agents in India. This is all because of the booming architectural premises of the motherland. Noida today attracts the eyes of investors from all the corners of the globe. The transformation of the metropolis from a meager real estate to a true world class city is really a laudable one. Noida has become a sweet spot for IT activities in India and is a home for some of the best IT enterprises of the world.

Property dealers in India

Advantages of a Real Estate Agent

If you are planning to take advantage of the booming conditions of Noida and want to buy a possession in the locality, here are some of the advantages of real estate agents that will; convince you to hire one for your needs –

Good Source of a Fair Deal – When you opt for a good real estate agent he will browse you through the most favorable options that best fit in your needs. He will get you a good deal according to your needs and demands.

Convenience – The biggest advantage of employing a Real estate agents in Noida is that they provide you a lot of convenience. You need not take out time from your busy schedule and look for your property, instead you need to just contact a property professional and he will browse you through the most favorable real estate choices.

Handling all the Paper Work – Another great advantage of appointing a real estate agent is that he will handle all your legal work. Sometimes it becomes quite a cumbersome task to get hold of the legal work and in this situation property dealers turn out to be a boon for your real estate needs.

How Real Estate Agents in Delhi Assist you in Buying Property?

The real estate of the planet has boomed a lot in the recent times due to the great infrastructural development of the place. The world has transformed a lot from the past few decades and has become a sweet spot for trade and commerce. The infrastructure of the planet has boomed a lot and its engineering skills have developed a lot. There is a very tough competition between countries to reach to the top.

The Commercial Importance of India and Aids of Buying Property Here

India has attained great commercial significance in the recent past due to the immense growth of its infrastructural premises. The country has crossed all the leaps and boundations in terms of progress and stood out as an ideal model for all the other developing countries in the park. Owing to the same there is a gigantic demand of office space in Noida and other major parts of the countries. India in the present era is said to be the most prospered country in the world for commercial purposes. The exquisite location of the homeland and its effective human capital is an eye candy for corporates all over the globe. Reputed cosmopolitan companies of the world seek for a home in the booming economic conditions of the motherland. Patrons from all the parts of the planet are attracted towards putting their valuable money in the property bazaar of the country.

The Need of Property Dealers in India

The real estate sector of the country has continuously progressed a lot and there is an emergent need of someone who can guide the citizens towards investing in the property market of India. This has created a serious requirement of effective real estate agents in Delhi and other metro cities of the country. Purchasing a possession single handedly on your own can create chaos for an individual. In the modern era property dealers have proved to be a very useful source for valuable deals and here are some of the advantages of appointing a real estate agent –


Convenience – The biggest advantage of employing a good real estate agent for buying a possession is the ease provided by him. You can find it very difficult to buy a possession on your own. A property dealer provides you a lot of convenience and brings you the best deal according to your requirements. You need not go and search for appropriate property sites, instead you just need to convey your prospects to the real estate agent and he will bring a suitable deal for you. Some real estate agents like Jain Oncor International have launched their online portal that has proved to be even more effective and convenient.

Handling Paper Work – Another great advantage of a property dealer is that he handles all the legal work from your side that can turn into a mess if you decide to do it on your own. If you desire for a fully furnished office space in Delhi, you just need to select a workplace from the array provided by your real estate agent and make payment to him. He will get all the legal works done for you and you need not bother about anything.

Real Estate Agents in Noida – Guide to Choose A Good Professional

Finding an office is not a very easy task and you have to be very cautious while doing so or you may end up with the wrong one. Every single businessman has his own needs and that is why, there are offices spaces in the market with different facilities and all of them are good for various persons. You must check the office space by yourself then you can expect that all your demands will get fulfilled in the finest manner. No doubt that it is quite effective but you have to waste your large amount of time but in this modern era, almost all the persons are completely busy and they do not have even a single minute to waste. Thus, they cannot traipse from one place to another for finding the work place for them and at that point of time, they are in need of some aid. Going for the real estate agents in Noida will be beneficial for you since they will give them huge advantage and they are available at your service at a very small amount.

At your service, there are many real estate agents in the market and most of them have a good name and when you go to them then they will try to give you the maximum benefit. On the flip side, there are many property dealers in India who are sitting in the office just to earn money and they do not care about your benefit or loss. You have to stay away from such people or you may have to bear huge loss. Some tips will be talked below that will be highly helpful for you to choose the best real estate agent who will bring large number of office spaces for you that suits your most of the requirements.

Should Have Huge Experience

You are advised to go for the real estate agents in India who have been associated with the field for a very long time. This factor gives the surety that he knows all the intricacies of the domain and this lets him to offer the best property to you. Such experts have a long list of contacts and they use all of them to bring the best property for you. Aside from this, they know it very well that what is good for you and what not and thus, they will suggest you the one that is beneficial for you.

Ask for Recommendation

It will be the best to go for the real estate agent who is known to you and then by knowing that what can satiate you in the upcoming time, you can relay it to your agent. And afterwards, he will conduct a quest for the property that meets your demands in the best way. May be, you do not know any of the real estate agent at that time, you are advised to talk to some of your friend, relative or known who will recommend some expert. They will suggest you the name of the one whose service is used by them.

Starting a New Firm – Get the Aid of the Best Real Estate Agents in Noida

Office space is the most important thing when you are thinking about starting a new organization. Without a workplace, you cannot even consider your office. This is the main cause, you have to buy an office space and then you will start gathering the team of professionals and purchasing furniture or devices for your team and for yourself as well. All the big and small builders know the importance of the commercial property and that is why, they have constructed several office spaces that suit most of the demands of the modern businessmen. No doubt, you are not going to buy all of them. You will possess the one that suits your maximum needs and thus, you will get the highest level of comfort as well as benefit. To do so, you have to wander a lot and then you will be able to find the finest one. In this bust era, people have everything but time and that is why, it is quite difficult for them to traipse here and there to find the best office space. At such moment, you are advised to go for the best real estate agents in Noida as they bring the large number of options for you and do not let you to face any issue.

Many real estate agents are present for you and the maximum are good to go but there are several experts who are not that good and if you go to them then you may have to face some loss. That is why, you have to act wisely and then you can get success. Keep some key factors in mind and then you will be able to find the best real estate agent or property dealers in Noida.


The asked fee of the real estate agent must be logical and affordable as well. In case, you think that he is asking a very huge sum of money then you are advised to switch to the next one. No chance that they are quite good but you really do not want to waste unnecessary amount to save your little bit of money. By going to more than one property dealer, you will get a very good idea of the market and this allows you to get the fair deal.


The attitude of the real estate agent must be polite with you and he must give you proper respect. If he is not behaving with you properly then this is the time to switch to the next one. Actually, if they are not treating you nicely, you will find it difficult to tell your entire needs to him. And, he will not be able to find the finest IT office space in India for you or your team. Apart from this, the real estate agent must not be pushy otherwise he will try to sell you the property that does not give you any benefit and you will have to face huge loss. Plus, you can check that the expert is offering you the best office space of Noida, India.