What Are The Economic Advantages Of Buying Pre-Rented Properties In India?

What Are The Economic Advantages Of Buying Pre-Rented Properties In India?
A property is referred to as a pre-rented property in India if it is on the market for sale but already has tenants occupying the area. Many investors make large profits by pre-renting their properties. Demand for homes, shops, and workplaces has increased in the present when most areas have been developed, and this form of investment approach has been shown to have exceptional stability.

One of the main ways investors profit from the real estate market is through the purchase of the real estate, whether it be residential, commercial, or mixed-use. Here are some advantages you should be aware of if you’re considering adding pre-rented property in India to your real estate investing portfolio.

Automatic Profits 

Consider investing in an asset. Currently, if you need to make money off of it, you want a tenant, and occasionally, it takes time to fill your space. However, when you buy pre-rented assets, you start making money on the first real day. The certainty that you will receive consistent rental income for the following three years and that you won’t need renters again is one of the main benefits of purchasing pre-rented homes on the market in India


The profits from the pre-leased assets for upkeep and repair should be subject to a 30% tax. Your ability to pay for the property depends on how much you want to spend and how much you may save on taxes by using the justification of a rented property.

Advantages of an Open House

Property near existing tenants attracts more buyers, which is advantageous if you ever decide to sell the property. By using the monthly revenues from the rental, you can also cover the cost of repair and maintenance.

Easy Bank Loan

In truth, banking institutions preferred pre-rented houses to the typical properties for the loan procedure. If you have a proven track record of success in real estate, the financial institution may cough up to 90% of the loan on such residences.

Price Appreciation on Reselling: 

To demonstrate to purchasers how much you have and how much you made from the mentioned assets, you might show them the prior receipts for the previous several years. In residential properties, rental income continues to increase at a pace of 3 to 5 percent every one to two years, and by as much as 14 percent in commercial assets.


To make money, most individuals invest in real estate, and investing in pre-rented properties in India is profitable, so you can do it too. Call us right away.

Mistakes to Avoid When Selling a Home

In the situation in which real estate markets cool down, the numbers of buyers decrease and inventory typically increases. The situation slowing the market conditions and makes it more difficult to sell homes, despite that, some still sell the properties.

Now the question comes why do some get offer and other sit on the market? The answer is less around the home itself than most real estate agents might claim.

Sometimes, it also depends on the poor quality of the marketing efforts. The following are the common mistakes that repeated over and over from both side agents and sellers and agents and try to avoid these mistakes.

Poorly Uploaded Pics Online

Pictures speak a thousand and noticed before the written words. Pictures are the first thing that your potential buyers will see. Poorly taken pictures will leave a bad first impression on buyers and lower your chance of selling home. A well click pictures entice the buyers to buy your home.

Provide Complete specifications 

When there is a top competition of selling property in the market, simply providing an address and remarking the number of baths and bedrooms is inadequate information for a home buyer.

It reduces your chance of selling the home because the information is not specified the detail of your home. Always provide specific detail of your home so that the potential buyer should make an appointment to see the home.

Call to A Broker/Agent 

Just like buyers need agents to buy property, similarly, the sellers also need agents to sell their properties.

A well-experienced real estate agency like Jain Estates (the best real estate agents in India) knows how to sell your property without any hassle. Over years of experience with numbers of clients, you can expect the best deal for your home. 

Don’t Offer Unrealistic Price

Whether you’re selling a home alone or with the help of agents, setting the right price is a key to selling a home. Offering an unrealistic price without comparative market analysis can put your property on hold and make it difficult for you and your agent to sell it. 

Fix the Major Problems

Think you can get away with fixing major problems with your property. During the inspection of the buyer, if any major repairing is noticed then your deal will either cancel or the price will negotiate.

So, before selling your home, either fix the problem or price the property below market value. 

Inspect your home before listing it could be a good idea to avoid the potential buyers of your home.

To sell a property need time and well preparation and time. By avoiding such mistakes will help you to sell your home fast in this declining market.

So, try to avoid such high-priced mistakes listed above and you’ll be a long step toward putting your foot forward and reaching that seamless, profitable sale for which every home seller wishes.

6 Expert Tips To Find The Perfect Office Space

fully furnished office spaces in Delhi

It’s always a challenging task to find the ideal place for office space to start a new business. As a business owner, you want to have all the amenities you require to operate, but you don’t want to be overburdened with a sky-high lease payment.

Besides, keeping the check of costs and rent terms makes a difference whether your business strays float or grapple financially. 

However, finding the right place that satisfies all your requirements of office space could be a fine line to tread.

If you have a small business or a start-up one and struggling to find the right office space for your business, then these tips will be very helpful for you to find the right place for your office space.

Don’t Waste Time For the Perfect Place

There is nothing perfect in this world! So instead of finding a Perfect Office Space, make a list of what’s important for you and rate office space according to the list. Be more practical and stop wasting your time to find the Perfect Office Space.

Keep Cost Minimum

As a startup business, spending more than required can damage your business growth. It’s always a better option to keep cost minimum even if it means sharing desks in the office or working from a hallway. Try to avoid spending too much money on fancy office and furniture. You can also consider a shared workspace where you are not committed to any commercial lease.

Optimize Around Commute And Compensation

While searching for office space, using team commuting methods, you can enhance your business efficiency. The method helps you calculate the employees’ travelling time and you can search for a location that minimizes the commute times of your core team. Less travelling time means your core team spends more time on work and family, this improves productivity and work-life balance.

Keep Your Priorities First

Often you can’t have all you want, so you need to determine what’s most important for you and your company. A good amenity surround office space such as parking, building security, Wi-Fi and water facility should be your priority while searching for a new office space.

Maximise Most of The Time

Before finding the right space for your office, remember that you’re not only searching for space for your business but also utilise the after-hours. So, consider a space that can host network events that connect with the community and provide business development. 

Consider space with Flexibility Lease Terms

As a startup business, non-one no what will happen in the future. You hope for quick growth but if it doesn’t pay out; you don’t want to lock yourself in the expansive long-term lease. That is why co-working would be an excellent choice for you if you want to share your expanse and have flexible lease terms.   

The level of competition is rising each day and to thrive and grow a business such competition is the real challenge. Laying the framework of your business with the above tips will help you endure the storm of competition and set your business up for success.

If you’re in search of best office space in Delhi then Jain Estates would be a great real estate consultancy firm for you. For any query or information contact us Today!

A Quick Look at Property Registration Procedure in India

Whether you buy an IT office space in India or something as grand as kothis for sale in Gurgoan, property registration is absolutely crucial and perhaps the only procedure that validates your purchase. Most importantly, the valuation and the legitimacy of the property also increase by leaps and bounds. One would certainly not like to find out one fine day that the property they invested in turns into nothing but a bad investment. Therefore there are few factors that investors must keep in mind when they purchase property in Delhi and National Capital Region. These are:

Property verification- The first of the major processes that are to be done is property verification. Buyers must ensure that they have all the information with regard to who the property belongs to, whether or not it has been mutated and free from any litigation. Since the major real estate market in Delhi and NCR undertaken by real estate agents in Noida, access to property papers is possible only through them. Entitlement to the property for the new owner is possible only when the previous owner has transferred all the property papers.

  1. Estimate value- In order to make the property deal fruitful on monetary grounds and to get a fair price for your property, it is important that the prospect estimates the value of the property. Since the price bracket of the value of apartments for sale in Delhi and NCR is wide, the budget of the prospect is likely to go anywhere but up. Value estimation also helps in ascertaining the stamp duty for the property, a legal obligation whose percentage is based on the property value. The real estate agents in Gurgaon can also help in these procedures since they have a huge database that can be beneficial in analyzing the property value.
  2. Purchase of stamp papers- All the legal procedure to buy, sell or rent real estate in India is completed by the purchase of stamp papers. Non-judicial stamp papers are used to write down all the information with regard to the property location, information about buyer and seller, the amount for which the deal has been inked for.
  3. Property registration- The mere documentation of the property on stamp paper alone won’t validate the property. It must also get the authorization of the government’s land registry department. Hence both the parties involved in the purchase of an office space in Noida or any real estate for that matter must approach the sub-registrar office for submitting the deed for registration.
  4. Completion of registry process- The registration process of property takes seven days on an average, following which the buyer can approach the sub-registrar’s office to collect the original sale deed. To cross-examine the papers you can check the data of the sub-registrar’s office to obtain the registry details.

In view of the rising number of property deals and subsequent transactions, many real estate agents in Delhi have also extended their support to the buyers to get a property that is free of dispute and legal to own in all counts.