Which Properties Have Appreciated in the last 15 Years in Delhi

Which properties have appreciated in the last 15 years in Delhi NCRThe ever-evolving skyline of Delhi National Capital Region (NCR) is a testament to its dynamic real estate market. Over the last 15 years, Delhi NCR has witnessed transformative infrastructural growth, urbanization, and changing buyer preferences. This has led to an intriguing trend in property appreciation across various sectors and regions. Here’s a deep dive into the properties that have seen the most appreciation in the past decade and a half:

1. Premium Residential Areas:

  • South Delhi Localities : Places like Defence Colony, Hauz Khas, Greater Kailash, and Vasant Vihar have always been in demand due to their strategic location, green spaces, and plush residential offerings. Their appreciation has been consistent, making them the top choice for elite buyers.
  • Gurgaon’s Golf Course Road : With premium condominiums and proximity to corporate hubs, this area has observed exponential appreciation.

2. Emerging Hubs & Satellite Cities :

  • Noida Extension & Greater Noida: Initially developed as affordable alternatives, these regions have now emerged as self-sustaining townships with robust infrastructure, leading to remarkable appreciation.
  • Gurgaon’s New Sectors: Sectors like 82 to 95 have attracted considerable attention, mainly because of new residential projects and seamless connectivity via the Dwarka Expressway.

3. Commercial and Office Spaces :

  • Cyber City, Gurgaon: It’s the epicenter of corporate activity in NCR. With major MNCs and IT companies marking their presence, the commercial spaces here have seen a significant surge in value.
  • Noida’s Sector-62 & 63: Known for IT hubs and corporate parks, these sectors have experienced steady appreciation in commercial properties.

4. Affordable Housing Segments :

With the government’s push for affordable housing, places like Raj Nagar Extension in Ghaziabad and Sohna Road in Gurgaon have gained momentum. Their value proposition lies in providing homes at competitive prices, coupled with improving connectivity and infrastructure.

5. Integrated Townships :

The rise of integrated townships, offering a Real Estate, commercial, and recreational amenities, has led to appreciation in areas like Wave City in Ghaziabad and Jaypee Greens in Greater Noida.

6. Infrastructure-Led Appreciation :

Several properties along major infrastructural projects like the Outer Ring Road, Delhi Metro Expansions, and the Eastern and Western Peripheral Expressway have seen their values soar. Properties that were once on the outskirts have now become coveted due to enhanced connectivity.

Driving Forces Behind the Appreciation :

  • Connectivity Improvements : Expansion of Delhi Metro, road networks, and expressways have bridged the gap between Delhi and its satellite cities.
  • Corporate Growth : The proliferation of IT hubs, MNCs, and corporate parks has driven the demand for both residential and commercial spaces.
  • Policy Changes : Initiatives like the ‘Land Pooling Policy’ and the push for affordable housing have played a significant role in property appreciation.
  • Lifestyle & Amenities : The evolving expectations of buyers now include world-class amenities, security, and integrated townships, leading to a preference shift.

While Delhi NCR’s Real Estate Market has seen its ups and downs, it remains a magnet for investors, homebuyers, and corporations alike. The past 15 years stand as evidence of its resilience

Stop overpaying property dealers in India! Get these factors in place

Stop overpaying property dealers in India! Get these factors in place

Now that we all have braved the grueling pandemic, the entire market including that of real estate is staging a comeback. The demand for apartments for rent in Gurgaon, IT office space in Noida has finally begun to soar like earlier. However, if you are one of those who want to invest in them, you must tread with caution. One needs to acknowledge this; like the financial market, real estate is not risk-free. Therefore, the first guard you need to take will be against overpaying for a particular real estate.

Avoiding the mistake of shelling out a fortune!

  • Market analysis is the key

    Before making an investment in the real estate space, you need to trust more on the data more than your gut. So it becomes important you consult property dealers in India to get an estimate of the current market price of the property you are looking for. Real estate agents can also help you in regard to the anticipated projection of price, market movement and how viable can that property be for commercial establishments or personal dwellings.

  • Fix your budget

    Do not shy away from setting up your financial bandwidth. The rule of thumb is simple- if the budget does not fit your financial budget for spending, the property is not fit for occupation. The major reason for overpaying is not hatching a budget that takes care of the volatility of the market, sudden hikes in prices, etc.

  • Outstanding bills and expenses

    Many property owners quote a price that appears to be lucratively reasonable. Little do the potential buyers realize that they are left with bills to pay in lieu of the previous owner. If you plan to buy a piece of land, be very cautious about outstanding loans as people may deceive you without disclosing the loans and take the actual value of the property. That way, you would have to repay the loan. To counter such outcomes, do ask for all the necessary documents and updated status of the loan taken if any.

  • Choose reputable developers

    Due to sheer market size and the plethora of opportunities to make a fortune, the real estate development sector has become a clash of titans and unsung players. While this may make the property hunt task seemingly easier, it has been seen time and again that the proposition eventually runs into a loss. While the big players have had hiccups, the lesser-known projects by the lesser-known real estate developers have fallen apart despite the hype surrounding them. Therefore, do not fall prey to such unscrupulous property dealers in India who coax you into nefarious deals and makes you overpay

  • Avoid real estate that overstays in the market

    Not all grand-looking projects are meant to be a lucky deal for you especially when they are staying unsold for longer than usual. One must need to exercise due diligence as to why a property at a prime location, despite so much demand is overstaying in its listing. Therefore, you need to use your analytical skills once again and get in touch with trusted property dealers in India who can give you a clear picture of the status of such properties.

We at JainOncor take pride in being one of the most trusted real estate consultancy firms with a national and global footprint. Over the years we have strived to deliver the highest level of satisfaction and transparency for all your real estate needs. Once on board, we relieve you of all the hassles and hurdles which are faced while buying or selling real estate.

Is Investing In Pre-Rented Properties Worth It?

It is a property that is being sold on the market and has tenants occupying the area already. By pre-renting their homes, many investors realise sizable profits. In the modern era, when most areas have been developed and demand for homes, shops, and offices has increased, this type of investment strategy has demonstrated exceptional stability. No matter if the property is residential, commercial, or a mix of the three,

it is one of the main ways that investors make money from the real estate markets. These are a few benefits to be mindful of if you’re thinking about including pre-rented properties in India.

  • The advantages of an open house include: Pre-rented property in India with local residents already residing there draws more clients, giving you an advantage if you ever decide to sell the asset. Additionally, you can use the rental income you receive each month to pay for upkeep and repairs.
  • Automated Profits from Day One Has These Advantages: Let’s say you bought an asset. Finding a tenant can take some time, but it’s necessary if you want to profit from it. But if you buy properties that have already been rented out, you may start making money right away. The assurance that you will receive consistent rental income for the following three years and that you won’t need to find renters again is one of the biggest benefits of buying pre-rented homes on the market in India.
  • The advantages of tax savings include: The pre-leased asset earnings for repairs and maintenance should be subject to a 30% tax rate. After buying the property, you can now choose how much you want to pay in taxes and how much you want to save by utilising the rental property exemption.
  • The Advantages of a Simple Bank Loan: Banks prefer pre-rented homes to traditional properties when making loans; if you have a track record of real estate success, they might be willing to loan you up to 90% of the value of the home.
  • The Advantages of Appreciation in Price : You can demonstrate to buyers how good of a deal you got and how much money you made from the aforementioned assets by showing them your previous receipts from the previous few years. For residential assets, rental profits are still increasing at a rate of three to five percent per year, and for commercial assets, up to fourteen percent.


Pre-rented properties in India are quite profitable, so you can do it too. Most people invest in real estate to make money, so you can too. Please reach out to us immediately.


Two Crucial Factors That Makes Consulting With Property Dealers In India Great?

Two Crucial Factors That Makes Consulting With Property Dealers In India Great?

Of course, a person can buy a house without a professional’s help. However, most real estate investors engage with agents when buying or selling a home. Working with a skilled and informed realtor guarantees that your investment properties constantly yield a profit. As the real estate market speeds up, buyers are drawn in by lower mortgage rates and land costs. Property dealers in India can also help you purchase a residential property while saving you as much money as feasible. This article will discuss the advantages of working with an agent when purchasing commercial or residential real estate.

2 Factors That Make Them Worthwhile

Factor One; In India, search through hundreds of listings on numerous portals when seeking a commercial property or property dealer in India. However, most homes are not listed online and are only known to local realtors. Above all, a firm doesn’t have to be profitable. Off-market listed assets could, on rare occasions, prove more beneficial and profitable; it all depends on luck. You have a better chance of discovering the perfect house for your needs because realtors can access both listed and off-market properties. Working with a professional and competent realtor has several unstated advantages.

Factor Second: You must set aside one cabinet for the transaction’s paperwork if you choose one of the “commercial properties for rent” properties. If you rent a place, you’ll need the rental agreement, local police verification, official ID proofs, and other similar documentation. The amount of documentation needed to buy a home increases. The paperwork requirements are demanding, particularly when local officials act dishonestly. This is when a trustworthy and knowledgeable realtor enters the picture. Several methods could speed up and simplify the paperwork procedure. Because purchasing, selling, and renting homes are their daily bread and butter, realtors are well-versed in these strategies.

The Main Takeaway

In conclusion, it is always advantageous to enlist the assistance of qualified and skilled property dealers in India. Finding the best properties that satisfy their client’s expectations is what reputable real estate companies thrive on. Contact Jainoncor immediately if you need a specialist to assist you in discovering some of your ideal locations.

How Property Dealers in Delhi Can You Get the Best Deal

Consider the choices above when you’ve decided to invest in commercial real estate, and only choose an experienced property dealer in Delhi.

We’ll look at how knowledgeable sellers can make it simple to find the office space, warehouses, commercial retail space, hotels, or even resorts you want.

Property brokers can be of benefit.

You will make a smart choice if you choose property dealers in Delhi for a site like an office space because you will be able to buy and rent the property at a profit.

With the assistance of an experienced real estate broker, buying a commercial retail property that can be leased on a triple-net basis is a wise decision. As an investor, your rent will likely increase along with taxes and expenses.

This suggests that your tenant takes care of the building’s upkeep, repairs, insurance, and real estate taxes. Very little in investment terms is comparable to this.

A warehouse investment is a wise choice because both office spaces and warehouses often yield a healthy profit.

Hotels and resorts are examples of commercial property. A full-service, extended-stay, or limited-service hotel may be present. However, if you’re a novice investor, investing in this type of commercial property could be risky because you might or might not turn a profit.


If you’re looking to acquire business property anywhere in Delhi, you have a lot of choices. However, it takes the help of experts to acquire anything of value in Delhi, especially in the old city.

Reach out to the best property dealers in Delhi, Jain Oncor, today.

Why Hire Property Dealers in India – Four Compelling Reasons

Why Hire Property Dealers in India – Four Compelling Reasons

There are numerous possibilities for commercial property if you want to buy business property anywhere in India. But working with a seasoned property dealer in India is necessary if you want to acquire anything of value there, especially in Delhi. We’ll show how knowledgeable brokers from a business like Jainoncor can make it simple for you to find the site you want, whether it’s office space, a warehouse, retail space for a business, a hotel, or even a resort.

How Indian Property Dealers Can Benefit You

Services and Disputes Following Purchases

Property transactions involve a long-term, one-on-one personal relationship between the buyer and the seller. If you want to avoid paying an agent’s commission, you can negotiate a deal directly with the salesperson who works on-site for the property dealers in India. Keep in mind that a salesperson is only a worker. He could leave the company at any point after you purchase the property in a residential development if he finds new employment. You could have an issue with this.

There may be a variety of problems that you find bothersome. What are your plans for all the conflicts and after-sales work? What if the builder fails to deliver the keys to you on schedule? It is usually a good idea to complete the transaction through a seasoned real estate broker who can help you with after-sales support and dispute resolution.

Correct Property Price

Real estate professionals have extensive industry knowledge. They will assist you in locating the top listings in your price range. They will be well-versed in comparing the property’s value to the builder’s estimate. They can help you save time and money by guiding you away from postings likely to meet your needs. 

Support and Advice

Buying a house can be thrilling, but it can also be stressful and emotional. A real estate agent is someone you can trust to lead you through the entire process. You will have a real estate professional with you at every property viewing to explain the benefits and drawbacks of each design.

Don’t Close Issues

In the last stages of the procedure, you don’t want any surprises before you take possession of your house. You don’t want your house to be under construction because the plumber could not complete the job on schedule, or the kitchen sink may still be dripping. Last-minute demands, errors in the documents, etc., could cause a delay in your possession. A qualified realtor will be


Consider the choices above when you’ve decided to invest in commercial real estate, and only choose with an informed dealer. And Jainoncor’s pros are the best property dealers in India regarding real estate brokers, particularly in the capital.

What to keep in mind when buying a commercial properties in Delhi?

Commercial Properties in Delhi

From time to time, corporations demand a change. Some offices may need to relocate to make room for expansion. However, it is easier said than done.  It’s hard to find commercial buildings in Delhi that can match the city’s rising demands. The challenge, aside from seeking a location with beneficial properties, is locating a large enough area in a desirable location. It is, however, easier said than done. Finding a place to run your business might be a difficult undertaking. It is a challenge not only for small businesses but also for larger corporations.

What is Delhi got to offer?

The emergence of famous real estate developers has resulted in a surge in commercial buildings in Delhi. As a result, those who offer significant infrastructure and facilities have a chance to secure the top commercial properties in Delhi. As it stands, Delhi has all it needs to become a world-class metropolis and India’s commercial center.

  • IT office space
  • huge malls
  • Shops and plots
  • rented properties
  • Commercial locations and
  • Even builder floors
  • high-class buildings
  • Commercial and industrial spaces.
  • Retail space.

What you should know

To buy a commercial property inside a suitable location in Delhi, you must consider several crucial factors.

Green Revolution: If you’re willing to put money into commercial property and open an office there, you should look into green-housing projects that use cutting-edge technology to save money on power costs and provide other health benefits. Every shopper should consider an environmentally friendly atmosphere.

 Get Professional Assistance: Consider seeking professional assistance from a capable real estate consultant from a firm like Jainoncor.  They have the knowledge and experience to get you the best office space for sale in Delhi. They also handle the financial and legal aspects of the situation.

The Reputation of the Developer: You should seek out a reputable builder if you want to purchase a quality commercial property. They promised that the property would be well-equipped. This ensures that property will be acquired without a hitch. Inquire about their prior successful initiatives as well. Check out what their consumers have to say about them.

Growth and Earnings Prospects: If you’re looking for an office space for sale in Delhi, you’ll want to take a look at its growth and profitability potential. On a side note, be cautious when purchasing properties that are still under development. It’s a wise option to invest in an estate that can pay you back.


The upcoming projects are a fantastic alternative if you want to buy office space in Delhi at a reasonable price. These are cost-effective since the developers invest time and money to create a property with world-class features. With the help of Jainoncor specialists, you can simply find commercial properties in Delhi that exactly meet your needs; contact us immediately.

Property Dealers in India Can You Get the Best Deal on Property

property dealers in India

If you’re looking for business property to buy anywhere in India, there are many commercial property options to consider. However, obtaining anything of value in India, particularly in Delhi, necessitates the assistance of a professional property dealer in India. We’ll go thru how experienced dealers from a company like Jain Oncor can make it easy for you to get your desired location, whether it’s office space, warehouses, commercial retail space, hotels, or even resorts.

How Property Dealers in India Can Help You

If you choose property dealers in India for a location such as an office space, you will be making a wise decision because you will be able to buy and rent the property at a profit.

Investing in a commercial retail property with the help of a knowledgeable property broker is a smart move because it can be rented out on a triple net lease. Taxes and expenses are expected to grow, and as an investor, your rent will climb as well.

This implies that your tenant is responsible for paying rent, maintaining and repairing the building, assuring the property, and paying real estate taxes. Nothing can compare to this in terms of investment.

Additionally, because both office spaces and warehouses typically offer a good profit, investing in a warehouse is a solid decision.

Commercial property includes hotels and resorts. The hotel might be a full-service, extended-stay, or limited-service establishment. If you’re a first-time investor, tho, investing in this form of commercial property could be a hazardous move since you may or may not make a profit.

Conclusion When you’ve decided to invest in a commercial property, make sure you think about the options listed above and only make a selection with a knowledgeable dealer. And when it comes to property dealers in India, Delhi Jain Oncor professionals are the best, especially in the national capital. 

What Makes Consulting With Property Dealers In Gurgaon Worthwhile?

property dealers in gurgaon

Lower mortgage rates and land costs are attracting purchasers as the real estate industry picks up speed. Property dealers in Gurgaon can also assist you in saving as much money as possible while purchasing a residential property. One can, of course, purchase a home without the assistance of a professional. However, most real estate investors work alongside realtors when purchasing or selling a home.

As a result, working with an experienced and knowledgeable realtor will ensure that your investment properties are always beneficial. In addition, we’ll go over the benefits of having an agent whether buying a business or residential property.

Realtors have a slew of off-market properties.

When you’re looking for a commercial property, property dealers in Gurgaon, you go internet and look through hundreds of postings on various portals. Most homes, however, are not advertised on online platforms, and only local realtors are aware of them.

Above all, it isn’t necessary to be a profitable business all of the time. However, off-market listed properties might occasionally be more helpful and profitable; it’s all a matter of chance. Because realtors have accessibility to both classified and off-market properties, you have a better chance of finding the ideal property for your needs. This is one of the unspoken benefits of working with a knowledgeable and experienced realtor.

Documentation that isn’t a pain to work with

If you prefer any of the ‘commercial properties for rent properties, you’ll need to set aside one cabinet for the transaction’s documentation. You’ll require the rental agreement, local police verification, government ID proofs, and other similar paperwork if you’re renting a place. When purchasing a home, the number of paperwork required grows.

Overall, the paperwork process is tedious, especially when local officials are unscrupulous. This is when a reputable and experienced realtor comes into play. Several tactics may be used to make the paperwork process go more smoothly and quickly. Realtors are well-versed in these techniques because buying, selling, and renting properties is their daily bread and butter.

Realtors Have Excellent Negotiating Skills

Bargaining in any deal is difficult, especially if you lack good negotiation abilities; this is another important reason to engage a realtor for yourself. Because they have years of expertise negotiating during real estate deals, realtors are good negotiators. They are well-versed in the art of negotiating. Furthermore, your professional realtor must negotiate the best possible price for your selected houses.

They’ll apply their analysis, expertise, and skills to your real estate transactions, which is just what you’ll need to make them profitable. Furthermore, because it is their daily job, they have little emotional attachment to the properties.

The Main Takeaway Reputable real estate firms thrive on locating the best properties that meet their clients’ needs. In conclusion, enlisting the help of knowledgeable and experienced property dealers in Gurgaon is always beneficial. If you’re looking for a specialist to help you find some of your dream places, contact Jainoncor right away.

The Potential of a Home as an Investment

property dealers in Gurgaon

Various types of investment alternatives can be found around us. For example, home investment, property, gold, and so on. Some people think that investing is difficult. But if we are smart and able to manage it, then one day it will become a big advantage for the owner.

The prices of properties increase every year. For those of you who don’t have a home, now is the time to prepare yourself to buy a house with the help of property dealers in Gurgaon. Do you already have a house? There is nothing wrong if you buy another house for investment in the future.

Safe and low-risk investments includehousingand land investments. So what are the advantages of investing in a home? Here are a number of advantages of investing in a house according to a number of property sites.

You can make a profit because the house can be used as a boarding house or rented house. In short, you can also get income bypurchasing and renting ahome.You can also get financial help from a bank in the form of credit as you can use your property as collateral to borrow money from the bank.

It is for sure that the sales value of your property will continue to rise. Especially if you renovate it a little to make it better, it will allow the price of the house to be higher. The house can also be used as a place to live.

Instead of saving money whose value will one day be affected by inflation, it is better to invest your money in buying a house by consulting property dealers in Gurgaon.

Investing in a houseis indeed one of the right choices among other types of investment. Witha home investment, you will get multiple benefits in the future.

So that the house you invest in can generate greater profits, it’s a good idea to consider the following tips when you want to buy a house which of course in the future will be the right investment:

Choose the Right Location

See the neighborhood to buy if possible choose a house that is close to your office, children’s school, airport, highway, station, and more. If all are not in the location you selected, we recommend choosing a home location that is close to the child’s workplace and school.

Adjust to the budget

Draw in detail about your dream home and then adjust it to the family’s financial condition.

Choose a property by taking into account the condition of the building, the completeness of the documents, the location, whether there is a land dispute or not, as well as other considerations, whether the house is worth paying an expensive price or not. Look for information on whether in the area there will be a project that will disturb the peace of the home environment. Choose a house that has good facilities (infrastructure) around the house. You can pay attention to security around the house to predict whether the environment will develop with a high selling value in the future.