Real Estate Agents in Delhi- Why Does Experience Counts

Delhi is one of the top cities where people want to buy real estate property so as to make huge profits. Numerous investors prefer to buy commercial or residential property in Delhi to get good resale value while selling it. There are many investors as well who buy real estate in Delhi so as to further give it on rents and gain better results. But how to find such property which would satisfy your particular requirements? As everyone has different plans regarding their property it becomes utterly important to consult professionals. The real estate agents in Delhi supplies every necessary information to their clients for a successful property purchase.

Office Space in Delhi

For those who are searching corporate properties, it is mandatory to opt for property in those areas where conveyance facilities are excellent and everything is handy. This is a right time to invest your money in buying office space in Delhi as prices will rise in the time to come. The choice of space relies on various aspects. Some of the factors are style of living of individuals. The more luxurious their lifestyle the more costly commercial properties they will opt for. People having average income will look out for affordable homes. Other decisive factors are location of offices, electricity, and water availability. There are many real estate agents in Delhi who are always ready to help the buyers to get the right deal. But, before you select a professional from the online investigations, you should get recommendations from your colleagues and friends. You can also check the review sites to find the right expert. Reading testimonials on different websites is also a nice way to approach. One should not choose an agent who has negative reviews from the existing clients.

Inquiring about the experience of the agent can also give a good idea. A trustworthy and reliable professional can stay in the business for a long time because they offer quality services to clients. These professionals also keep an update of the latest market scenarios. They should have knowledge of the local market trends.

Depending on the type of locality and depending on the easy availability of transportation the rates of space varies in different localities. One can buy furnished space available in different localities which are a bit on a costlier side. In rented properties in Delhi, you just have to monthly pay the rent for using their property. You can choose to not buy the space but only use the corporate space and give money for it. The rent and prices of commercial properties in Delhi are increasing at a steady rate. The owners of such properties are making huge profits from properties which they would have bought at the very low prices.

Before appointing any agent, you should get an appointment for query session. Inquire about the market strategy they will use to get you a lucrative deal. Ask them as many questions as you wish because choosing the right agent can offer lot of rewards.

Why Demand For Office Space in Delhi is Ever-Rising ?

The properties of Connaught Place rule Delhi commercial real estate markets. It is the main part of Delhi and that is the reason why office space in Connaught place are so much in demand. Almost all the start-ups in CP are doing great because of the aptness of the office spaces.

Delhi has ever increasing population, even if one-third of it resorts to run a business in the city, the number will outrun our imagination. There is ever-rising demand for commercial properties in Delhi. Also, Delhi being the capital of India has a solid infrastructure. Several Multinational Companies are setting up their offices in Delhi as operating from India costs them pretty less when compared to setting up a business in abroad. The effortless availability of skilled manpower at viable and reasonably cheap prices is yet another reason why best MNCs are heading to Delhi.

To buy or rent any of the available office space in Delhi for running a large scale business or otherwise, an essential thing to be considered is the location of the property. An incorrect choice of location could wreck your business dreams even if you have a great plan and everything else. Few of the major areas that are housing office space in Delhi other than Connaught place are Nehru Place, South Extension, Okhla Industrial area, Vasant Vihar, Punjabi Bagh, Patparganj Industrial area Azadpur, Greater Kailash, Narayana Industrial area etc.


Connaught Place office spaces are well connected by the conveyance facilities and is now on the metro map as well. Rajiv Chowk Metro station opens into the inner circle and thus permits interrupted access to India’s finest retail destination. Nearly all major retails brands like Adidas, Nike, Samsonite etc. Leading banks like Syndicate Bank, ICICI, and Standard Chartered, have their subdivisions there. Other banks like HDFC, Oriental bank of Commerce, Citibank have their ATMs in and around the inner circle. The closeness of all these banks and retail brands to the various office spaces increases their value even more.

The size of properties in Delhi ranges from a single room to a multistoried building. Consequently, the price is also dependent upon the location of the business property. Hence, the budget restraints pose a serious restriction and are a major determining factor for the purchase or rent of office spaces in Delhi. It is evident that purchase of commercial properties in Delhi can affect your budget thus one need to consult with the experienced and trustworthy property dealers in Delhi to crack the profiting deal. But, if you have a limited budget, renting would be a better alternative. Always remember before taking a final judgment, always look for the possible loophole in the property.

How to Obtain Perfect Office Space in Delhi ?

For those who are searching corporate properties, it is quite obvious to opt for property in those areas where connectivity is superior and everything is convenient. This is a right time to invest your money in buying office space as the prices may rise in the time to come. Your selection of space depends on several factors. Some of the deciding factors are lifestyle of individuals. If people prefer lavish lifestyle then it becomes quite certain that they will choose expensive commercial properties. The scenario would be a little different for middle-income groups who will look out for affordable homes. Other crucial factors are location of offices, electricity availability, water availability and even transport availability. The real estate market in Indian has undergone a few alteration in the last few months. The Indian financial system is now coming to a favorable position. The demand for properties is getting higher. People are willing to buy more and more houses in Delhi and NCR regions. With the growth of technical field demand for IT office space in Delhi is also considerably increasing. The tough competition in corporate sector, especially in IT is making this demand to go even higher. With so many office spaces to choose from, it becomes utterly important to think from the business point of view. Here are some of the key points that can help you to select the ideal office space.

Office Space in Delhi

1. Efficient Transport Facilities

Before finalizing any office space ask following questions – Do you want to have parking available, or be close to public transport or the motorway network? Do you require good access for deliveries? If you need direct control over your supply chain then you may need to be near suppliers.

2. Go for Rented Property

There is no big deal if you are not getting perfect office spaces for buying as you can always opt for rented property in Delhi. Depending on different locality and easy accessibility to conveyance facility the rates of space differ in different localities. You can get furnished space available in various localities which are a bit costly. In renting corporate office space system, you just have to pay the monthly rent for using their place.

3. Take Professional Advice

Investors can make a blunder of not appointing a professional consultant. Though these agents surely charge commission for their services and you need to pay them when you get the perfect property. You can find office rental services and professional consultants quite easily. Nonetheless, you need to find a proper and dependable service so that you do not have to face any trouble later. You can even check for the online services as they render quality assistance and charge a very affordable fee.

The Emergence of Fully Furnished Office Spaces in NCR

With the development of infrastructure of India there has been a rapid boom in the real estate bazaar of the country too. Talking of some few decades back, India used to be an agricultural based economy back then. In the past few years the nation has progressed a lot and especially the infrastructure of the country has With the development of infrastructure of India there has been a rapid boom proved to be a landmark for all the other developing countries of the planet. The rising commercial significance of the nation has resulted in the immense demand of office space in Delhi and other major counterparts of the country.

Fully Furnished Office Spaces
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The increasing trend of modernization and urbanization has led to the development of Indian metropolitans. Delhi is probably one of the best cities of India and the globe. In the past few years the capital city has expanded a lot and the entire area is now addressed as the National Capital Region. This region has attained wide commercial importance and there is a mammoth call for office space in Noida and other parts of NCR. The real estate bazaar of the locality is on a boom. There is a great demand of commercial possessions in this region because investing here is a sureshot guarantee of fruitful returns in the coming future.

When the discussion is about corporate spaces, fully furnished office spaces have become the talk of the town. Gone are the days when every corporate was obsessed with those traditional office space and the present time is all about fully furnished workplaces. Here are some of the merits you get when you opt for a fully furnished office space in Gurgaon or any other city –

Cost Effective – The very first advantage these fully furnished work places provide you is that they save you a lot of money. The good thing is that you need not buy or shift furniture and fittings instead you just need to pay a minimal amount of rent for the pre-installed furnishings. It saves you transportation cost and other minimal expenses too.

Convenience in Shifting – Another plus point of opting for serviced work space is that they are quite convenient to entrepreneurs. Fully furnished office spaces are the best option for those corporates who are new into the domain or do not have permanent office premises. It reduces a lot of burden when you just have to bring in your new employees instead of carrying all the furniture from one place to another.

Good Space Utilization – Apart from being cost effective and convenient, fully furnished office spaces proffer you maximum output from minimum area. The furniture and fittings are arranged in such a manner that they make a good use of the limited space. The cabins, partitions and other furniture makes the office look organized and provides maximum output.

Affordable Office Space in Delhi NCR

Delhi being the national capital of India not only attracts large numbers of tourist but also attracts many MNC that tends to do business here. Commercialization has been on an increase in the region of Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon from the past 5 to 6 years. If the market experts are be believed there have been tremendous increases in the number of office that had opened in the last five years in Delhi and NCR. You can easily find fully furnished office space in Gurgaon and IT office space in Noida and Delhi but the price can be a problem.

If you are looking for an office space for your business in Delhi than Jain Estates can be the solution to your problem. Jain Estates is among the top notch real estate firms that deal in all sorts of commercial property in Delhi and NCR at the best possible price. The firm offers office space in all most all the top places of commercialization in Gurgaon. If you are planning to setup your business in Gurgaon than Dlf cyber city and sector 44 are great choice to do. Jain estates offer commercial land as well as Office space in sector 44 Gurgaon and cyber city at affordable rates.

Most of the business investor prefers Gurgaon location as this place is not far from Delhi and it is easy to commute from the surrounding regions through metros and other mode of transportation. Having your office space in DLF cyber city Gurgaon can really transform your business as cyber city is the hub of some of the top notch companies of the world like Microsoft, Deloite, HSBC, etc. having their corporate office here. It is always great to have your corporate office at a place like this.

Talking about the Gurgaon sector 44 location, this place is just 5 min walking distance away from the nearest metro station i.e. Huda City Centre and 10 min drive from Iffko Chowk, so connectivity is not a problem here, which is a big concern for many business owners. Office space in sector 44 Gurgaon are available at best possible price from the market only with the leading real estate firm Jain Estates. Apart from Gurgaon another hot spot area for commercial offices is Noida. There are various corporate offices of top notch companies of world as well as of India in Noida.

Many of the business professional asks for IT office space in Noida or for IT office space in Delhi as both these places are situated in the heart of the country and has all the facility available near them. In short, Jain Estates cater all your commercial property needs from fully furnished office space in Gurgaon to IT office space in Delhi and NCR. So get in touch with our experts for all your commercial as well as residential property needs.

Tips to Buy Office Space in Delhi & NCR to Meet the Maximum Demands

To buy the office space, you have to be very alert or get ready to face huge loss. Owning an office space requires a huge amount and no one can risk his hard earned money and this is the reason, the entire buying process requires lots of patience and smartness. Every single business has its own requirements and there is no surety that if one place is the best for one firm then it will be the perfect for another. This is the reason; take several important points into consideration so that you may end up with the finest office space in Nehru Place. The area has all the civic amenities that are must and advantageous for the business and it will offer innumerable properties that are good enough to fulfill your most of the dreams.

When you go out for looking for the property, many offices spaces will be there to get bought and most of them are quite good as well. Some of them are not good enough to meet the expectations of the business and that is why, it is must to keep all the requirements in mind and then you will be able to make a perfect purchase.

The Engineering

After seeing the engineering of the building, you will be able to impress the prospective clients and they will wish to do business with the company. Suppose that the building is in a very bad condition, water is leaking from the walls, the entire skyscraper is not properly white washed, there is electricity and water supply related issue then the clients will not take the firm seriously and the team has to put its extra efforts to get the deal. Observe the office space, the building must be new and made by the highly experienced architectures and engineers. In case, you are facing several challenges to find the property then it is suggested to purchase office space in Noida since the area is very well known among the organizations and has all the amenities like complete safety, frequent transportation facility, eateries shops and many more.

The Size

Assuming that you wish to increase the size of the team then it is suggested to buy the office space that is little big in space as when the team size is being enhanced, you do not have to buy a new place. No doubt that the whole process will be quite irritating, time-consuming, energy-wasting and needs lots of money. If you are facing many challenges for conducting a hunt for the asset then you should buy the office space in Connaught Place as there are many property options here and most of them are good to purchase. These places are available at different prices and in this way, it can suit any budget and the business will not go back with empty hands.

The Positive Points of Buying Office Space in Delhi and NCR

In the present era, India has stood out as one among the most developed economies of the globe. The statement is pretty correct and the country’s efforts to improve its infrastructure premises are an evident to it. Today the nation is recognized as one among the countries with most well planned architectural structures. India n the pas few decades has gained a wide commercial significance because of its booming infrastructure premises. Owing to the reason there is a gigantic demand of fully furnished office space in Noida and other major parts of the country.

With the increasing trend of modernisation the Indian metro cities are also progressing at a very rapid pace. Talking about the well developed metropolitans of the globe, Delhi stands its name in the top slot. The metropolis is a perfect example of well built infrastructure amalgamated with effective administration. Today the city attracts the eyes of investors from all the parts of the globe and there is a huge demand of office space in Nehru Place and other major parts of the urban. Being the capital city of India, the locality is the center of all the commercial activities of the nation.

In the past few years, the real estate bazaar of Delhi has boarded a bullet train and has boomed at a very rapid pace. Today there is an immense demand of commercial properties in Nehru Place and other major localities of the capital. Today the metropolitan is a home for some of the best corporates of the planet. The city has become a sweet spot for commercial activities and is an eye candy for patron all over the world.

Advantages of Investing in Real Estate Bazaar of Delhi

In the recent years the real estate bazaar of the capital is on a boom and there is an immense demand of office space in Connaught Place and other major parts of the capital. Here are some of the plus points of putting your money in the property sector of Delhi –

Higher Rate of Return – The biggest advantage of investing in the real estate sector of the capital is the rising property rates here. The possessions here provide a higher rate of return and as a result due to high demand property rates here are rising at a swift speed.

Secure Investment – Another good thing about putting money in the property market of Delhi and NCR is that it will turn out to be a secure investment. There is no chance of devaluation here and you can enjoy high rate of returns in the coming future.

High Living Standards – Delhi is said to be a city with very high living standards and along with it the National Capital Region has also prospered a lot. Owning property is a matter of great pride and has a lot of commercial and financial importance.

Effective Communication Systems – The entire NCR and Delhi region is interconnected by the Delhi Metro Rail Network and the Delhi Transport Corporation also known as DTC buses. You can easily get through any place in Delhi through the effective communication system of the capital.