7 Important Tips for Owners of Rented Properties

To be able to fight against fraud, in recent months JainOncor website has carried out a series of improvements in favor of security, such as the option to validate the phone. However, it does not hurt to take certain precautions before signing any contract to avoid future headaches. Some of these are:

Know the rental price of the area

Bargains exist, but first, you should suspect those ads that are well below the average price of the city. Therefore, when looking for a rental property, it is essential to check the expense of other properties with similar features in the same neighborhood.

Consult the Land Registry

Another way to verify that the person who claims to own the home is the real owner is requesting the information in the Property Registry. It is a simple procedure that can be done online asking for a simple note that provides brief and concise information -in paper support-, about the right state of a farm (short description, owner, and charges, if any).

Formalize the face-to-face deal

The most typical instances of fraud occur when the false landlord claims to be abroad and, for this cause, cannot show the floor. One way to stay away from this is always to be face to face to see the floor level and sign the contract, either with the possessor, with the property manager or with the real estate.

Do not pay rent before visiting the apartment

Never, under any circumstances, you must submit an advance before attending the floor, in a hurry to rent that shows the advertiser. If you did, you could find that you have rented property in Delhi in different conditions than you thought or that there is not even the property in question. Therefore, you should not give money or sign the contract without first checking the state of the property, the location, the number of rooms, if there are damages or if you have discharged the supplies, among other things.

Written rental agreement

Whenever a deal is done with someone, it must be noted in writing. The wind blows the words and, a problem arise, live contracts cannot demonstrate the agreed rules or breach of contract. Therefore, it is vital that the contract conditions are contemplated in writing and that each of the parties associated keeps a signed copy of all pages. It is best to use a model contract.

Review the rental agreement

Before signing, you must read the rules of the contract: you must be clear about the monthly rent, the time span of the deal, the costs to be paid by each of the parties, who are responsible for the maintenance of the home. In case of non-agreement, try to negotiate.

Know the rights of the tenant

The best way to avoid faulty clauses is to know in advance your rights and obligations as a tenant. Although it appears as an insignificant detail, sometimes there have been circumstances in which a tenant has rented a house in a community with a pool but without having the right to it. For this reason, before signing any paper is essential it is advisable that you clarify the powers that would correspond to you as a tenant and that these specifically include in the contract.

4 Tips for Renting the Ideal Office

We often face the dilemma of having to choose between different similar products and on many occasions- we accept wrongly! Just remember that black dress that you should never wear to that wedding, that car in “perfect condition” that you bought second hand or that comfortable beachfront hotel that turned out not to be a hotel, let alone be on the beach.

As from Oncor, we do not want you to stumble again in a new election, today we bring you some tips to rent the ideal office and that it meets your expectations of quality and price. Let’s go!

  1. Only or accompanied

This is the fundamental question you must interrogate yourself before you start. If you intend to share an office with other professionals, you have three options: co-working, business center or shared offices. The co-working are fundamentally open spaces that encourage synergies and networking between professionals and startups place. There is an excellent spirit of community and creativity reigns.

The business center, on the other hand, is dedicated to independent commercial centers, where each professional or company has its space divided perfectly and enabled. You cannot breathe that spirit of networking, but they have very modern facilities.

Another option is the shared office where a company gives an unoccupied space to book for hours, days, weeks, etc. It happens to be a cheap option, and you find companies from all areas, also, possible synergies may arise.

Finally, if you want an office space in Jasola for you or your team you leave aside the networking we are talking about, and your expenses will be significantly increased: bail, high supplies, rent, insurance, etc.

  1. Quality vs. price

Maximum quality and at a minimum amount! As in everything, the logical thing would be a balance between both. However, it is difficult to find an office that at a meager price has a full range of services.

If you are finding cheap, you have to take into account values such as the location or the dimensions of your ideal workspace. Renting an office in the center raises the price much, so try to get away from the core and reserve an office with the right equipment and necessary, as well as enough square meters for you.

  1. Equipment and services

There are those who look for a full team office and those who are content with the minimum. It is evident that there are services such as the internet or a printer that are basic and necessary. What a minimum! But maybe you can do without parking, kitchen, waiting room, community room, and receptionist and thus reduce the price.

  1. Schedule flexibility

Pay only for the time you utilize it. Program your calendar and schedule well to avoid paying more than you owe. If you need to work in the office from Monday to Wednesday from 9 in the morning to 3 in the afternoon, why are you going to pay for the rest of the week? We offer you to reserve rented property in Gurgaon, so you only spend the time you need, and you save a lot at the end of the month.

An Overview of Space Planning for Offices

Space planning is an innovative trend, born in the 1990s, consisting of the reorganization and reorganization of a workspace. This can be related to a move of a company’s premises or the desired restructuring of space.

This phenomenon was thought of at a time when companies were constantly evolving: new business, increasing or decreasing the number of employees. And since then, nothing or almost nothing has changed: companies retain this need to live with their times.

On the one hand, they must adapt their premises to their employees- and possibly move, like several tens of thousands of Indian companies each year- as well as new technologies and work environment. Business, while retaining its identity, is reinventing itself every day and the advice of real experts is sometimes necessary to move in the right direction.

To help you make the most of your office space in South Delhi, here are some tips and tricks to optimize your environment. We will first talk about the evolution of Space Planning – what it was during its creation and what it has become – before discussing the different steps to follow for an effective Space Planning to conclude on the advantages of this internal organization for you and your employees.

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Which Offices to Choose to Develop Its Open Space?

Gradually becoming the norm in the premises of start-ups but also in those of large groups, this mode of office organization optimizes the number of square meters while encouraging sharing and collaboration between teams.

But when it comes time to develop it, it is sometimes difficult to navigate. Office sizes, tray colors or insulation… To better understand these important questions that you ask yourself when designing an open space, Jain Oncor gives you an overview of the types of offices and office furniture that you will be able to use.

The bench office 4 or 6 places: the most classic office space in Bhikaji Cama Place and the most used also called a modular office, the bench office is dedicated to the work of 4 or 6 people or more. It allows to optimize space but also to build teams on the physical plane. As you can imagine and understand, each employee has another employee opposite and beside him.

Often cheaper (by reasoning at a price per workstation) than an individual office, it allows making great savings on the supply of office furniture for your offices.

It has many different ranges, which adapt to all needs and all budgets. The bench desks can contain walls between each workstation (acoustic or not), the possibility of hanging a screen (with an articulated arm support) and of course a hatch for passing cables. This is the type of office we recommend!

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5 Tips for Planning Your Office Rental Budget

If you are planning the move to your next office, you should know that the first step you must take is to make a budget for renting your workplace. Yes! A budget. In a nutshell, a rental budget for your office is a detailed summary of the expected income and expenses over a period; it is the tool that will help you as an entrepreneur to know your money limits.

When looking for new office space in Delhi, it all boils down to the location and budget of your office rental. Planning and monitoring your office rental budget will help you identify unnecessary expenses. Also, you can adapt quickly to changes in your financial situation, and you can also achieve your financial goals.

Each financial goal you set should be a goal with SMART goals: specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and Time deadline.

To have a more concise idea your goals can be defined using these three categories:
• + Short term: less than a year.
• + Medium term: from one to three years.
• + Long-term: more than five years.

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Get the World-Class IT Office Spaces in Delhi/NCR at the Best Prices

The real estate companies in India are occupying land rapidly at every state, city, and district of the country in developing properties of different kinds. It is due to the demand of the public for their shelters, business offices, industrial warehouses, commercial offices, and lots more. Nowadays, there is a great demand seen in the luxury and fully furnished office spaces in India. Nowadays, there are many startup firms and existing companies trying to expand or launch their new ventures in the competitive market. For this, they require spaces to establish their offices or firms, and for this, they need a static property. At present, the demand for the best IT office spaces in Delhi/NCR is increasing day by day. To fulfill such requirement, rush to the real estate giants who have developed the world-class official properties for IT professionals. The offered properties are designed magnificently and have made furnished with all official requirements of an IT firm. Also, the office spaces are available for buying or renting in Delhi/NCR at affordable prices or charges.

IT office space in Delhi

In Delhi, there are many places, where you can search the top-quality IT office spaces at reasonable prices. Some most popular IT office properties in Delhi are available at Connaught place, Rohini, Nehru place, Laxmi Nagar, Jasola, South Delhi, etc.

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Find Genuine Properties in Delhi/NCR through the Right Property Dealer

In the realm of Indian real estate industry, many properties are being developed for the common people, industrialists, and businessmen around the world. The construction work is being done in every city, state, district and town of the country. The property development work is being performed by the renowned real estate giants in India. They are aware of the property requirement of all people and businesses across the nation. However, they are speeding their work of construction and developing world-class homes, apartments, office spaces, warehouses, business centres, and other types of properties as well.

Nowadays, there is huge demand seen for the office spaces in Delhi/NCR. Most probably, the businessmen residing in Delhi are looking for the fully furnished office spaces in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, etc., for their new venture.

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Top 5 Places for Office Space in Delhi

With India being one of the hottest developing countries in the world, it is obvious that its capital, Delhi is making every possible effort to become the leading corporate city. In a recent review by the world well known corporative magazine, Delhi has been the house of the big reputed industries and it is believed that in few years it will went onto become the leading industrial cities not just in India, but in the world.
Delhi has been a big geographical area as far as the business work is concerned. Every year people in big numbers kicks off their business and soon find themselves as one of the entrepreneurs. However, one has to find an ideal office space at the best-location to start the business with a bang in Delhi. There are numbers of big industrial areas in Delhi, but one needs to find out the best amongst the best. Well, in order to accommodate you and help you in finding an ideal space in Delhi, we are here with the list of the top 5 office space in Delhi:
1. Connaught Palace

The Connaught Palace was built in the 1931 and has been famously known as CP. This place has been one of the well-reputed places in the whole India. It has numbers of state emporia buildings and in that building; there are the head offices of the big multinational companies. CP could prove to be the place where you would like to open your office and start up your own business. The specialty about this place is that even the clients feels bit of comfortable while working in this. It will not be wrong to say that, CP has the best office space in Delhi.

Every single building has a hi-tech security services and each of them is IT friendly building with the services of Wi-Fi and internet. The offices are well furnished here and have all the kind of the facilities including IT friendly sectors.

2. Netaji Subhash Palace
Netaji Subash Palace, which is situated in the North of the Delhi, has gained big names when it comes to lending the commercial space. NSP is situated near Pitampura and is the District Centre Commercial Complex of Delhi Development Authority (DDA). Within the short span of time, this place has gone on to become one of the highly populated commercial office spaces in Netaji Subhash Palace. With more than 38 companies including the offices of the ICCI Banks, HDFC Banks, the head office of various MNC companies and may more running in NSP from long time. It could prove to be the ultimate option for opening an office especially when you are living in or nearby Rohini.

3. Nehru Palace
Nehru Palace is one of the industrial areas where the big companies in the bulk numbers have settled up their roots. It is the commercial sector in the South area of the Delhi, with numbers of the Indian based companies are massively running. Meanwhile, Nehru Palace is the well-known industrial area for the small-scale IT services. However, there are few big companies too who are running in this place, but most of the companies are IT sector, compromising of the companies including Computer, software, hardware and other causal companies too. The office spaces in nehru plsace are well maintained with all the kind of the advanced facilities.
4. Saket District Center
The industrial area of the Saket has been spread over the long geographical area of the 54 acres, featuring numbers of industrial companies and four big malls. Saket could prove to be an ideal commercial industrial sector for the people who have a big budget for renting an office space. However, with the big expense of office space, comes the greater service as the security facility, IT facility, will be provided along with the well-furnished offices. Saket has the one of the luxurious office space in India.
5. Jasola District Center
Who would have thought a few years ago, that the place which was earlier known as the Jasola Gaon will develop onto becomes the leading industrial sector? Jasola District Centre is spread over the long geographical area of the 60 acres, which has the big companies like the DLF, TDI, and Omaxe. This place has developed massively as it is equipped with the facilities of the 100% power back-up, central AC, Internet facility, elevator facility and much more. The office is well furnished and security features have been solid in this part of the Delhi with 24*7 CCTV camera facility. One can get the office in Jasola district center with contacting the best Real States agent in Delhi.

Why the Present Time is the Best for Buying Real Estate in Delhi NCR?

It will probably be the greatest buy of your life. There is another thing to be careful about. Before long, as the festival season starts, numerous developers will guarantee freebies and rebates that will appear to be too alluring to possibly be missed however which at last may end up being traps. Banks and different moneylenders, as well, will attempt to take advantage of the celebration enthusiasm by giving credits on simple terms. Should you fall for these offers? On the other hand does it bode well to give them a miss and sit tight at a cost revision, which might happen? It’s an extreme call. Be that as it may, a glance at the ground reality can hurl some valuable insights. Case in point, late times have been set apart by absence of investor premium and, thus, a sharp ascent in stock with builders.

Costs, as well, have been ascending at a moderate pace. Actually, in numerous urban areas, they have fallen. While builders battle to offer, high property and loan fees combined with financial vulnerability is making individuals hold up and watch. Be that as it may, the industry sentiment has enhanced and property financiers are reporting an ascent in the quantity of enquiries. The current year’s Union Budget, as well, has found a way to restore the business. In spite of the fact that the 10,000 foot view searches dull until further notice, there is a ton of activity on the ground as new ranges create and give adequate extension to individuals to pick up from conceivable value appreciation.

Office Space in Gurgaon

There is no doubt that buying a residential or office space in Delhi/NCR will be the greatest buy of your life. That is the reason each progression while in transit to purchasing a house-whether for living or contributing must be brought with amazing consideration. There is another motivation to be attentive. Before long, as the celebration season starts, numerous developers will guarantee freebies and rebates that will appear to be too appealing to be in any way missed however which at last may end up being traps.

Regardless of to which part of India one has a place, cost of real estate property will increment be it an office space in Noida or a residential place in Mumbai. In most recent a very long while, India has once in a while seen remedy in cost of real estate property. Rather, urban communities like Mumbai, Delhi NCR, Bangalore, Pune and so forth has seen steep ascent in cost. In coming future (2014 and past) urban communities like Chennai, Bangalore and so forth will see huge increment sought after.

This energy will likewise be reflected in different urban areas. Therefore the value rise will take after. On a normal, in most recent 10 years in India, cost of real estate property has risen @10% per annnum. Urban communities like Mumbai, Pune, Delhi and Bangalore has given higher returns than normal. The best alternative of putting resources into real estate is immediate responsibility for/commercial property. The Best real estate speculation alternatives in India could be REIT. Numerous individuals over the previous decade has seen huge capital energy about their real estate property.What are the accessible alternatives accessible for us to put resources into real estate property? Some of the time we feel that owning a physical property is the best way to put resources into real estate. Builders too are going full scale to bait clients, offering comprehensive costs, tossing in freebies, for example, stopping, outfitted kitchens and aeration and cooling systems. They are additionally more than willing to arrange with buyers. Deepak Kapoor, president, Credai Western UP, says that the Noida market is as of now a buyers’ market and costs are at realistic levels. Since the investor premium is low, the weight at this moment is on offering units to genuine clients. Having said that, buyers ought to consider the conveyance record of the engineer before purchasing property, he says.

“Costs in Delhi-NCR have bottomed out and now is the best time to buy residential or office space in Gurgaon or any other part of the National Capital Region. This is the ideal time to purchase as sensible comprehensive arrangements are accessible in the market”. “Gurgaon is a buyers’ market. In a full market buyers are under weight to take speedy choices and however at this moment without any investors in the market, they have all an ideal opportunity to investigate the market and arrange hard before at long last taking a choice,” he says. Offering tips to purchase property, he says, “Dependably attempt and keep three to four alternatives open and not get adhered to a solitary property. The brilliant standard is to investigate. Out of the four properties you select, no less than one merchant in the resale market or engineer will hit you up. The buyer ought to will to arrange hard or to leave.”

House seekers ought to concentrate on the essential deal cost of the project well. Watch out for expanded BSPs that may incorporate free offers. Continuously check the cost of the same property in the auxiliary market. Costs in the optional market are liable to be less expensive than essential market rates however dependably figure any exchange charges you may need to pay and contrast that sum and the cost being offered by the designer before taking a choice. In Gurgaon, 2BHK choices in sectors 37 C and 37D are accessible in the scope of Rs 55 lakh to Rs 60 lakh. In the New Gurgaon region, to a great extent including Sectors 81 to 95, costs begin at around Rs 55 lakh. In Greater Noida West or Noida Extension, condo in a few projects cost around Rs 3,500 for each sq ft. For brands not set up so far it is around Rs 2,500 for every sq ft. The center of the buyer ought to be on the quality, brand worth and conveyance record.

Why To Buy Property in Delhi For Your Business?

When looking for corporate properties, it necessary to opt for property in those areas where connectivity is fantastic and everything is convenient. This is an excellent time to devote your money in buying office space in Delhi as prices will rise in the time to come.

It is always recommended to think twice before purchasing a space. This is because the prices are soaring high, so one should take proper care that a deal is profitable. A list of affordable spaces in Delhi should be made. You need to check out the prices of the corporate office space available at different places. This will give a great assistance in figuring out a proper office space in Delhi. Here are some of the reasons regarding why to invest in Delhi properties and aspects that will give you a precise understanding of it.

Office Space in Delhi

1. There has been an outstanding development in Delhi from some years in terms of multiplexes, malls, hospitals, business centers, entertainment centers, evolution of huge commercial & residential buildings, new roads, township projects, amusement parks and other luxury services.

2. The new Metro route connecting eastern part of Delhi to rest of Delhi and construction of CWG village has made Delhi hot favorite today.

3. Leading residential regions in Delhi like Rajendra Nagar, Hauz Khas, Greater Kailash, Mayur Vihar, Vasant Vihar, Karol Bagh, etc are in a high appreciation as compared to other areas. The residential property sector is also witnessing an increase in price of over 50% in National Capital Region.

4. Delhi has an outstanding importance for its educational centers and IT industry attracting people from prominent places to come to Delhi. Moreover, this has given a huge boost to the demand for IT office space in Delhi, inviting professionals from around the country to come and settle down here.

5. The size of properties in Delhi ranges from a single rooms to a humongous buildings. Consequently, the price is also set depending on the location of the business property. Thus, the budget constraints pose a serious restriction and are a leading factor for the purchase or rent of office properties in Delhi.

6. The real estate sector in Delhi offers great residential and commercial properties. One can buy a bungalow, flat, commercial space, etc in Delhi depending on the taste and preference. There is a good availability of rented properties in Delhi which are world class in terms of architecture, ambience and quality.

All these aspects show that property market in Delhi is very vivacious and in huge demand today. It has become a prime center of attraction both for builders and investors. So, if you want to put your money in real estate in a dream destination in the world and enjoy the profits then don’t waste any more time, grab your property deal now.