The 5 most common problems in warehouse management

A warehouse is no longer the place to store merchandise and do it in any way, but a fundamental link for the service of your client. It is the starting point for the satisfaction of the consumer of your product, or the bottleneck to stop doing it. It is a key structure that provides physical and functional elements capable of generating added value. The problem is that in many businesses it has not yet been understood as such, and it continues to be something urgent (and much), but not a priority. So we let it continue to function as it has done so far while our mind is engaged in other business activities.

Regardless of the many or few resources that a warehouse can count on, what I intend in this post is to reflect those thieves of time that appear day in and day out and also, hindering the daily tasks.

Let’s look at the most common problems in managing a warehouse for rent in Noida.

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  1. Locations are not known.

Who has not happened to arrive at a warehouse, to his warehouse, and to think that the picking is chaos? The warehouseman is the owner of that merchandise, in fact, he is the only one who can get you to it. If we do not know our locations, the handling time is longer. Therefore the delivery time to the customer also increases.

  1. You do not have enough space.

The corridors are not respected, any space or corner is good to leave a pallet, a box or the work tools. And if there is luck, nothing dangerous stands out from it. Our product can suffer a loss of quality if it does not have a specific treatment and suitable to your needs, for example, a temperature controlled zone.

  1. Lay Out.

There is no organization in the warehouse: there is not, and if there is, it is not respected. Your company has grown, has been adapting very well to the need of the client, your commercial team works. But now you find products of dimensions that you never imagined, anywhere in the chain simply because that day there was a gap to give input. A bad distribution in your line causes that the routes of manipulation also be increased, we return to waver in the term of delivery.

  1. Internal and external traceability of the product.

The loss of control of your goods has stopped being sporadic to become a daily burden. You lose an administration person who now occupies his hours investigating the whereabouts of that package that never appears. It will never be a good time to take inventory, or you will never be able to square it if you decide to make one.

  1. Picking errors.

It is not just about having a reliable stock, but the level of customer dissatisfaction. Once you can forgive but when you repeat, you are out. The reverse logistics is a great waste of time if the process is not clear and well-defined procedures, it is proven that when we make an error with the client who is going to rent a warehouse for rent in India, the level of work is multiplied by three.

Warehouse Rentals and Their Types

You want to buy or rent a warehouse for your structure? Discover all the features of this storage space and its advantages to reduce your operating costs, with JLL.

Definition of a warehouse

In the strict sense of the term, the definition of a warehouse refers to a storage space of variable size. More generally, it is a place whose organization and logistics make it possible to reduce the operating costs of an activity, and whose importance intervenes at each stage of the production cycle. It could be:

  • logistics warehouses dedicated to managing the flow of goods;
  • refrigerated warehouses, allowing the good preservation of perishable goods;
  • storage rooms (goods, materials, chemicals …).

To buy or get warehouse for rent in Gurgaon makes it possible to have all the resources that the company needs before or after the production, but also after the sale of the products, during the post-manufacturing stage (stage during which are added the differentiating elements of standardized products).

Before production, the warehouse is used to store the products that will be used during manufacturing, such as raw materials, consumables and unassembled manufactured products.

After the production stage, the warehouse acts as a storage place before the products are integrated into the production line. It must meet specific storage and safety standards for stored goods. It must also optimize the space to meet pre-established storage requirements.

Rent or buy a warehouse and make good use of it

To be optimally operated, a warehouse must be well organized and meet your needs, in terms of size, location and possibilities depending on your business. Before renting or buying a warehouse, check that it has, according to your needs:

  • sufficient storage space;
  • a space for storing finished products;
  • a reception and order preparation area;
  • a storage area for maintenance and / or handling equipment;
  • a space dedicated to the administration.

To know the area you need, take into account the type and quantity of goods you want to store, the rate of rotation of the products, as well as the type of storage desired: in barrels, crates, pallets or in shelves.

Production warehouse rental to store your raw materials and finished products

Located close to your industrial site or production site, the production warehouse has the function of storing raw materials for your production line, but not only. In fact, your work in progress and your semi-finished products can also be stored temporarily in your warehouse for rent. The intermediate storage allows in some cases to be able to regulate the production process depending on the pace of work supported by your company or following the demands of your customers.

The distribution warehouse to deliver as soon as possible

Intermediate site between the point of removal of products and the point of delivery, the distribution warehouse is a place of storage of goods by distributors. They are often associated with the messaging network to consolidate a set of feeds with different origins and destinations.

The terminal warehouse to process your unsold and waste

Less preferred, terminal warehouse rentals can sometimes be very useful. This storage place comes at the end of your activity because it allows you to manage the storage of your unsold products or end of life. These industrial premises can also be used for the treatment of your production waste such as oils or wastewater. Some toxic industrial waste may require special precautions regarding the protection of people and the environment, renting a terminal warehouse can allow to treat this waste safely.

An Overview of Warehouse or Warehouse Rental

According to forecasts, within five years the warehouse real estate market will be replenished annually by 290-340 thousand square meters. High-class facilities. Thus, a significant amount of vacant space in the market will not appear soon, so rental rates will not decrease either. Moreover, some experts argue that the prices will even increase – at least 4% per year – so renting a warehouse for rent in Gurgaon will go up.

It is also known that in the next 2-3 years there will be an increase in warehouse space due to new large foreign projects for which investments have already been allocated. On the plans for the construction of warehouses with an area of up to 100 thousand square meters.

At present, the warehouse real estate market is on the rise. The need for warehouses and rental of warehouses is obvious. The defining parameters that are taken into account when choosing a warehouse complex are the area, location, convenient access to the warehouse and developed infrastructure. It is also very important to locate the warehouse about the nearest transport arteries and directions, as well as distance from the highways and the Ring Road if the warehouse is in the Delhi region.

For interested persons, warehouse rental is a responsible activity. It is necessary to take into account a lot of parameters: the time that must be spent on the entrance to the warehouse depending on the time of day, the absence of traffic jams on the roads leading to the warehouse, signs, and flaps informing drivers, and the proper organization of technological zones.

Before the company engaged in renting out warehouse premises, it is necessary to find the optimal combination of the needs of the client’s business, which decided to remove the storage of the responsible storage , and the possibilities of the warehouse complex: to determine the necessary area of the warehouse, calculate the goods flow, prepare documents.

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What is More Profitable: Renting a Warehouse or Safekeeping?

The need for warehouse space is experienced by commercial and industrial enterprises. In this case, it is usually unprofitable for enterprises to acquire a warehouse for the responsible preservation of products or materials, or to build it specially. Therefore, they prefer to use warehouses of specialized companies that work in the sphere of providing responsible saving services.

What is considered when choosing a warehouse for rent in Gurgaon?

When choosing a suitable facility, take into account its location, convenience of access roads, provided conditions for cargo placement, additional qualities: the presence of the office, available types of communication, security organization and other features. The cost of renting a warehouse depends on the totality of its characteristics and area. The cost of renting warehouses of the highest category by classification is most expensive. At the same time, the warehouse, which belongs to the highest A-category, is responsible for keeping optimum conditions and provides the most favorable possibilities for cargo handling.

Currently, there is a shortage of warehouse complexes of the highest category, so the consumer is often forced to rent less convenient options. In each case, when selecting, analyze the essential characteristics for use. If you need a sophisticated cargo handling, consider the convenience of the warehouse for the work of the staff. If the goods require special conditions, the warehouse should provide them. If it is necessary to deliver heavy vehicles, they give the possibility of convenient unloading.

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Renting or Buying Office Space and Warehouse

Have you just created a company? The commercial space you own is not big enough, or you need extra space for a warehouse? Whatever your situation, it is always the same question that comes up: is it better to buy or rent? This is not an easy choice, as each solution has advantages and disadvantages.

Buy or rent a commercial space?

Firstly, it is important to determine the geographic area in which your business should be located. You can already make the first choice depending on the available goods. Buying IT office space in Delhi is an important investment. It is therefore advisable to establish a financial plan before beginning your real estate search. It should contain an estimate of future expenditure and revenue. Based on your financial plan, determine if a purchase is an attractive investment for your business.

Renting a commercial space: advantages and disadvantages

The main advantage of an IT office space in Delhi rental is that it does not require a significant investment in the immediate future, especially if another investment is more advantageous for your business. Also, as a tenant, you are not responsible for any major maintenance costs. Make sure that this is stipulated in the lease. If you want to renovate or change the layout of the property, you must negotiate with the owner.

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Warehouses within City Limits Gurgaon at An Affordable Price

Most of the investors are looking for warehouses nowadays as new projects are coming into Delhi NCR. Now in Gurgaon more and more business has extended the enthusiasm of growing up more. Jain Oncor is offering numerous range of godowns or warehouses for sale or rent in varied destinations like Noida, Gurgaon, Delhi, industrial sectors on NH-8 and several other places in India.

There are many projects that can help in growing their business as per their requirements around the characteristics of well-developed modern city. Jain Estates provides best service that is locally expert and is globally connected on condition that excellent and dedicated client service.There are many places in NCR region which is renowned for its leading real estate properties witnessing rapid development swaggering spotless amalgamation of commercial and residential properties along with many services. It offers numerous kinds of warehouses or godowns for rent or sale in Delhi and NCR and several other places in India covering all the major areas as per your requirement making storage easy for you. Book the space as much you want by storing it for as long as that may be short term or for long term as you need.

Gurgaon has got umpteen number of warehouses that is progressively growing with client’s support and visibility. This NCR of Delhi is the present strongest base of warehouse. Below listed are few well known amongst many others.

1. Sohna Road, Gurgaon: Available for lease warehouse space at a very prime location with all amenities and facilities on Sohna Road, Gurgaon. We provide warehouse space starting from lowest to maximum area as per requirement. Easily available commuting facility for truck with 100% crystal clear title for warehousing. Clear height of this warehouse is 15 Ft.Excellent locations with easy connectivity from metro station and National Highway-8 public transport is easily available. Please call if you require any warehouse space with accuracy and transparency guaranteed.

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Warehouse for Sale: The Search Criteria not to be Dismissed!

Looking for a warehouse for sale? Follow our advice by having all the search criteria to make the right choice among warehouses for sale. Before you start looking for a warehouse to sell, you have to have in mind some elements that will allow you to find the premises that meet your needs. Buying a warehouse is not as simple as it seems and we offer you a list of preferred information to compare ads for sale.

Warehouses are for import-export, industrial and others. They are responsible for the receipt and control of the goods. When choosing a business location for warehousing, you need to know the various criteria that are useful when making a warehouse purchase or rental decision.

The Accessibility of Your Future Godown for Sale in India

Unless your business involves the routing or distribution of products in an area restricted to the local environment or the continuous storage of goods, your future warehouse will require multi-modal accessibility. The presence of fast lanes, especially motorways, the proximity of a railway network dedicated to cargo, or even an international airport, will not only ensure the transport of your goods in the best conditions but also reduce the costs to the routing. The location and ease of access are essential criteria to consider when looking for a warehouse for sale in India.

Experts recommend you to pay attention to access to heavy vehicles in your premises. Does the maneuver area easily allow entry and exit from the enclosure of your future warehouse for sale in Noida? To assist you in your search, the warehouse advertisements for sale on the site of CBRE presents in detail the premises, their accessibility, and their equipment.

Warehouse for sale: interior

Among the offers of godown for sale in Delhi, you will certainly find buildings offering large surfaces on the ground and others providing high heights under the beam. If the space on the ground allows a better internal circulation, be aware that buying a warehouse with a large volume in height can be a good real estate operation. The arrangement of pallet racks, in particular, this shelving equipment for the storage of heavy pallets, has the advantage of saving space for storing your goods.

Do not forget the offices!

Of course, godown for sale in Delhi is your priority, but do not neglect the office space of your premises. Your staff will need functional, easily accessible offices to manage your inventory. Because the fitting out of offices would be a significant extra cost, we advise you to check their presence in the warehouse advertisements to be sold. You will find that some are integrated into the storage building, and others are arranged to be more independent.

Adapted to type of storage

The principle of the logistics room is to accommodate diversified goods: manufactured products, combustible materials or flammable liquids. Some of these products are dangerous, so it is necessary to check if the infrastructure has a safety or extinction system, by prevention in case of a problem. Also, the premises that receive the products must be adapted to them. For example, for fresh products, it is essential to select a refrigerated warehouse for sale.

Warehouse For Rentals- What You Should Know!

For their creation or development of activity, many companies prefer to buy a warehouse rather than just renting. But what are the essential points to check in the case of a godown for sale?

The different types of warehouses

Warehouse for rent in India are distinguished mainly by their uses: the logistics warehouse for storing goods, the refrigerated warehouse for perishable goods and the mail warehouse dedicated to distribution. Logistics warehouses are the most sought after warehouse offer for sale. Strict criteria set the standards for the different categories of logistics warehouses. Class A logistics warehouses must have at least 9.30 meters of ceiling height, between 7.50 and 9.30 meters for Class B warehouses and less than 7.50 meters for other warehouses. Before purchasing a particular warehouse, evaluate your current and long-term needs for space and equipment.

The equipment of your future warehouse

The advantage of owning the walls of the warehouse for rent in India is that it can organize its storage area as it pleases, without waiting for the lessor’s approval to put in place the equipment essential to his activity. However, it will be preferable to choose a warehouse already equipped with storage racks, storage cabinets or shelves if you are looking for an immediately operational store.

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Long-term Rent a Warehouse for the Needs of Your Company

Finding premises for rent to implement the activity of your business or simply to relocate may seem complicated at first. However, it should not be forgotten that many means are at your disposal to facilitate the search for your business premises, offices or warehouses.

If the company plans to remain on the market for several years, long-term storage rentals are the optimal solution to store all your goods. However, before you enter into a contract with the landlord for an extended period, you should make sure that the warehouse is fully consistent with the needs of the organization and that the entrepreneur will not suffer unreasonable financial costs.

How to find the “ideal” storage?

Once the entrepreneur decided on the budget, as well as the size, location and technical characteristics of the warehouse for rent in India, he can begin to search for a suitable object. You can search through the specialized web portals and media or with the help of professional Realtors. The latter option is preferred for renters who want to minimize financial risks, and not to spend personal time to negotiate with the owners of the commercial real estate.

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Warehouse Rentals- Is it that easy?

Whether you are interested in renting a warehouse as part of a business creation, development of your business or a new location, it is important to ask the right questions before signing a lease.

Which type of warehouse to rent?

A warehouse for rent in Noida can house different types of activities: distribution, storage, and shipment of goods. This building can thus serve as a storage place for the main event or as a logistics platform for managing the flow of goods. The Regional Real Estate Observatory organizes logistics warehouses in several categories. Among the main ones, classes A and B impose different standards concerning the characteristics and the services offered in these buildings.

Warehouse rental: what lease contract is adopted?

Depending on the activity in your warehouse for rent in Delhi, you will have to opt for a commercial lease or a professional lease. The commercial leasing agreement applies to commercial, craft, industrial and warehouse operations that receive customers. If you use your logistics building as a storage site, you will need to choose a professional lease.

What formalities are required to rent a warehouse?
When signing your lease, you will need to provide some supporting documents:
• An identity document signed by the signatory and the company manager,
• A certificate of insurance,

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