A reality check before deciding on collaborative office space in DLF cyber city Gurgaon

A reality check before deciding on collaborative office space in DLF cyber city Gurgaon

In the current economic times, it is a template of sorts to do all the cost-cutting and increase productivity with bare minimum inputs. While this is something unusual, especially for startups that are bootstrapped, some of the more established businesses are also following the same suit. To sweeten the deal, there are many real estate properties that claim to offer collaborative Office space in DLF cyber city Gurgaon. The question is.. do they deliver? The answer may not be the most unequivocal one. Many business owners have found an office space of their liking and others have been left with a monetary burn. So here is what you need to check for if you want collaborative office space.

  1. Research

    The entire purpose can be described in a word but we would choose to elaborate. With so much of your wealth on the line and the need to set up an office space at the earliest, it is advised you do a thorough check on the property owner and the building which you have shortlisted for shared Office space in DLF cyber city Gurgaon. Many a time, people end up paying more for very few amenities which adds to the cost of maintenance. Check the social media presence for such listings

  2. Hidden costs

    This is one of the most frustrating aspects of choosing any real estate property, let alone shared office space. Much as a collaborative Office space in DLF cyber city Gurgaon looks swanky with all the glitter and gold, they start to hurl a barrage of hidden costs that shake up your initial estimation in regard to rent and maintenance. For instance, the owner of the property may announce offering free wi-fi services but won’t mention the cost of installation involved.

  3. Unprofessionalism

    In their desire to have consumed more, many of the Office space in DLF cyber city Gurgaon display an appalling level of professionalism. Since there will be a co-working space, it is supposed to work in one’s respective time. But a few of these property owners designate certain time brackets for an operation that may not augur well with your work culture. Some of them also do not do the needful in regards to segregating the space between the two commercial office establishments. Hence, do not shy away from walking straight into the Office space in DLF cyber city Gurgaon you chose and do a recce.

  4. After-sales follow-up

    A responsible property owner would be coming periodically to get feedback and address the concerns of the organization that has occupied the office space. It is likely that a conflict can spark off between the co-sharers of the same property. Therefore, after-sales follow-up by the property owner is a major factor that should be taken into consideration if planning to continue your business from the same co-working space.

Now that you have realized the importance of thorough research before closing a deal, it is also important you choose the right channel which helps you in choosing the right property.

Jain Oncor is one of the trusted names in the field of real estate developers who have been delivering the best choices for commercial, industrial, and residential properties along with office space. Our decades of experience have enabled us to understand the current real estate sentiments which focus on cost-efficiency on properties that are located at prime locations of Delhi and NCR and other major metropolitan cities of the country. We take ownership of all the brokerage and negotiations that fall into place during your deals along with all the processes of documentation.

Office Space in Gurgaon: Is It Good for Buying Commercial Space

Office Space in Gurgaon

If you’re considering investing in space for your company, then office space in Gurgaon should be your first pick. Gurgaon is a well-known and popular region recognized for its excellent offices and commercial spaces. Here live a slew of successful young entrepreneurs, managers, and other professionals from a variety of fields, including real estate and information technology. Many businesses are establishing branches here, while startups are establishing their first offices. If you want to be one of them, but aren’t sure if it’s worthwhile investing, don’t worry, In this blog, we’ll take a look at Gurgaon as a viable site for launching your company.

Is Gurgaon a good location? –

Here are some important points that will guide you toward buying or renting office space in Gurgaon.

  • Gurgaon is connected to the rest of the city by an expressway. It is also well connected to the rest of India by road. As a result, there isn’t much of a problem with transportation. However, it is important to ensure that your workplace is not located on the outskirts of Gurgaon. Check to see if you’ll have any trouble obtaining cabs or auto-rickshaws to get there.
  • Another important consideration is the presence of a nice nearby facility. Check to see if your office or the surrounding area has an emergency center and police station. Also the space you buy must sanitary and clean and have proper sewer lines.
  • Another important factor for employees is food. Make sure your office has a canteen or decent dining options nearby. To reduce the risk of being ill, the food offered should be of good quality. With the help of real estate agents, go over all of your necessities. Restaurants should not be too far away from your office because you don’t want your staff to have to seek food all the time.
  • Another crucial consideration is the safety of the neighborhood. To determine the crime rates in your area. This ensures that your staff is working in a safe environment. A tour of the neighborhood can provide valuable information. You can inquire about the police station’s closeness to your office by calling real estate professionals in Gurgaon. Your primary concern should be the safety of your employees, and you should avoid renting out an unsafe location.
  • You can finish your negotiations and complete other legal processes once you are satisfied with the office space. These considerations can assist you in making an informed decision about your office space.


You should engage a qualified real estate agent from Jain Oncor if you want to find a nice office space in Gurgaon. It will make everything easier for you, and you will be able to obtain the necessary office space in a short period. You can tell them your demands and requirements, and they will find an office space for you based on those specifications.

Key Points to Keep in Mind When Renting Office Space in Gurgaon?

office space in gurgaon

Are you ready to start your own company? If not, the first step is to find a good commercial office space in Gurgaon. Getting the right location at the right price on the right terms will increase productivity, make recruitment easier, and make your company more appealing – all while staying within your budget. You can obtain some excellent renting possibilities at the most budget-friendly pricing because it is ideal for starting your business; As the Commercial space for rent in Gurgaon is an investment rather than merely a place to conduct a business. 

Key Points:-

There are various factors to consider when purchasing or renting office space, but the following are particularly important.

Leasing: If it’s your first office space in Gurgaon, make sure you know what’s included. Also, be certain that the terms of the lease are clearly stated. Don’t rely on words; instead, rely on your lease’s formal language.

Location: If you don’t currently have a team in place, consider a location that offers both potential talent and clients. It’s a good idea to start by narrowing down your commercial space options based on the type of business you intend to run. On the other side, if you already have a Gurgaon employee, make sure the workspace is easily accessible.

Accessibility:  Consider the convenience of your resources over yourself while shopping for a company place. Commercial real estate is a long-term investment that can pay off handsomely if done correctly. Spending a little additional money on a convenient rented location will benefit both your business and your crew. Also consider the rental property’s safety and solitude, accessibility to restaurants or coffee shops, and whether it provides godown space for rent in Gurgaon.

Neighborhood Ambience: The right ambiance draws customers and keeps employees happy. Check out the location during the day and evening to see if your company can effectively operate.

Price: Finally, but certainly not least, Though Gurgaon has a wide choice of office spaces to suit your needs and budget, make sure you don’t overlook the renting concept’s transparency. Choose an office location that will not put you in debt and will not stifle your progress. 

After you’ve decided on a site, think about your budget. Make sure you’ve set aside some money for your hired space. If you’re a startup, look for office spaces in the mid-to low-price range until your company is up and operating. Finally, examine the amenities such as cleaning, phone, data, electricity, parking, and so on, as these will be included in your space rent.

Additional Question to Ponder Over:-

  • Is it convenient to get to the rental place via public transportation?
  • Is it possible for staff to find the space conveniently?
  • Is there parking for automobiles and bikes?
  • Is it possible for people with varied abilities to use the space?

Conclusion Are you interested in renting a commercial office space in Gurgaon? Check out Jain Oncor Properties for all of your real estate needs. Contact with the top commercial spaces in Gurgaon and save the time it takes to select your ideal property with the help of our skilled team.

Contribution of fully Furnished Offices in your Business Growth

office space in Gurgaon

Your office serves as a place for business operations, client communications, and daily reminders to meet your business goals. Choosing your office space lease is like any business decision which needsyou to consider cost-effective alternatives. Like instead of renting a traditional office space, you can go for fully furnished office space in Gurgaon. This type of office space will give your company a more luxurious image.

You will not bind valuable capital

As an emerging entrepreneur, your business needs to maximize all the capital you can have. Every penny is worth it. You certainly don’t need to tie up capital in long and complicated rental and deposit agreements.

Also, you don’t have to buy expensive furniture. These are the possibilities when you choose a traditional business office rental. You will be paying a lot of cash in rental security deposits, furniture purchases, and set fees.

On the other hand, renting fully furnished IT office spaces in Delhi have flexible rental terms that are suitable for the long term and you can benefit from fully furnished office space as well as fixed utility bills so you can manage your expenses better.

You can focus on your core business

If you choose fully furnished offices, not only will you benefit from flexible terms, most offices have shared facilities and support services. Bundled in the office deal includes front office services, administrative work such as mail handling, and support services including telephone lines and internet.

All of these additions not only make you look more professional, they allow you to focus less on managing the office and more on your business.

You get access to new markets

Afully furnished office in a good area give users a wide choice when it comes to setting up a base. This gives businesses the opportunity to create an unreachable address, and also provides access to business centres around the world.

Having an ideal strategic location is the key to brand perception and reputation. It’s also much more convenient in terms of transportation, client visits, and meeting opportunities.

Easy options for potential expansion

As your team grows in size, you can consider better planning with fully furnished offices. Due to flexible rental terms, you can make adequate arrangements or procedures to accommodate new staff.

Rearranging and repurchasing furniture will also drain your business resources, time and energy, slowing down your productivity at work. With fully furnished offices, you can easily move to a larger space that will adapt to the needs of your company.

You could rent a small office in the start-up phase and progressively move into larger offices in parallel with the expansion and increase of work.

Fully furnished offices are a great way to expand your business without having to incur the huge expense of traditional office space to rent out. You also get a great opportunity to focus on your business. At jainoncor.com, you can rent fully furnished offices with flexible rental agreements that can grow with you and support your future business plans.

Why Occupancy Rate In Fully Furnished Office Space In Gurgaon Matters?

If you decide to purchase a fully furnished office space in Gurgaon , or anywhere else for that matter, you’ll quickly learn how important occupancy rates are.

The proportion of leased or used workspace to overall available space is called the occupancy rate. When choosing a property like a Fully Furnished Office Space in noida or gurgoan it becomes an imperative indicator for measuring a property’s viability and social acceptability for business like consultancy. These figures could be used by entrepreneurs to estimate a property’s expected cash flows and the financial viability of a certain neighborhood.

We at Jain Oncor hope to assist, by teaching what determining a site impacts’ occupancy rates and whether it connects to your company’s potential performance.

1, The Location’s Desirability

The objective and subjective worth of an office building is heavily influenced by its placement. A good or unpleasant office site can be determined by criteria such as the parts of the city crime rate, public transit accessibility, closeness to central and mainstream entertainment districts, and etc.

As a result, before building or making investments in a fully furnished office space in Noida, CRE professionals must evaluate the office’s present or projected location.

2, Market Oversaturation

The utilization of residential and commercial buildings can be severely impacted by an overstock of all the available office space. When supply exceeds demand, potential renters seize the opportunity and seek lower-than-normal rentals. Market saturation might result in significantly decreased occupancy for endorsements that can refuse to lower rent charges.

One solution element contributing to the overcrowding of the real estate sector is the co-working trend. At the present pace of growth, co-working establishments, which represented roughly 50% of office leasing in 2018, are likely to occupy up to 30% of commercial inventories by 2023.

3, Adaptability to Future Workplace Trends

Because of the rise of Construction technology and the changing aspirations of both renters and lenders, the real estate industry has changed dramatically in recent years. This change has had an influence on the CRE office market, as well as other industries, and it will have a huge impact on the workforce of the future. Gone are the times when such an office’s attraction was simply based on its design or positioning on the exterior.

Today, factors like an office’s practicality, interior decorating, and utilities play a significantly larger role in attracting and retaining tenants, which has a direct effect on occupancy.

4Rival firms’ proximity

When it comes to fully furnished office space in Gurgaon, which is regarded as an IT Hub.

Blindly jumping into the pool with your competitors without careful market research might spoil your efforts.

Grouping, in some case, makes it easier for all to gain access to clients but also reduces supply costs and helps with cross-marketing.

Consult Jain Oncor

We hope you were able to figure out how the occupancy rate and the Fully Furnished Office Space in Gurgaon are co-related. If you require expert advice, please contact Jain Oncor today.