Things to look out for if you are planning to buy an apartment for rent in Gurgaon for resell

Things to look out for if you are planning to buy an apartment for rent in Gurgaon for resell

With the exponential rise of NCR especially Gurgaon, more people are flocking to the offices of top real estate agents in Delhi to get the best-located properties. No wonder the entire proposition is too good to be missed. Many potential buyers of these properties are those people who are looking to resell the property in the foreseeable future. It is a smart tactic to employ as the valuation of a property can spike up at any point in time. In order to maximize your investment, especially in terms of retail value, we give you a rundown of certain key points:

  • Valuation-This will be the first talking point when you pick a specific apartment for rent in Gurgaon. Not just the current valuation, the valuation in the coming future should also be projected in consultation with the property dealers. Though the eventual selling price may not be exact, you can still figure out the opportune time for reselling.
  • The developers of the project- This is also a major factor when you wish to get a residential property. An individual or a real estate conglomerate must be of repute without any shoddy past record. This means they must not have the reputation of having a commercial and residential project which got stalled due to failure to abide by government norms. RERA registration and adherence to regulatory requirements must be the top two pointers that you need to check before going ahead with the deal.
  • Property’s age-The age of existence for new as well as old properties is of equal importance. While the newer ones may look all set for occupation, they might have certain obligations of documentation and mutation of properties to meet. Similarly, the older properties are to be scrutinized with regard to how dire the need for renovation and repair is. If it escalates beyond your estimation, there is no point in owning the property.
  • Type of construction materials used-It is true that we, as laymen won’t have inside-out details on the type of construction materials used by the builders. But what we can do inspect is the structural designs, verify room measurements listed in the layout, etc. More emphasis should be laid on checking the sanitary fixtures of the properties. That is to say, you need to check for any cracks, seepage, or other plumbing issues in the restroom and toilets. The caution must be doubled when you are planning to own an old property since they add more liability than qualifying as a robust asset for future use.
  • Locality- The locality of the property is the biggest game changer and can make even the smallest, barely furnished apartment for rent in Gurgaon go high on the list of choices. An ideal locality must have a peaceful environment, and all the basic amenities. These factors are crucial in determining the overall ROI and price growth.
  • Connectivity- No surprises here. When you are in the NCR, the connectivity to all the critical junctures within the city and the areas in and around it becomes most crucial. Therefore, the property dealers in Gurgaon should have those properties in their portfolio which are nearby schools, major roadways, places of recreation, and public transport points.

In addition to these major factors, it is very important that you take into account the stamp duty and registration cost of the properties. It must be known that the stamp duty charged varies from one city to another and also on the basis of the nature of property; that is commercial and residential.

Once these thorough checks are done, you are set to own the property of your dreams!

Crucial Sets of Factors to Estimate the Price Apartment for sale in Gurgaon

Given that a number of different factors might have an impact on the price of your apartment for sale in Gurgaon, selling it for the appropriate price can net you a sizeable profit. However, only if you calculate the appropriate price for your house! The following list of the most significant ones includes their interrelationships.

State, Neighborhood, and Layout: The environment in which you live might also significantly affect the cost. If there is a location nearby that they frequently visit, buyers can also be extremely prepared to pay a premium price for an apartment for sale in Gurgaon. This also has to do with how the property is laid up. The buyer faces a significant repair expense when extensive roofing, sewer, flooring, etc., work is required. This indicates that a buyer should negotiate a lower price and that they now perceive less value. Some home designs make customizing for the buyer challenging without requiring significant construction work; it could be challenging to sell at a high price. Buyers will unavoidably take the price of construction and refurbishment into account.

Standard Rates & Estate Plans: The value of your property can also be determined by looking at recently sold properties in the neighbourhood, but keep in mind that some homes may have sold for more money than yours is actually worth. Even a first-time buyer may understand that future construction in the neighborhood can have a big impact on a property’s price. Any structure constructed adjacent to or in the same area as the future location of a government office or a metro station may be extremely reasonably priced.

Place, Floor Level, and View: One of the first things home buyers consider when visiting a website is the view. A feature with a fantastic view that is open is more valuable than one with a view that is closed. The view is also influenced by the height of your unit. The price of an apartment tends to increase with height. As the price level increases, some cases decline. There is just one actual location for the property. Simply put, some places are worth more than others. You can’t expect to get the same price for your flat in a rural region as you would in a city. However, it is unlikely that anyone will appreciate your house and pay the amount you have quoted.

Services, Resources, and Accessibility: A property with good facilities and accessibility can be purchased at a fantastic price. The finest illustration of this is close proximity to transit options. Additionally, the close proximity to supermarkets and retail malls is quite convenient for potential purchasers. The presence of amenities in the area is one of the causes of the price jump. That entails security and exclusivity, two things that can motivate customers to shell out more money for value that isn’t already present.

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Jain Oncor sincerely hopes that your comprehension of the contributing aspects enables you to successfully increase the asking price of your apartment for sale in gurgaon so that you can successfully go on to new undertakings.


Finding Apartments For Rent In Delhi-Four Distinct Types To Choose From!!

There are a lot of apartments available for rent in Delhi, but while searching to buy your “first apartment,” a few questions come up: which apartment is the best to pick? Which one fits my lifestyle the best? Which apartments would be the most accommodating as my family grows? If you are a keen reader, you might have sensed a theme of space in this question.

Since no two apartments are alike and each delivers a unique experience to its occupants, it is crucial to decide how the space will be organized and used.  Here are many apartment types broken down by the amount of space: these recommendations will help you pick your ideal apartment for rent in Delhi that will serve as your new residence.

  1. The most common type, favored by the majority of bachelors because to the privacy and sense of security it can offer, are closed-studio apartments. This type of apartment for rent in Delhi can typically accommodate two to three guests, or one significant other, with ease. As a result, it is a durable choice for single bachelors who desire freedom and stability.
  2. Getting an apartment to rent and turning it into an office has become common, if not downright profitable, in today’s startup-heavy world. A shared office is defined as a collaborative work environment where entrepreneurs, consultants, start-ups, or freelancers can work independently, create their own projects, and network with their coworkers. access to these rooms
  3. The shared Apartments are not the same as sharing a room! It is comparable to a house that multiple people share. Rent costs are to be decreased by using shared apartments. It also makes it possible for a business to be run by a single person, which makes upkeep easier. This is the type of apartment that independent employees who frequently opt to travel without their families desire.
  4. Similar to an office, focused apartments are buttoned-down to complete a single task, such as an interview, photography, paperwork, consulting, or other specialised activities. You have very precise requirements when picking your apartment. Do you work for yourself? Do you employ staff members? You can require a reception depending on your business and position.


A suitable apartment for rent in Delhi can be difficult to find at first, but if you focus on what you need from this apartment, you will have fewer problems as you move forward. Don’t forget to contact Jain Oncor for consulting. We are prepared to assist you in finding the ideal accommodation.

Finding And Utalizing An Apartment For Rent In Noida As An Office Space

Finding And Utalizing An Apartment For Rent In Noida As An Office Space

If you are an entrepreneur looking to set up your office by renting a apartment? We’re here to help.

Although Noida offers excellent business opportunities, it might be challenging to find the right location to launch your enterprise. That’s where apartments for rent in Noida come into the picture. However, The business owner must understand that while these locations are not intended to be used as offices, choosing the proper one might be difficult in and of itself.

Here are some considerations to keep in mind while picking the ideal Apartment for rent in Noida to established into an office space so you can expand your clientele.

The first step is location. When selecting a venue, location should be the first consideration. The third floor of a residential building won’t pass muster as a professional location in the eyes of the customer if your business requires you to meet with clients frequently. For this reason, the majority of people who choose to go down this road prefer to rent a location at the road’s corner, if not right on the main road. If you do not have these restrictions, however, because you work primarily from home, pick a location that fits your working style. You should also examine whether there are any restaurants nearby for your convenience during lunch breaks.

The Second Step is when choosing a space, before making your decision. When looking for networking chances, pick a location with compatible partners. If you decide to talk about your business, make sure that freelancers who work in your industry are there. If your region allows for a trial period, take advantage of the opportunity to accommodate various users’ needs. This enables you to establish a connection with them before making long-term investments.

The third step is determining what amenities you require., such as a quick internet connection, personal lockers, phone boxes, meeting spaces, printers, a kitchen, and a relaxing area. The more amenities a place has, though, the more expensive it could be. We advise making a list of the amenities you require to balance convenience and affordability.

The last step is comfort. In your workspace because working there may not always be for the community’s continued wellbeing.


Your productivity is at risk, but switching offices won’t be an option until the contract is signed, so you must find an apartment for rent in Noida that is welcoming, well-equipped, and flexible enough to meet your needs every day.

How to Pick the Right Apartment for Rent in Gurgaon

apartments for sale in Gurgaon

Thinking of shifting to the Apartment for rent in Gurgaon area but not sure about it, here are some of the things to keep in mind when picking an apartment for rent in Gurgaon

Before we begin, we at Jain Oncor Provides excellent consults to help you out picking your dream house, head on over to our contact page and drop us a message for consultation.

The Space Conundrum

The smaller the apartment, the more difficult it is to utilize the space, especially if you are used to a larger space, where they are best practices for the 2 most popular types, but regardless of what you choose creating an efficient living environment in your apartment for rent in Gurgaon is something that you should always look out for.

As a living space

The design of your home is one of the most important considerations and should take a closer look at its day-to-day implications; does your current furniture fit your lifestyle? Do you use any furniture you want to use as a focal point? These are some tips you need to keep in mind to get the most out of your small apartment.

The Redecoration struggle

It is an undeniable fact that walls and doors take up usable living space and limit the options for living spaces in Delhi. Before you step into the task of buying the apartment for rent in Gurgaon ask yourself how much renovation need you to have. Depending on your answer how you view yourself & how much space you need relative to the apartment will change.

As a Mini Personal Office Space

Review your current lifestyle habits and learn how using the environment can help you gauge the progress you need to make. Questions like: What storage space do you need? How is a furniture used? Does everyone need their own printer? Do you want a camera should everyone have their own central container or recycling point? Can you work more efficiently? How often is the meeting room used? Which team members should have to communicate and work together the most?

Also choosing a furnished apartment will also help you create the best environment for a small apartment. Remember, bad furniture can limit, there are many home furniture solutions that can help you store more in a smaller space.


We hope these little tips help you out on your quest of getting your first apartment for rent in Gurgaon, head on over to our side to get more info about a great deal on apartments for rent in Gurgaon.

How to Estimate the Price if You Put Your Apartment for Sale in Gurgaon?

apartment in gurgaon

Selling your Apartment for sale in Gurgaon, can bring you a hefty sum of money, as longs as getting the price right, because several different factors can affect the price of your Apartment for sale in Gurgaon?

Let’s Take a look at some of the most important and also how they relate to one and the other:-

Location, Floor level & View

The view is one of the first things homebuyers look for when visiting a website. An open feature with a great view is more valuable than a feature with a closed view. The height at which your apartment is located is also related to the view. In general, the higher the apartment, the higher the price. Some cases decrease as the price level rises. 

The property is in one physical location. Some areas are simply worth more than others. You can’t expect to sell your apartment in a rural area for the same price as communal apartments. You can quote the price this way, but it is unlikely that anyone will appreciate your property and buy it at the price you want.

Amenities, Facilities & Accessibility

Property seekers can pay a very good price for a location with good accessibility and facilities. The best example of this is proximity to transportation services, and in addition, proximity to shopping centers and supermarkets is a great convenience for potential buyers. 

One of the reasons for Price Jump is the availability of facilities in the place. That means security and exclusivity, two factors in themselves that can make people willing to pay more for added value. 

Layout, State & Neighborhood

What’s around your neighborhood can also have a big impact on the price. Buyers may also be very willing to pay a premium price if there is a nearby place that they frequent.

This also relates to the layout of the property. When extensive roofing, sewer, flooring, etc. work is required, the buyer is looking at a hefty repair bill. This is a signal for a buyer to ask for a lower price and their perception of value decreases. Some property designs make customization difficult for the buyer without extensive construction work; it could be difficult to sell at a high price. Buyers will inevitably factor in the costs involved in construction and renovation.

Standard Rate & Plans for the estate

Neighborhoods recently sold homes can also be used as a reference for the value of your home, but remember that some other home sold for higher than what it’s worth, it’s a strategy that should know about but doesn’t rely on it.

Even a first-time buyer can see that what will be built around the surrounding property in the future can also have a significant impact on the price of the property. Any building where the plan is being developed or built next to where the future government office or Metro station is planned can be very affordable.


We, at Jain Oncor hope, this understanding of the factors helps you effectively boost the price of your apartment for sale in Gurgaon, so you can move on with new endeavors with satisfaction. 

How to Choose & Get the Most Out of Your Apartments for Rent in Delhi?

rented property in Delhi

When looking at the numerousness of existing Apartments for rent in Delhi, a few questions arise when looking for buying you is ‘first Apartments’ which apartment is best to choose? Which one is best suited to my lifestyle? Which Apartments would be the most comfortable for the growth of my home life? Here are some tips for choosing your future Apartment for rent in Delhi, which can be become your new home.

Utilization of the Space

No Two Apartment are the same, Each apartment offers something different to different individuals, So, It’s imperative to choose how the space will be dividing and utilize. Here is the type of apartments divided based on spaces: 

The Closed Solo Apartments: This is the most Standard model, preferred by the majority of bachelors for the advantage of Privacy and safe space, it can provide to an individual.   

An Apartment like this can generally accommodate 2 to 3 guests, or one significant other easily, Thus, It is a long-lasting solution for solo bachelors who wish for freedom and stability.  

Shared Office: Not the Typical but in today day & age of startup, it has become popular if not downright profitable to get an apartment for rent and turn it into an office, It can be Defines as a collaborative work environment in which entrepreneurs, consultants, start-ups, or freelancers can work independently, create their projects, and network with their colleagues. 

These rooms and access to a variety of devices: apartments, internet, printers, video projectors, etc., so they are more expensive than normal apartments.

The shared Apartments: not to be confused with room Sharing! It corresponds to an apartment shared between several Individuals. The purpose of the shared Apartments is to reduce the cost of the rent. It also allows a company to be a solo individual, simplifying the process of maintaining the place. This is the preferred apartment type of independent workers who choose to leave separate from their family often to work.

Activities Focused Apartment: Kind of similar to office space, buttoned-down to perform one single task, like an interview, Photography, Paperwork, Consulting, or some other niche activities, when choosing your apartment, you have very specific requirements: Are you self-employed? Do you work with employees? Depending on your company and your job, you may need a reception desk, a waiting room to receive your customers or partners, a meeting room of a certain size, etc.


Finding a good Apartment for rent in Delhi can be a little daunting at first, but if you narrow down what you need in this apartment for rent in Delhi then you will face fewer troubles as you go on. For Consultancy don’t forget to approach Jain Oncor, we stay ready to help to find the perfect apartment for you.

Tips for Choosing a Business Center for Your Organization

business center in Delhi

If you’re planning for a startup plan that has outgrown its current location or a home-based business that attracts your clients. There are several options available if you’re in search of a business center in Delhi. But before searching, it’s strongly recommended that you carefully do your research before finally deciding. 

Fortunately, a business centre should provide a convenient central location that your budget. The most important thing is that it allows you to remain competitive. For searching the right business centre for your business, there are the following factors that you should consider.


Despite providing a central location that your clients can reach efficiently, the business centre you select should also be convenient by public transportation. 

It should offer your staff close by facilities such as shopping and places to go for lunch. Besides that, another crucial consideration is whether or not the area is business-friendly.


There are several factors that you must consider when searching for the ideal business space. If your business is small with less than 50 employees, it’s not the right choice to rent out a larger space with more rooms than your requirements. But if you’ll expand your business in the future, then having flexible office space is an option to consider.


Before renting office space, considering the amenities is one of the most important factors to consider. If you have a start-up business, then you may not have enough resources to pay for amenities and sumptuous furnishing.

Some business centres in Delhi provide essential facilities like desks, chairs, and computers, as well as office supplies.

Available Services 

Jain Estates offers its clients several services and the most important is finding the ones that are ideally suited to your business’s needs and budget. 

Most home-based businesses rent space in a business centre so that they have a location to meet with clients. It’s another important factor that you should consider during the search.

Jain Estate is one of the top providers of business centres in Delhi and Guru Gram. Clients can choose between several options; from fully furnished executive offices to gathering spaces equipped with high-speed internet and the most advanced technology.

How To Estimate The Selling Price Of Your House Or Apartment?

When an owner wants to sell his house or his apartment, he must set a sale price. This price depends on the geographical area where the property is located, the state of the real estate market at the time of sale, and the specific characteristics of the accommodation.

The selling price of a house or an apartment is the amount at which the owner wishes to sell his property. It is different from the purchase price which includes the notary fees and any agency costs.

This price depends on several factors and it must be set carefully to help arouse the interest of buyers. It must be as much as possible in line with the real estate trend.

Pricing like the professionals: This is the path that all sellers who want to sell their property at the highest prices have to go. Many owners simply calculate: “What I put in, I want to get out again”. Purchase price plus repairs equals sales price?

But this is not correct. This calculation only works in very few cases. Outside the boom regions, sellers rarely get the money out of what they put into an object.

The older the property and the more unusual the taste of the residents, the less the price. Professionals evaluate a property completely unsentimentally. Brokers, banks or appraisers determine a market value, i.e. the value that can realistically be achieved.

Strategy wins

Nothing determines the duration and success of marketing as much as the right offer price in the online synopsis or newspaper advertisement. Brokers know: there are hardly any unsaleable properties, just the wrong price.

Why? If the price of land for sale in Gurgaon is too low, sellers cannot save themselves from inquiries and still sell at a loss – and that with what is often the largest or only asset they have.

If the price is too high, however, sometimes no interested parties come up and the property degenerates into a slow-moving item. The length of stay of offers can be researched well in real estate exchanges. And the expiry time of an offer in online exchanges is just four to six months.

A first calculation of the price of a real estate sale can be made by multiplying its living space by the average selling price per m² of the sector.

This first calculation of the price of apartments for sale in Gurgaon is necessary, but not sufficient. For example, the selling price of a house takes into account other elements such as the presence of a large lot or the condition of the dwelling.

The selling price of an apartment or a house depends on the specific characteristics of the property for sale. A privileged location or the presence of exceptional services can justify a higher than average selling price.

Conversely, certain housing characteristics may give grounds to a sale price lower than the market average. This is the case for apartments on the ground floor, less sought after by buyers than those on the top floor.

To narrow down the ideal selling price for your house or apartment, you can contact real estate agents in Delhi having the required expertise.

Is It Safe To Invest In Real Estate?

We will help you to compare with different points, an investment in real estate or in stock market, in order to know the most favourable.

Specifically, people who have money to invest often ask the question, “What is a better investment- apartments for sale in Gurgaon or shares? There is no exact answer because it depends very much on your preferences and your investment strategy. However, we will start by looking at each type of investment:

apartments for sale in Gurgaon


Investing in real estate with a rental investment involves buying a property for rent, house or apartments. Each month you receive rent from your tenant, you pay the fees and keep the difference as a profit.

Investing in the stock market with shares represents a financial participation, you buy a piece of business. You can buy shares in a company regardless of its activity. You hope that the company gains value in order to sell your shares at higher prices.


Everything will depend on the strategy of your investment. The scholarship can dream because it can garner high capital gains in a short time, however, investors do are never safe from a turnaround in an identical time.

If you invest for the long term, your profitability will depend mainly on when you invest: that is, if you buy stocks at the highest, in the long run, it will be very difficult to achieve good profitability.

Although in recent years the market is up, worries remain with the rise including rates and oil strikes for example! You have to be very careful. This is not always the case, many investors get used to the hikes and forget that the market follows cycles. Inevitably after a bull market follows a consolidation or a declining market.

Why is it advantageous to invest in land for sale in Gurgaon?

It’s a more stable market than the stock market

By investing in real estate, you can take advantage of leverage. The leverage effect is the ratio of the money you have invested and the money you are given to make your investment.

When you buy your investment, you will usually take out a bank loan. On average, the contribution is 20%, and the bank lends the rest. For rental investment you will put your property to rent, income generated by the amount of rent paid by your tenant, can allow you to repay your loan. Thus the leverage effect is important for real estate investments. Unlike where, on the stock market, the use of financial leverage is much more restricted.

Indeed, when you invest in real estate once your loan has been repaid, you receive an additional income each month with the rent that you will pay to the tenant. Whether you are active or retired you know the amount you will collect and its frequency. In addition, in the long term your investment in stone is a heritage that you can pass on to your descendants.

With actions you can lose much of your stake in a few days. Unlike real estate, the declines are less significant due in particular to longer transaction times, and the duration of a higher investment. The Stone is therefore much more stable than the actions.

The financing of real estate investment is more advantageous, financial investments cannot be financed by a credit. While in real estate it is possible, and it is a real good especially that today the interest rates are lower than the yield of the stone.