Categories of Office Real Estate

Commercial real estate is assigned one of the categories – A, B, C or D, the result depends on a large number of parameters, such as the year of construction, remoteness from the center, the state of engineering communications, infrastructure development, and repair quality. The most prestigious are considered real estate class A and B.

In category A, elite offices with the highest rents are located in the new business centers of the central part of the city. Typically, in category A offices, there is a restaurant, an underground parking lot, large conference rooms. The business centers in Delhi have the latest equipment, ventilation and air conditioning systems, fire and security alarm sensors, and fiber optic lines. It is also planned individual decoration or author’s design of the premises.

Offices of category B are not much inferior regarding comfort to class A. They are often located in business centers built 5-7 years ago, or in old, but renovated buildings in the central part of the city. Such real estate differs from class A in that it may not have an automated building management system.

Commercial property category C usually rent small firms that do not want to overpay for a prestigious business center in Noida. Most often, this class includes re-equipped buildings of scientific research institutes and state enterprises. There is no common system for air conditioning and ventilation, but there is central heating in winter, as well as telephone lines and the Internet. Often the room requires cosmetic repairs.

Category D assumes outdated engineering communications and lack of necessary life support services. Usually, such buildings need major repairs. In general, it can be noted that in India today there are a lot of lucrative offers for renting office real estate, that is, the quantity exceeds demand, and therefore, in large cities it will not be problematic to find a new office in a convenient location with a well-developed infrastructure.

Is it possible to save on rent?

There are always ways to save a little on renting office real estate, but you cannot unequivocally say which option suits a particular company.For example, today it is popular to rent an office for a short time and part-time work. If the premises are necessary to conduct training, meetings, and meetings several times a month, you can save by renting an office for the required period, for example for one day.

Of course, with this option, it will not be possible to make repairs and install all necessary equipment, but everything that is necessary for the work process (furniture, internet) will be there. Today you can rent for a short time a few isolated premises or an office in open space format.

To save money, you can rent a smaller office space in Saket, and part of the employees can be transferred to a remote job. Recent researches of scientists have shown that 80% of employees of Indian companies may not be present at the workplace for successful fulfillment of the tasks set. Due to modern means of communication, it is possible to establish effective communication between employees.