Can Office And Retail Premises Be Present In The Presence Of People Living In The City?

Fully furnished office space in India, in the real estate sectors, have traditionally caught the attention of home buyers, with the increasing demand for residential housing, developers started building projects in the periphery of the major cities. As the offices were already going in this periphery or suburbs, developers also began to develop a center, which provides a mix of office and retail channels, receives names, office-retail complexes or ORCs themselves.

As the fully furnished office space in India are expanded, companies have gone to the big areas of their businesses in the CBD, which are ultimately close to the saturation point. The concept office- with the retail premises, the increase in the office space will increase soon, in the design and incorporation city. For the occupants, cafes, pubs, fine meals, also, some parts of entertainment such as BFSI and ATM are extremely desirable in the proximity of the office space.

The combination fulfills the needs of the office attendants, retail and commercial segment are balancing, and at the same time, there is hope to bring praise along with progress. They are designed with two or more entrance sections dedicated to retail customers and employees, to ensure that there is no work in cross-purposes.

The split floor has been expanded along with the fact of getting profit for each segment. In the retail outlets, the first two floors will be captured, While REC will be in the form of hedge tools for the real estate developer community, for the top floor offices to maintain the value pricing for retail and office space.

Retail players are assured to flourish because they tap into the catchment area, a large part of which involves the employee working in the same fully furnished office space in Noida. In the last two decades, many new business districts (BDs) are emerging in Tier I cities.

This trend began to develop when the cities started expanding rapidly and either saturated in their traditional central business districts. It also follows in offices that had corporate possession although the cities of Tier II have not yet fully developed under the ORC trends, in other cities this concept is also growing, its relevance and the enormous benefits offered by retailers and companies.

As India rapidly assimilates into the global economy and the number of people living in Delhi-NCR, Mumbai and Bengaluru is increasing; a business district is incomplete without some retail areas. If the transition is now in the way, then the private place will also be a part of this convergence.

Realtors and real estate developers are coming up with such a trend to meet and address the needs of workplaces and entertainment centers, and which areas are spreading in the ORC. That is the flow of working population. It is not possible in metro and standalone commercial towers, where space is a barrier. In demand for fully furnished office space in Noida for the last few years, the break has given rise to such a trend which is growing rapidly. Office space at strategic locations with developers offering Great Township projects near ORCs, which provides excellent connectivity and access.