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Buying An Apartment Or Independent House?

Having a home is a financial goal that exceeds nationality and religion. After completing the financial planning and necessary savings, now the questions come whether to buy an independent house or an apartment.

The increasing number of family members, chick lifestyle and inter-state movement of the population for jobs headed to the practical flourishing of apartment lifestyle in the big cities. If you’re looking for a property but confuse between an apartment or an independent house then you need to consider the following points.


The purchasing value of an independent house is much higher compared to a flat, as result the home loan requirement is increasing drastically. The cost of the plot increase more due to its value, the clearances certificate from MCD or other authorities, the stamp responsibility paid to the Government, raw materials, labour wages and the architecture cost in care of revamps.  But in the case of a flat, the builder deal with all the technical formalities and you just need to pay the exact amount that the builder asks. But as a future investment, an independent house can give you twice more than you can expect from a flat.


Buying a flat comes with various facilities including security, backup energy, 24X7 water supply, parking space whereas in an independent house you need more effort for setting up these services. If you want all these properties for an independent house, these all facilities can cost upt0 10-20% of the property cost. Also, setting up such properties can take a long time.


Compare to independents villas or residents, money appreciation hasn’t always been as excessive as an apartment. It is because of the initial capital involved and the limited demand compare to flat. It’s because of the excessive initial capital investment and the limited demand compare to flats. Due to the identical reason, it’s not easy to sell an independent house. On the other side, apartments are in high demand and easy to sell or rent.

Living in an independent flat encourages homeowners to live in harmony with social abode without discrimination of caste or faith on-premises. There is social members of all walks of lifestyle are welcomed which is missing in independent house living.  


In the market of real estate, there are two kinds of prospective buyers. Some buyers want property for personal use while others want to make the most of an investment opportunity. If you’re looking for a long-term investment then go for an independent house and a short-term go for an apartment. If you’re looking for a rented property in Noida then contact us now and get the best deal without any hassle!