Buy or Rent- A Tough Decision for You

“Do you have an apartment?” “A car?”- The answer to these questions seemed suddenly changes attitude to man. It is believed that if you bought something expensive, then you have achieved a particular status in society. Somewhere it is so because all of these purchases need to earn money. But what if the acquisition is, in principle, is not a necessity?

When the married couple buys or takes out a mortgage for an apartment, in a society it is encouraging, or at least understanding. A young family wants to equip itself a nest, wants stability, so that the children had a place to live and they also have something to pass on. Anyway, real estate – it’s one of the few more or less reliable way to invest. In the end, why not buy an land for sale in Gurgaon when you have the money and means?

Prices to benefits ratio

Apartments are now painfully overpriced. It is understood even by people who do not have in-depth knowledge of the real estate and construction domain. If we calculate the cost of an apartment and compare it with the rented properties in Delhi, it would appear that the cost of buying and renting are roughly comparable. Of course, having the possession of the apartment, as well as in the lease, it has its distinct advantages and disadvantages. The trouble only is the fact that the setting it is, in fact, the same rent.

How long the land for sale in Gurgaon you purchased will stand? 30, 40, 100 years? If you think that, after 50 years of purchase your apartment will be all right, then look into the facts. In general, very few homes outlive their owners. So, buying an apartment – it’s like a long-term of its lease.

A person living in a world of instability is willing to pay double the price for at least some guarantees. When buying an apartment, we hope that none of us will be evicted from there and that the repair can be done to your liking, without entering into disputes with the owner of the rented properties in Noida.

Buying something that can be rented, we pay more for a sense of confidence. And this feeling often has little to do with reality, as in the case of disasters, wars and earthquakes, which can equalize your house to the ground, and in the case of ordinary domestic troubles such as stolen cars or accidentally torn jeans – anywhere there are no guarantees.

Therefore, when you see a man who, with a quiet mind, is living in rented properties in Delhi- remove the hat. He has a steel shutter; he does not need guarantees. But if a person was an explicit love of shopping and excessive desire to save for a house/yacht/boat/plane, it is possible that he thus seeks to compensate for their fears, to feel safe and to establish control over their lives.


When living in rented properties in noida, you do not overpay for the guarantee and confidence in the future. Therefore, more profitable to rent than to buy. Consider the facts and statistics before making your final choice.