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Budget-Friendly New Home Decoration

Property dealers in India charge a huge amount and homebuyers spend all their savings to purchase a home. In the end, they aren’t able to buy things for their home. If you’re going through the same situation, don’t worry, as there’s plenty of things you could do even on a tight budget.

Customize Bedroom

For floor and bedroom, go with linen and mattresses that are not over your budget. Some local markets offer such things at a much lower price compared to shopping malls. Choose bright colours to make your new bedroom shine instantly.

Furniture Items

For the furniture items, spend only those articles that are of utmost importance. Things such as sofa sets, tables and beds are the most important home items that you should give preference. Because you have a limited budget, you could go to the furniture market to find articles of your choice at a much cheaper price.

Kitchen appliances

The kitchen is the heart of the home and the necessity of any household. Appliances such as gas stoves, hand or mixer blender and an oven are some important appliances of the kitchen. Instead of buying all the kitchen appliances, buy only important appliances.


Storage is another important thing to de-clutter your home. To manage the extra space buy cabinets that could store the extra crockery, cleaning products and other important products. Buying some resale products would again help you save money.

LED Lighting

LED lights play a crucial role to decorate the home and enhance its interior beauty. Buying quality LED lights may affect your pocket but it helps you a lot in the long run. Instead of buying heavy load light, buy a beautiful design LED to save electricity.

Design Bathroom

Just like other parts of the home, your bathroom also needs some make-over.  But to do so under a tight budget is quite challenging. Instead of buying expansive showers or bathtubs, add some colourful accessories that can change the feel of the bathroom on a low budget.


Decorating a new home under a tight budget is a complex task, however proper planning and eliminating unnecessary purchases could work for you. Try incorporating the tips provided above when you are thinking about re-decorating your house. This will save you loads of money and you will also be more satisfied with the work when it is done because your home will be unique and have its own style. Re-decorating your house on a budget can be done; you just need the will and some great ideas.