An Overview of Warehouse or Warehouse Rental

According to forecasts, within five years the warehouse real estate market will be replenished annually by 290-340 thousand square meters. High-class facilities. Thus, a significant amount of vacant space in the market will not appear soon, so rental rates will not decrease either. Moreover, some experts argue that the prices will even increase – at least 4% per year – so renting a warehouse for rent in Gurgaon will go up.

It is also known that in the next 2-3 years there will be an increase in warehouse space due to new large foreign projects for which investments have already been allocated. On the plans for the construction of warehouses with an area of up to 100 thousand square meters.

At present, the warehouse real estate market is on the rise. The need for warehouses and rental of warehouses is obvious. The defining parameters that are taken into account when choosing a warehouse complex are the area, location, convenient access to the warehouse and developed infrastructure. It is also very important to locate the warehouse about the nearest transport arteries and directions, as well as distance from the highways and the Ring Road if the warehouse is in the Delhi region.

For interested persons, warehouse rental is a responsible activity. It is necessary to take into account a lot of parameters: the time that must be spent on the entrance to the warehouse depending on the time of day, the absence of traffic jams on the roads leading to the warehouse, signs, and flaps informing drivers, and the proper organization of technological zones.

Before the company engaged in renting out warehouse premises, it is necessary to find the optimal combination of the needs of the client’s business, which decided to remove the storage of the responsible storage , and the possibilities of the warehouse complex: to determine the necessary area of the warehouse, calculate the goods flow, prepare documents.

Among the lessors of warehouses of classes B and A, there are three main categories: they are professional developers specializing in the construction of warehouses only; logistic parks belonging to the city; Enterprises that lease part of their premises for warehouse needs.

One of the requirements for today’s warehouse complexes and warehouse real estate is modern technical equipment. The warehouse for rent in Delhi must have high-quality security and communication systems. Also, for many tenants engaged in activities related to food or semi-processed food, the temperature regime of storage in the warehouse is important. And for others, a very important service is responsible storage.

However, the current state of the market for food storage services is characterized by excessive demand in the absence of adequate supply of quality warehouses, so it is not so easy to rent a suitable warehouse for rent. Relatively low costs and easy maintenance make cold warehouses are quite “tasty” for domestic and foreign investors. Then, when some businessmen try to build as many cold warehouses as possible, others work with specific clients.