An Overview about Commercial Office Space in Connaught Place

Connaught place is the biggest commercial business and financial hub. It has big multinational companies and even small scaled Indian firms. It is in the heart of the city, and the commuting part is surely not a difficulty with all the Delhi metro, bus facilities, auto rickshaws, instant cab facilities are frequently available which makes it easy and comfortable for the people. The variety of commercial office spaces available in Delhi and NCR are vast. It truly depends on the needs and the budget one wants the space. A fully furnished place is ready to move in with furnished tables, chairs, cabinets, boards etc available. On the other hand unfurnished ones would be more like a raw empty space and the clients would have to shed off a good amount of money to get it done as per their requirements and needs.

1. Office space at the Statesman house has ample area for car park, centrally air conditioned. Excellent space area options from 1250 sq ft, 2200 sq ft, 5000 sq ft whichever one suits the requirement.

2. Narain Manzil is a fully furnished ready to move in office space in Connaught place located in such prestigious buildings has 4 units on each floor. Excellent space for the conference hall, cabins, reception area, ample natural light for your spacious office space.

3. Gopal Das Towers – fully air conditioned with excellent space selection from 2200sq ft, 5500 sq ft, 10000 sq ft according to your needs and requirements. Round the clock security, main road facing which attracts majority clients.

Renting a property in Delhi is a big task and requires a lot of research work from both the ends i.e., landlord and tenant. A landlord is worried about the property usage, premises maintenance, regularity of rent etc. on the other hand the tenant is worried about the area, facilities, location, neighborhood, not much interference by the landlord etc. The first step is to ascertain the correct rent amount, because keeping in mind the competitive market and the market rate. A fully furnished house on rent has a premium charge. For independent houses and floors, one must keep track of the nearby property rent and then apply it to theirs.

The second step comes when one needs to advertise the property so that the best opportunities can approach for it. They apply online and inform the brokers in the localities who would help them.

The third step and the most crucial one would be arranging a lease agreement. One must make a rental agreement which would bind the landlord and the tenant to agree on a few terms and conditions mutually. The legal agreements should be done carefully and here are a few points one should keep in mind with rented property –

1. Name, address and father’s name is required for both landlord and tenant.
2. Rent should also be clearly mentioned and also the mode of payment as well as the date of payment should be duly mentioned.
3. Payment of the water, electricity, management bills and charges should be well mentioned.

4. The most important one is the purpose of tenancy i.e., whether it is a residential or commercial purpose should be clearly mentioned in the agreement for rented property.

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