Rented Property For Sale

Advantages Of Investing In Rented Property For Sale In India

Investment opportunities in the real estate sector are aplenty and yet people overlook the potential of inventing in a rented property for sale. Moreover, their presence is ubiquitous in the urban centers like Delhi NCR or even the plush areas of South Delhi. Investors need to look beyond buying an independent property or duplexes and consider such properties. 

How Rented Property for Sale can be a worthy investment? 

  1. Consistent income source: A major enticing factor of the rented property for sale is the steady income stream they provide. Once you purchase a property which has a proven track record of giving good returns as rent or is already generating rent, the investment reaps instant rewards as opposed to a well decked up flat waiting to be occupied by tenants.
  2. Lower Risk: When we compare the risk factor between a vacant property and rented property for sale, the latter has much lower risk. The reason being they already have tenants in place. Therefore, it relieves the investors from the challenges of extended vacancy period and also ensures that the cash-flow remains consistent
  3. Tax Benefits: Of all the benefits, the benefit of taxes is the biggest takeaway in the renter property for sale as the investors can deduct expenses such as property taxes, maintenance costs, and mortgage interest from their taxable income. This in turn, reduces their overall tax liability.

Maximizing Monetary Benefits

In order to maximize the monetary benefits in the rented property for sale, an investor can employ a few strategies which can give them long-term gains. These include: 

  1. Regular maintenance: Ensure the property is well maintained, has no dent and that it retains much of its aesthetic charm to appeal a potential tenant. The more premier the look of the rented properties for sale in Delhi, the more it can command as premium rents.
  2. Optimizing rental rates: In order to have a consistent income strategy, it is important to review the rent periodically and adjust as per the market conditions. This way the offer price stays competitive and not below par from the standards of the real estate market. 
  3. Long-term leases: If stability of income is your first priority for the rented property for sale in South Delhi, then the owners are better off having tenants who are willing to sign long-term leases. A long-term lease provides stability and predictability in rental income.

Checklist before investing in a rented property for sale

  1. Location: There is no way one can give a miss to the location of the property before they choose an investment in the rented property for sale.Be very sure in evaluating the location and how well it is connected with the local amenities and transportation hubs.  
  2. Rental Demand: Do a bit of ground work on much the rental demand is or rented property for sale in Delhi NCRThis ensures steady income and also minimizes the vacancy risks.
  3. Tenant Profile: It is important to look into the tenant profile before committing to give a rented property. Check for their rental history, creditworthiness, and also assess the stability of rental income.


Once you have done an assessment based on the checklist prepared, you can leverage on the advantages of the rented property for sale. The real estate market in India especially in Delhi NCR is thriving at an unprecedented pace. With such investments getting lucrative, one needs to be wise in their decision-making process. Get in touch with Jain Oncor to discuss the feasibility of rented properties with our team of real estate consultants who can help you navigate the challenges involved in the real estate sector altogether.