5 Rules to Follow When You Rent Office in a Business Center

Many blogs and editorial sites explain what are the rules to follow for cohabitation between colleagues? What are the ways to make the office a friendly and less stressful place? Or what are the things to bypass in a work environment delimited by four walls?

But what are the balances to maintain when beyond the four walls there are other offices, which share corridors, walls, and common areas?

Who rents an office within a Business Centre in Delhi, and then is to share the space not only with its employees but also with other companies, each with very different needs and behaviors who further emphasizes sharing in co-working spaces, where the closeness becomes even denser?

This is why, it is good that the person in charge of the single office enforces a few simple rules on his team, which could be a sort of tacit “super-regulation” of a Business Center.

So what are these rules? And how to respond if they are not respected?

Contain noise. 

Everyone deserves to take those 10-15 minutes off work, to drink coffee and chat with colleagues. Whether in your office or the hallway, it’s important to remember that during our breaks, others are working. Even if nobody forbids doing all these things comfortably at the desk, it is good not to forget that the best solution is to use the spaces used for this purpose, usually located in an area more isolated from the office rooms.

It is advisable to avoid excessive shouting or stops along the corridors, to avoid the risk of disturbing the concentration and the work of the nearest offices.

Keep order and cleanliness in spaces.

Not everyone is a maniac of order, but the standard areas, to remain welcoming to employees as for customers and guests, must necessarily be ordered and cleaned. It will be up to the person to ensure that a level of dignity is preserved so that there is respect for those who arrive later and would otherwise find themselves in the unfortunate situation of offering a coffee to a customer in a disordered or dirty area.

Respect meeting room reservations.

The meeting rooms are the ideal place for the circulation of information, the presentation of a project, the strengthening of teamwork and the exchange of opinions. We must remember that in a Business Center these are rooms that must be booked and therefore delimit their use at certain times. Involved in your meeting, perhaps with the door closed, we often forget that after the due time it could be the turn of another customer. It is not essential to leave the room at the split minute, but it may be a good idea to make sure that the place has not been booked immediately. Just to not interrupt it would be useful to inquire at the reception before the meeting.


To share. In a logic more related to co-working, we close this list with a fundamental rule to be respected, the only one that tautologically remembers the title, and reminds us that the best condition sine qua non to share spaces is to share. But co-working is not merely about sharing a physical space. Working in the space of this type includes sharing the experience, skills, knowledge and often the activities of each, creating a connection between people and companies that can hardly be achieved if divided by walls and obstacles, but a Business Centre in Noida can assist in training and growing.