What are the Factors that Realtors should Keep in Mind

Have you ever wondered what do the real estate agents do? It is usually thought that they simply deal with selling and renting houses, but the truth is another, they do a lot of things to ensure that transactions between buyers and sellers, tenants and owners are successful and there are no surprises.

Let’s briefly explain why real estate agents in Delhi are very important in real estate negotiation.

– Analyze the real estate market:

Agents analyze the marketplace of their area daily because this is very important in defining the value of the property for sale or rent and understanding whether a purchase or rental is a good choice. It enables customers to know how to handle offers and how to make counterfeits, all this makes it possible to shorten the times of negotiations.

– They’re often on the phone:

They receive phone calls for ads in advertising and give all the information necessary with great availability. Keep in touch with other colleagues to let them know what properties they have for sale or rent and look for what responds to customer requests.

– They are always looking for new potential sellers or renters:

Spend at least a couple of hours a day looking for potential sellers or renters. This process of searching for sellers or renters who meet customer demands can be very long and hard.

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Startupper: Which Premises to Choose?

When you create your startup, you can work on the project for several months from your living room. However, the moment the business grows up (at least we hope so with all your heart) and where it’s time to set up your start-up somewhere rather than hugging you and your employees on your couch. But finance remains a complicated subject to manage and, even if you have just made a fundraising amount of money, it is important to know how to develop your startup as it grows up and therefore control its rent.

Today the most common offer on the market is the commercial lease, or Bail 3/6/9. This solution implies that you settle in your premises. It is then necessary to provide a large cash flow related to the move, the deposit, agency fees, legal fees and any work. So for a startup whose team size can often vary, the 3/6/9 lease solution lacks flexibility and is much more expensive. The cost of a 3/6/9 lease is estimated to be 1.5 times the price of a coworking job.

That’s why we are presenting alternatives to the 3/6/9 lease to accommodate you more flexibly and cheaply.


Working at home has several advantages, the most important of which is the cost of rent. More and more companies are accepting this new trend. Indeed, with the advent of new technologies and the multiplication of instant messaging tools, one can communicate as easily as the office. However, in a young company, you need to be surrounded by people you trust if you choose to work from home. We must also think that it is much more difficult to create a strong corporate culture and to retain employees, by having them work remotely.


The incubators, incubators, and nurseries are more than workplaces and wish to support entrepreneurs in their project, each with its particularity. The common points of these different offers are to offer premises, workshops that can guide entrepreneurs and expand his address book.


What was considered a trend had become a real solution. Once you realize that you can work in open space with colleagues who do not perform the same functions as us, it becomes conceivable to work with roommates who do not work in the same company like us. On the model of nurseries, these spaces advocate the exchange between different companies, without particular support.

If unofficially, the office space in India are accompanied by some entrepreneurs, this is not in their specifications. Most coworking spaces are attractive because of their design or their original third places.

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An Overview of Warehouse or Warehouse Rental

According to forecasts, within five years the warehouse real estate market will be replenished annually by 290-340 thousand square meters. High-class facilities. Thus, a significant amount of vacant space in the market will not appear soon, so rental rates will not decrease either. Moreover, some experts argue that the prices will even increase – at least 4% per year – so renting a warehouse for rent in Gurgaon will go up.

It is also known that in the next 2-3 years there will be an increase in warehouse space due to new large foreign projects for which investments have already been allocated. On the plans for the construction of warehouses with an area of up to 100 thousand square meters.

At present, the warehouse real estate market is on the rise. The need for warehouses and rental of warehouses is obvious. The defining parameters that are taken into account when choosing a warehouse complex are the area, location, convenient access to the warehouse and developed infrastructure. It is also very important to locate the warehouse about the nearest transport arteries and directions, as well as distance from the highways and the Ring Road if the warehouse is in the Delhi region.

For interested persons, warehouse rental is a responsible activity. It is necessary to take into account a lot of parameters: the time that must be spent on the entrance to the warehouse depending on the time of day, the absence of traffic jams on the roads leading to the warehouse, signs, and flaps informing drivers, and the proper organization of technological zones.

Before the company engaged in renting out warehouse premises, it is necessary to find the optimal combination of the needs of the client’s business, which decided to remove the storage of the responsible storage , and the possibilities of the warehouse complex: to determine the necessary area of the warehouse, calculate the goods flow, prepare documents.

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Co-Working and Lease 3/6/9: What to Choose?

That’s it; you’re an entrepreneur! The administrative course looped, it is now a question of finding the ideal place: operating expenses mastered while preserving functionality, comfort, and attraction in your workspace. To help you in your steps, Jain Oncor proposes a comparison between co-working and the traditional lease 3/6/9.

When you start your business, your home is our first place of work. But when we try to find a new one, we have several possibilities. To have your own premises, it is possible to go through a lease. But if you’re looking for a flexible and user-friendly workplace, co-working is the answer. Lease 3-6-9, co-working, what to choose?

If the number of workers involved in volume is not yet comparable, co-working is an alternative not to neglect regarding office space, especially since it is completely adapted to our time.

The third places, and in this case, the office space in Saket is no longer these “strange places” reserved for geeks or other connected communities. Their place in the world of work is no longer anecdotal as they are finding more and more of followers.

Do you want to save on your rent? So the lease 3/6/9 may not be the ideal solution, despite the attractive price presented in front, many hidden costs are to be taken into account. And real estate developers here decrypts the actual cost of a lease 3/6/9.

Not only does working in a co-working space provide many benefits, but it’s almost 1.5 times cheaper than a 3/6/9 lease. Indeed, even if the basic rent seems lower with a lease 3/6/9, we must add all the charges, taxes, equipment and services essential to the functioning of an office.

We took the example of a company of 15 to 20 people leasing an area of 200 m2. But you can play with the assumptions to adapt the example to your case.

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A Brief Description of Errors in Renting Office Space

Why do you need commercial real estate? Basically – to organize your business. But, speaking about the modern world, we observe that at the present time such a concept as fraud is actively developing, and frauds in the conditions of rent are quite popular now. How not to make mistakes when searching for a business center in Delhi? This is our article.

Finding a rented property in Delhi is not as difficult as taking into account all the nuances and subtleties when concluding a transaction and signing a lease. Very often, the owners of various companies are relatively light-minded about this important process, which leads to a large number of unpleasant consequences.


People in our world are very inventive, and in the field of real estate renting, many different ways have been devised to trick the inexperienced tenant. We list the main of them:

Conditions with a “subtext” that is unprofitable for you: it may be the deprivation of the rights to improvements, and various kinds of fines, perhaps – “fake” measurements of the area.

“Third person”: the conclusion of an agreement with a person who does not have any legal documents confirming his ownership of the leased area;

Conclusion of contracts with the expired term of the power of attorney.

Proposal for renting premises that are subject to illegal actions (for example, problems with the tax service or arrest).

Conclusion: in order to avoid mistakes in leasing, it is necessary to demand from the lessor a list of documents refuting all the possible inaccuracies listed above.

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Change of Office : General Rules and Nuances

A competently chosen and organized office is one of the defining conditions for successful business development.

The successful location of the office and its format are especially relevant for developing companies and enterprises mastering new areas of activity.

Changing the location of the office, such companies pursue the following objectives:

• Increase of the areas for accommodation of employees and improvement of conditions of their work;

• Increase in the level of representation functions;

• Placement of points of sale in places with the highest intensity of client traffic;

• Use of advantageous arrangement of a leased premises for advertising promotion of production or services.


Systematically organized selection of premises for the organization of the company office reduces the search time and significantly reduces the number of costs associated with the organization of work in a new location.

Algorithm search for office space:

Determination of the directions of use of the premises: a representative office for important meetings and serious business negotiations; customer service point; a room to house the company’s infrastructure;

Select location of the rented properties in Delhi. For representative purposes, it is better to rent space in prestigious business centers located in the central part of the city. The most successful variant of location of the customer service point is the premises on the first floors of the buildings located near administrative buildings, shopping centers, and transport interchanges. Support services can be placed in the office center on the city outskirts;

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Advantages of Renting an Office in the City Center

You decided to open your business and, of course, immediately faced a few primary questions, among which the first is the question of renting an office space, where will your company be located? We understand you. Certainly, the selection of the optimal room is not an easy task, it requires time, patience and attention to detail because it is the appearance of the office that the first visitors will begin to judge about you. They meet, as they say, “On clothes” and we will help to look solid, strict, reliable and responsible for your business!

Any organization that starts a commercial activity seeks to occupy the best square meters located in the busiest, most accessible and business district of the city. Of all the possible places in the city, people in business, most often, prefer to buy or rent an office located in the city center. Why rent an office in the center so popular?

Convenient location: The office located in the central area of the city is always convenient for both employees and customers of the company. Immediate proximity to the main transport lines and bus stops allows you to get to the office from any point in a short time.

Developed infrastructure: Rented property in Delhi guarantees you to provide all necessary engineering networks: a clear telephone connection, as well as an uninterrupted Internet.

The high permeability of people, which means that the company’s office located in the center of the city will always be visible to everyone.

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Abusive Real Estate Agents – How to Recognize Them and How to Behave

We know, maybe you’ve never thought about it, and you’ve always assumed that those who propose to you to sell your home is a realtor regularly qualified for the profession, but unfortunately, in India, it is not exactly like that!

It could have happened to you if you are already looking for rented properties in Delhi or selling a house for several months to deal with without knowing it with characters who pretend to be realtors but have no title to practice and are not guaranteed for their civil liability in the case where you get damage, doing this job illegally.


By stumbling into an abusive real estate agent, the biggest risk that you run is that of not being protected in case of situations that due to negligence or professional errors of the pseudo-agent. It leads you to lose money without being guaranteed in the sale by the policy to cover potential damage that every regular real estate agent has!


The unauthorized real estate agents are all those who carry out the profession of real estate agent without being authorized to do so, not being registered in the appropriate registers of the Chamber of Commerce of belonging.

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Office Space- The Second Requirement of the Startup-ers

Above all, it is a great need for autonomy and adventure that motivates startup-ers. “Meeting challenges,” “changing the rules,” “being independent” and “creating my job” are the first four motivations of their choice. Motives that express the vision they have today of the classic business: a place of constraint where it is difficult to express oneself.

As for the choice of the market, it is above all its potential for growth that drives entrepreneurs to get started, followed by the desire to meet the needs of consumers not supported.

Who are the startup-ers?

The startup creator is a young man, graduated from a business school. In fact, only 19% of them are women, and 66% are between 25 and 34 years old. The majority of founders met in school or were friends before, and only 17% of them work alone. Finally, unlike the myth, the startup-er is not necessarily geek when we see the distribution of skills, where technical development is only third behind business and finance, and marketing.

What are they doing?

Of the B2C mainly, which concerns 42.6% of the projects, which is explained by the attraction of success models. However many founders are reviewing their business model and decide to move towards B2B, more profitable and better adapted to the market structure in France and Europe: need less volume than B2C startups to earn money, less volatile customers, and higher average baskets. Also, B2B models rely more on technology than on marketing development, which is often more random.

Finally, the target markets are varied and varied: leisure, design, consumer goods, media, education, food, etc. No sector or almost is ignored by young entrepreneurs, ready to embark on all industries.

What are their needs?

If 29% of startups require technical expertise, 32.6% of them seek financial expertise. This need for expertise is explained by the fact that the majority of entrepreneurs are entering a market whose opportunities they have seen but which they are not specialists in.

Nor should we forget the basic needs of the network and IT office space in Noida, the first need mentioned by 61% of entrepreneurs. It is, therefore, a truly global support needed by young start-up creators, based on two complementary pillars: the infrastructure and the network on the one hand, and strategic advice (technical and commercial) on the other.

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Questions to Ask Yourself to Domicile Your Company

Even if it is not systematic, the domiciliation address is chosen by a contractor usually becomes his place of work. Hence the interest of asking the right questions before taking the appropriate steps to launch one’s activity. At your home, in a co-working space, in an incubator, in your business premises?

Do you build your business with others?

Unless you work remotely with your employees, the solution of domiciling your business to your home address can quickly reach its limits. The problem of space, lack of credibility in the eyes of your customers or your potential investors; fortunately, there are several other solutions!

If you need to meet only from time to time, while gaining credibility, the domiciliation company is a good option. The proposed addresses, which are often well located, cannot be places suitable for the daily activity.

However, it is possible to rent rooms on an ad hoc basis to receive your customers or organize a meeting. Before subscribing to a domiciliation agreement, you must also take good care of the obligations and limitations of your contract.

If you want to be in daily contact with other creators in a dynamic and relaxed atmosphere, then office space in Gurgaon are probably for you!

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