Well-Furnished Office to Ensure harmony and Productivity!


Imagine your workplace and imagine how many hours you spend there. So many! This is why it is important for all office workers to feel completely at ease. Nowadays, business owners can get rid of this worry, all thanks to fully furnished office space in Noida.

Operating spaces, accessories, furniture, must have a perfect balance, maximizing the available space and leaving some for free is also important to create good working environment, fortunately, IT office space in India offer all this at one place.

No matter what day or month is it, there are those who plan to set up a new business and then set up an office for the first time, or there are those who have decided to change the image of their workspace, redecorating it with a nod to modern design and to the convenience of workers, customers and collaborators.

So, viewing all this, we have selected some essential things that you should have in your office space so that your office becomes able to respond to different needs of the workers.


We start from the reception, the first window that is presented to a customer, invited to wait for his appointment. For the comfort of customers or, why not, even workers who want to take a break, an office should have a reserved space for sofas, an essential accessory to say the least.


Workspace is the beating heart of an office, this place where the workers live must have at their disposal chairs, tables, lights and supports, as comfortable as possible, to avoid annoyances that could arise when using furnishing elements not in line with the need to spend a lot of time in a sitting position.

This is combined with all those accessories that cannot be missing in an office: from pen holders to baskets, from footrests to wall clocks, without forgetting accessories for PCs.

Another area to keep an eye on is the conservation and organization of documents and products useful for the office. This is where wardrobes, shelving and containers come in handy, which allow you to organize and distribute stationery and various documents in the best possible way, avoiding creating unnecessary clutter that hinders the normal course of work.

Ensuring excellent working conditions is a duty of every company which in this way also manages to guarantee the high productivity of its employees who feel at ease in the environment in which they work. With fully furnished office space in Gurgaon, it will be easier than you think.

If you are looking for a furnished office for rent, then there are several websites that provide different options. The term furnished office rental refers to the rental of an office of various sizes and workstations.

The contracts are flexible in duration and space. In the duration as you can choose the contractual period most appropriate for you and extend the rental upon expiry. It is flexible in space as you will find different office sizes that adapt to different moments in the life of your company.

The flexibility of the lease is all the more marked by the ease that you will have the authority to choose from a wide range of option as per your wishes.

Land Investment as a Safe bet for Investors

apartments for sale in Noida

Real estate investment consists of acquiring a property not with the aim of living there, but as a savings investment to earn income. For this reason, investing in apartments for sale in Noida is not a trivial act: you must know enough about the state of the market and the different investment possibilities not to put your money in risky options.

This article is intended to familiarize you with the concept of buying and selling land for sale in Delhi.

Today, investment activities are no longer new to society. The biggest reason why investing is so in demand is because this method is an opportunity for someone to create a new source of finance besides the monthly salary.

Well, among the existing types of investment, investment in the property sector is one of the favourites of investors. Not only about houses or apartments, land investment can also be counted as a property investment instrument.

Why invest in real estate?

Several reasons may push you to make a real estate investment:

  • Build up a tangible and lasting heritage;
  • Finance real estate with the aim of later making it its main residence, through rental investment;
  • Seek to improve purchasing power by collecting additional income;

It is therefore particularly advantageous today to embark on this adventure. But what type of land you should choose? And how to finance your project?

World is filled with investment instruments starting from gold, stock stocks, Bitcoin, property, and others. With so many investment instruments, it makes investors wonder, which is the safest investment instrument? And of course, which one is the most profitable?

The name of investment, surely the goal is profitable, but it turns out that there is one investment instrument that is the safest, and is a very profitable investment among other investments!

According to research results, the most profitable investment is property investment! Why? Because

Asset value can be increased with minimum capital

The asset value of a property will automatically increase due to continuous development and also due to a very significant population development. By only putting your minimum capital, the value of your investment will increase by itself, so you can sit quietly while folding your legs while waiting for the value of the investment to rise by itself.

Opportunity to Get Capital Gain

As is known, the availability of land is getting thinner day by day, especially in urban areas. Whereas the demand for property also increases along with population growth. Therefore, it is not surprising that land prices often increase over time.

For investors, this moment is seen as an opportunity to reap profits through land investment. This is also the reason why land can be used as a long term investment.

On the other hand, an increase in land prices gives you the opportunity to enjoy capital gains. If at one time the environment around your land undergoes infrastructure development, then the price of land can also skyrocket.

Find out why people choose Fully Furnished Office Spaces

fully furnished office space in Noida

Recently there has been a considerable increase in requests for fully furnished office space in Noida , that is, equipped with the furniture and accessories essential to start carrying out one’s work.

After all, the tenants do not usually have great demands in the selection of furnishings, but the relative purchase is never cheap: desks, dactyls, armchairs, waiting chairs, curtains, outdoor furniture, etc. they have a significant cost even if they do not carry the most renowned brands.

Another aspect to consider is the almost total absence of the need to customize office furniture: unlike what happens for home furnishings with an infinite number of finishes, colours, arrangements, etc. For most businesses, this problem also gets automatically resolved with the help of fully furnished office spaces in Gurgaon .

While, therefore, on the level of IT equipment, as well as on that of the systems, the needs vary from company to company, there is a certain uniformity in the choice of office furniture materials.

Alongside the economic expenditure mentioned above, the waste of time that the choice of office furniture entails is also important; even greater is often the wait for the arrival of the goods and for the complete assembly of the same, when you know that time, even more so for entrepreneurs, is money.

So entrepreneurs and professionals find themselves forced to wait months without being able to actually operate in the rented premises, but the possible inconveniences do not even end with the arrival of the furnishings:

  • Wear requires frequent maintenance and periodic replacement of the ruined furnishings,
  • The expansion of the number of workstations involves the need to purchase additional desks and worktops,
  • The need to have regular meeting determines the need for a meeting table, etc.

Even more problematic is the situation that occurs when there is a need to dismantle the headquarters: the fate of the furnishings is, in fact, always difficult to determine. As space is needed for their temporary placement in warehouses or garages, for their online sale, even to their donation in order to get rid of the relative annoyance.

Precisely to guarantee entrepreneurs and professionals immediacy in operations, flexibility of spaces and simplicity of management, the homonymous service, called “furnished office” was born and spread, provided by Business Centres or Office Centres.

In this case the convenience is maximum for guests who use not only an office already fully furnished and equipped but also wired, with active users and with a series of essential services for their business already included in the fee.

Also, in some office spaces, in addition to the use of the furnished and equipped office and the common areas, several other services are also available like:

  • The telecommunication services (optical fibre, telephone switchboard)
  • Secretariat and meeting room capable of earning many points in terms of image
  • Maintenance and cleaning that allow guests to think only of their own business
  • Relieving themselves completely of the management of the office
  • All this at an all-inclusive and affordable cost- a significant advantage!

Contribution of fully Furnished Offices in your Business Growth

office space in Gurgaon

Your office serves as a place for business operations, client communications, and daily reminders to meet your business goals. Choosing your office space lease is like any business decision which needsyou to consider cost-effective alternatives. Like instead of renting a traditional office space, you can go for fully furnished office space in Gurgaon. This type of office space will give your company a more luxurious image.

You will not bind valuable capital

As an emerging entrepreneur, your business needs to maximize all the capital you can have. Every penny is worth it. You certainly don’t need to tie up capital in long and complicated rental and deposit agreements.

Also, you don’t have to buy expensive furniture. These are the possibilities when you choose a traditional business office rental. You will be paying a lot of cash in rental security deposits, furniture purchases, and set fees.

On the other hand, renting fully furnished IT office spaces in Delhi have flexible rental terms that are suitable for the long term and you can benefit from fully furnished office space as well as fixed utility bills so you can manage your expenses better.

You can focus on your core business

If you choose fully furnished offices, not only will you benefit from flexible terms, most offices have shared facilities and support services. Bundled in the office deal includes front office services, administrative work such as mail handling, and support services including telephone lines and internet.

All of these additions not only make you look more professional, they allow you to focus less on managing the office and more on your business.

You get access to new markets

Afully furnished office in a good area give users a wide choice when it comes to setting up a base. This gives businesses the opportunity to create an unreachable address, and also provides access to business centres around the world.

Having an ideal strategic location is the key to brand perception and reputation. It’s also much more convenient in terms of transportation, client visits, and meeting opportunities.

Easy options for potential expansion

As your team grows in size, you can consider better planning with fully furnished offices. Due to flexible rental terms, you can make adequate arrangements or procedures to accommodate new staff.

Rearranging and repurchasing furniture will also drain your business resources, time and energy, slowing down your productivity at work. With fully furnished offices, you can easily move to a larger space that will adapt to the needs of your company.

You could rent a small office in the start-up phase and progressively move into larger offices in parallel with the expansion and increase of work.

Fully furnished offices are a great way to expand your business without having to incur the huge expense of traditional office space to rent out. You also get a great opportunity to focus on your business. At jainoncor.com, you can rent fully furnished offices with flexible rental agreements that can grow with you and support your future business plans.

Buying an Apartment- The Best gift you can give to your Loved Ones

For those of you who live in big cities, you may have thought about whether to buy a house or live in an apartment. Choosing an apartment for sale in Noida may be an attractive option for people who are really busy and don’t have time to take care of the house.

Although houses also have advantages over apartments, there are many reasons why we can choose to live in apartments for sale in Noida . Here, we explain why you should choose to live in an apartment compared to buying a house with all its accessories.

1. The apartment is very strategically located

The main reason people live in apartments is usually a very strategic location and close to various facilities. Apartment investment requires large capital and of course choosing the right location so that it can be sold so that it does not compete with home developers.

Usually apartments are located close to the city centre where there are many private or government offices and industrial activities. Thus transportation costs will be cut because they can use public transportation. So apartment residents can avoid buying a private vehicle.

2. The apartment is suitable for people who move frequently

The apartment is perfect for those who are pursuing a career. The demands of work usually make people move from one city to another. If they buy a house, it is certainly not efficient because one day it must be abandoned.

People also often choose boarding houses as a place to live. However, living in boarding houses is certainly not suitable and too narrow, especially for people who are married. Therefore the apartment is the right choice as a place to live.

3. Apartments are simpler, easier to take care of

For those who are pursuing a career, they may not have time to take care of the house with all its accessories. Taking care of the house takes more time and certainly drains concentration. That is one of the reasons why people choose apartments.

Compared to houses, apartments are much simpler and easier to maintain. In addition, apartments usually have technicians who are on standby 24 hours if there is a problem.

4. Apartment rental prices are relatively cheaper

Compared to renting a house, apartment rental prices are usually cheaper. An apartment is essentially a floor, part of a building. So the price of land or apartment land has been divided equally among all floors so the price can be cheaper.

5. Complete apartment facilities

Apartment facilities are much more complete than houses. With the same price as the price of the house, we can already get an apartment with complete facilities including furniture and furnishings. Meanwhile, if you buy a house, maybe you will only get an empty house.

6. High level of privacy and security

The apartment has a high level of security. Everyone who enters must pass strict security checks. Residents of the apartment will be freed from worrying about interference or threats from outside. This is the reason people live in apartments.

In addition, the apartment also has a high level of privacy. Apartment dwellers will be free from neighbours’ talk, something that might intrude on the privacy of those pursuing careers.

5 Elements to Organize a Productive Office Space

fully furnished office space in Noida

There are hundreds of entrepreneurs who operate from their homes. One of the reasons why they are hesitant to move their operations from home to a rental office space in Delhi is the anticipated rental costs.

But, did you know that you can turn rented fully furnished office space in Noida from a cost-generating entity into a productive revenue-generating asset?

Read on and discover the key elements to organizing a productive office space and how you can transform your office into one.

Productive office space starts with the right location

If you want to move your business operations from head office to rented office space, then you should start by finding the right location. Find a place where customers, suppliers and staff can easily find you and access your business.

A great location means there is a high possibility of increasing foot traffic, and enjoying close accessibility to surrounding businesses and transport links to increase productivity.

Productive offices have layouts that increase efficiency

Once you get an office space lease, a poor layout can further damage your staff’s productivity and negatively affect the business.

Layouts that have ‘silent thinking areas’ close to noisy machines, or missing rest areas are likely to hinder staff’s ability to work and complete tasks efficiently. On the other hand, a layout that optimizes collaboration makes room for multiple approaches to work and allows easy workflows increasing efficiency and productivity.

Productive offices consider staff comfort, health and safety

The office is the nerve centre of your business operations. Your team members meet there to strategize, brainstorm, and complete tasks. However, if they are working in an uncomfortable environment, such as a crowded room, the productivity level is likely to be much lower.

Other conditions that are important for optimizing staff engagement include proper lighting and ergonomics of office furniture.


Facilities like workplace equipment and internet connectivity are essential for smooth operation. If you are a professional looking to move into an office, fully furnished offices are an excellent choice. You will get office space, comfort, location and facilities in one package.

At jainoncor.com, you can find office spaces that provide in-house IT maintenance and support, high-speed Internet, and meeting and conference facilities. Basically, the real estate agents provide affordable, low-cost, hassle-free set-up furnished office space that meets all business needs. This will certainly fit your bill if you are looking for cheap office space rental.

Flexibility and look and feel

Full of piles of documents? Stock boxes piled up? All too often, employees use most of their desks and workspace to store excess documents and office supplies.

A workspace should ideally be open and clutter-free so that a person feels uninhibited to focus on their work and complete work tasks.

There should also be a better flow of human traffic without crashing into office furniture or requirements. Employees can also contribute and take responsibility for their own work environment, in creating a more efficient office space.

However, you can still keep some personal items as a great way to add a personal touch and set up the right environment for productivity.

Why Occupancy Rate In Fully Furnished Office Space In Gurgaon Matters?

If you decide to purchase a fully furnished office space in Gurgaon , or anywhere else for that matter, you’ll quickly learn how important occupancy rates are.

The proportion of leased or used workspace to overall available space is called the occupancy rate. When choosing a property like a Fully Furnished Office Space in noida or gurgoan it becomes an imperative indicator for measuring a property’s viability and social acceptability for business like consultancy. These figures could be used by entrepreneurs to estimate a property’s expected cash flows and the financial viability of a certain neighborhood.

We at Jain Oncor hope to assist, by teaching what determining a site impacts’ occupancy rates and whether it connects to your company’s potential performance.

1, The Location’s Desirability

The objective and subjective worth of an office building is heavily influenced by its placement. A good or unpleasant office site can be determined by criteria such as the parts of the city crime rate, public transit accessibility, closeness to central and mainstream entertainment districts, and etc.

As a result, before building or making investments in a fully furnished office space in Noida, CRE professionals must evaluate the office’s present or projected location.

2, Market Oversaturation

The utilization of residential and commercial buildings can be severely impacted by an overstock of all the available office space. When supply exceeds demand, potential renters seize the opportunity and seek lower-than-normal rentals. Market saturation might result in significantly decreased occupancy for endorsements that can refuse to lower rent charges.

One solution element contributing to the overcrowding of the real estate sector is the co-working trend. At the present pace of growth, co-working establishments, which represented roughly 50% of office leasing in 2018, are likely to occupy up to 30% of commercial inventories by 2023.

3, Adaptability to Future Workplace Trends

Because of the rise of Construction technology and the changing aspirations of both renters and lenders, the real estate industry has changed dramatically in recent years. This change has had an influence on the CRE office market, as well as other industries, and it will have a huge impact on the workforce of the future. Gone are the times when such an office’s attraction was simply based on its design or positioning on the exterior.

Today, factors like an office’s practicality, interior decorating, and utilities play a significantly larger role in attracting and retaining tenants, which has a direct effect on occupancy.

4Rival firms’ proximity

When it comes to fully furnished office space in Gurgaon, which is regarded as an IT Hub.

Blindly jumping into the pool with your competitors without careful market research might spoil your efforts.

Grouping, in some case, makes it easier for all to gain access to clients but also reduces supply costs and helps with cross-marketing.

Consult Jain Oncor

We hope you were able to figure out how the occupancy rate and the Fully Furnished Office Space in Gurgaon are co-related. If you require expert advice, please contact Jain Oncor today.


What Factors Determine The Price Of an IT Office Space In Delhi?

IT office space in Delhi

There is no better way to get your business off the ground than by acquiring an IT office space in Delhi. However, finding an appropriate Delhi office space in a budgeted amount is easier said than done.

Nevertheless, if you understand what elements influence the cost of an office, you may easily work around the problem, discover secret gen location and might even save some money.  

So, let’s look at the factors that influence the cost of IT office space in India.

Core Factors:-

The occupancy rate: It’s the proportion of leased or used space to overall available land, and it’s a crucial indicator for measuring a property’s success and popularity.

These figures are used to estimate a business’s expected cash flows, the financial health of a certain area. a very important factors used all the large corporation for their expansion.

Nature of your business: You are the only one who truly understands the nature of your firm and its operational requirements.

So, make a rough estimate of how much room you’ll need to run your firm effectively, and keep that in mind when you search for office space.

In NCR, there is an abundance of IT office space in Delhi. And you can easily find one that meets your requirements.

The number of employees working: The number of employees is another aspect that might help you determine how much room you’ll need.

Your office must have adequate room to accommodate all of your staff. Not only has that but there needed to be some extra room for the personnel to move about freely.

There is no need to choose office buildings facility if your firm is a start-up with a small number of employees. Similarly, if you have a large number of employees, you should avoid choosing a small office space.

Number of Equipment: Certain equipment is necessary to run a business properly and successfully. Make care to consider the amount of space needed to manage such appliances when choosing an office space.

Many individuals overlook this consideration when choosing office space, and when it comes time to install this equipment, the available space shrinks.

Parting Thought

You can easily find an optimal IT office space in India and run your business effectively, if you keep the aforementioned assessments in consideration. If you are interested in acquiring an office space feel free to reach out Jain encore and consult with our team.

Why Set Your First Start-Up Office in Business Center in India?

Business Center in India

Starting the first office of your start-up in Business Center in India is one of the most Start investments an entrepreneur can make for the preparation of the future as there are ten Distinct advantages of acquiring a furnished office in Business center in Gurgaon like places can provide.

Advantages of Utilizing Business Center for Start-Up Office

  • Just as a plant needs an adequate environment to grow and prosper, so your business needs space to extend its roots and the right ingredients to make it grow. The pre-furnished offices allow you to extend your professional wings by offering a customized solution
  • With a minimum investment, you can have the presentation of a large company, having your Office set up within an executive building where you will have various services at your disposal and for less money.
  • You will not need to pay any administrative expenses, nor cleaning staff who will keep the place clean.
  • A furnished office is right for you if you do not know how long you rent it. Otherwise, you will not have to take your furniture or leave it in storage, just adding to the expense of the company.
  • Regardless of your industry or state, It gives you instant credibility in the community, allowing you to gain the trust of customers, colleagues, and potential and existing customers quickly and easily.
  • There is a wide variety of workspaces to meet different needs, from services for mobile executives, executive offices, to complete floors designed to measure with all the amenities that each company needs to work better.
  • Renting a furnished office has the advantage that it is designed in advance; on top of it, you can always add the personal touch of your company to leave it to your liking.
  • An office, where everything is pre-installed simplifies many tasks, as Usually Business Center in Gurgaon-like places is already equipped to work with everything necessary.


Ask anyone who has gone through the procedure of setting up an office and will tell you how many different pieces are needed to complete the puzzle. Then why would you waste time and money if you achieve the same results without having to make such expensive investments, just utilize Business Center in India to open your first office?

What’s the Advantage of Investing in Pre-rented Properties in India

Property Dealer in India

First what is Pre Rented Property in India it is a property that has tenants already utilizing the space and it is being sold on the market is called pre-rented property. 

Many Investors earn a handsome income by investing in pre-renting their properties. In the present time when most the places have been developed, demand for residence, shops, and offices has grown up, this type of investment strategy is proven some incredible stability.    

Whether it is a residential, commercial, or mixed property, It one of the main ways Investors benefit from the real estate markets. If you’re thinking of expanding your real estate investment portfolio with pre-rented properties in India, here are some of the benefits you should know about

The Advantage of Open House

Property with tenets already in the vicinity draws greater customers for the assets, giving a bonus If you ever wish to resell the property. Also, you may deal with the fee of repair & maintenance using the monthly profits in the form of the rental.

The Advantage of Automatic profits from Day Zero 

Suppose you put money into an asset. Now in case you need to earn from it, you want a tenant and now and again it takes time to occupy your area. But withinside the case of purchasing pre-rented assets, you begin incomes from the first actual day. 

One of the essential advantages in buying pre-rented residences on the market in India is the assurance that you’re going to get hold of constant rental earnings for the subsequent three years and also you need now no longer require finding tenants again.

The Advantage of Tax saving advantages 

You ought to pay 30% tax on the profits earned from the pre-leased assets for repairing and maintenance. Now that you have bought the property and it relies upon up how much you want to pay and what you cut from the taxes using the rented property excuse.

The Advantage of Easy Bank Loan

If you have a validated track record of success, in real estate, the financial institution can cough up to 90% of the loan on such residences; In fact, banking establishments favored pre-rented properties compare to the usual properties for the loans process.

The Advantage of Price Appreciation on Reselling: 

You can display the preceding receipts for the previous couple of years to buyers that how a great deal you’ve got and how much you earned from the stated assets. Rental profits maintain to growth through the price of three% to 5% in each one or years in residential assets and as much as 14% in business assets.

A Word of Advice

Most people invest in real estate to earn money and investing in pre-rented properties in India is really fruitful, so, you can do it too. Contact us today.